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William Lewis Will Be on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Season 2 (Police State)

For Immediate Release
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Columbia, MO  November 12, 2010 – Independent filmmaker William Lewis will have a guest spot on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on TruTV.  In the new episode, entitled “Police State,” Ventura will be discussing the “conspiracy theory” of FEMA camps, martial law and much more.
Contacted by Ventura’s producer, Lewis agreed to talk about what he has uncovered during his research for the filming of Camp FEMA: American Lockdown and Camp FEMA Part 2: Enemy of the State.  Lewis got the opportunity to discuss the logistics and purpose of the FEMA facilities, along with some of the legislation.
Among the topics discussed is the particular piece of legislation and other programs that support the argument that there are, indeed, plans out there to detain and intern US citizens; Army Regulation 210-35 the Civilian Inmate Labor Program, REX 84 and HR 645.  Glenn Beck, CNN and the Southern Poverty Law Center have all worked to try and gloss over debunk the programs and legislation, all of which are discussed at length in the Lewis/Franchi production Camp FEMA.
Be sure to tune in to TruTV Friday night, November 12th, at 9pm Central to catch the episode featuring William Lewis.  For more information on Lewis/Franchi productions Camp FEMA: American Lockdown and Camp FEMA Part 2: Enemy of the State, please visit www.CampFEMA.com.

Camp FEMA sequel Set for October Release

For Immediate Release

Camp FEMA sequel Set for October Release

Columbia, MO October 5, 2010 – Film makers William Lewis and Gary Franchi have announced the release date of their much-anticipated new film, Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2.  Scheduled for release during the latter part of October, Enemy of the State does not back down and is sure to cause an uproar for the likes of CNN and the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as others.

Who are the true enemies of the state?  Guests discussing this and more include radio hosts, former candidates for public office, authors and activists.  These very prominent people cover the possible use of declared national emergencies to impose Martial Law or force vaccination and quarantine on United States citizens.  One Enemy of the State guest exposes a training program, held in Missouri, which would see peace officers moving from door to door, forcefully evacuating people from their homes and moving them to decontamination and quarantine facilities, should a national emergency be declared.  And there is much more!

Talk radio hosts Alex Jones, Ernest Hancock, James Lane, and Kaye Beach are among the many guests, along with authors Katherine Albrecht and Len Horowitz, former Presidential Candidates Michael Badnarick and Chuck Baldwin.  Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes is also included.  Seventeen guests in all discuss what they have seen, experienced and researched and why we should all be preparing for what could lie ahead.

Slated for an October 20, 2010 release, the film will be available for preorder soon.  Don’t be left out…be sure to visit the website, www.CampFEMA.com to get your information today!


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