Teen Mania’s Honor Academy, Religious Indoctrination and Mind Control

(SHEREE GEO)   This series of videos shows a good example of religious indoctrination and mind control, and the psychological damage they can cause. Keep in mind, this is only ONE example, there are several cults and mind control groups out there. Please look this information up for yourself, and use your independent reasoning before making any judgements about myself or any of the alumni who have tried to make this information public for almost 10 years.
I hope everyone who knows me understands that I am not attacking Christianity itself. I am attacking collectivism in organized religion. My beliefs do not have to be your beliefs, and I wish that some of you could understand that (and you know who you are out there). I actually thought, up until very recently, that Christianity itself shouldn’t be marred by the exposure of this activity going on in East Texas. I was aware that this type of activity was going on way back in 2003, and even after I woke up to the history of mind control, brainwashing, MK-Ultra, etc. I still retained a level of devotion to the religion (and by extension, these organizations that are under the umbrella of “Christian groups”). It hasn’t been until the last few years that I’ve come to understand the value of telling the truth, exposing evil, even if the truth hurts to some people.
I know a lot of people would say that these young adults chose to go through this, and so they deserve every ounce of pain, despair and humiliation they get. Wrong. Personal freedom, and religious freedom, should not serve as a blanket to hide abuse, whether it’s an adult, a child, a mentally ill person, etc. Personal freedom only goes so far, as long as you are not imposing on someone ELSE’S freedom. The psychological conditioning and mind control tactics used at the Honor Academy are, according to an expert, “one of the most cruelly abusive environments that we have encountered”.
ESOAL uses well known brainwashing techniques including:

– Verbal Abuse
– Sleep Deprivation
– Fatigue
– Restricted Diet
– Excessive exact repetition of routine activities
– Dehumanizing of individuals by keeping them in filth
– Assault on identity
– Guilt
– Self-betrayal
– Breaking point
– Compulsion to confess
– Chanting and repetitive Music

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PT 2 of 3


PT 3 of 3


For those who are still unsure, here are some quotes from former interns may give you some idea of the extent of this 90-hour trauma-based mind control/brainwashing activity: “…but that’s not what caught my eye, it was the massive (and I mean massive) bon fires lighting the entire area…when I turned that corner it seriously looked like we where walking into hell…I mean you think I’m joking but no, the hole set up looked like all those movies you see…it was hell. I would later start to realize that that wasn’t far from the truth.
“Guys this may sound like a stupid game to you, but in the moment it is terrifying. I was honestly afraid for my life.”
For more information on the show, please go to:

If you are a former alumni and want to share your story, go to:

And for more information about the evidence of these activities (and more that we didn’t have time to put in the video), go to:

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