Former Alt Media Founder: It is now time for North Carolina to stand with state nullification and protect the 2nd Amendment

Author: Silence DoGood

Former USWGO Alternative News Founder with US Presidential candidate Virgil H. Goode, photo dated May 26th 2012.

The former USWGO Alternative News media founder Brian D. Hill finally speaks out in the months of mysteriously shutting down his growing alternative media empire that had over 2 million hits monthly and growing. He explains that now with the overwhelming resistance in North Carolina over Obama gun control executive orders and laws that threaten the 2nd Amendment rights, now is the time for North Carolinian’s to stand up, and get their state to legally resist the feds using the 10th Amendment. had disappeared and articles on other sites including scribd documents all disappeared with hardly a explanation from Mr. Hill or that it was muffled as to the reasoning behind the move to destroy USWGO. He has decided to speak out at least once from his political exiled response since the gun control crises will wake up a lot of brainwashed and uneducated North Carolinian’s due to the corporate controlled media all over the state including the Madison Messenger, WXII12, FOX8, The News and Record, RCENO, and other TV Stations, Newspapers, and internet news sites that Brian had battled to get them to cover stories explaining to the citizens how the NDAA 2012 federal law threatens individual rights to a trial and jury. Those media outlets refused to cover the Nullify-NDAA Petition which was partially responsible to USWGO’s downfall since a corporate controlled media blackout means that any political activist can be targeted or destroyed without any hope of beating it. Only a truthful media can keep the government in check and that includes the federal government.

He advocates that North Carolina citizens read and share this article with other people within the state then send emails, letters, phone calls, and even ask the state legislators and senators in person if they will support the Nullify-NDAA petition and plan by former USWGO and other state nullification plans including plans by the North Carolina Tenth Amendment Center (NCTAC).

The North Carolina Tenth Amendment Center created the North Carolina 2nd Amendment Preservation Act which will be lobbied to a North Carolina legislator or senator to introduce in committee for the state house or senate. Brian tells FederalJack that he thinks North Carolinian’s should also work with the Nullify-NDAA petition that is on record with the North Carolina state government archives. In the offices of both Rep. Bryan R. Holloway (91st district) and Rep. Bert Jones you can find in their records of email exchanges between them and the petition organizer, a copy of the Nullify-NDAA Petition that Brian had done last year which gathered over 200 written signatures from Constituents in such a short time all by himself with no help from the democrat or republican parties nor any political organizations except We Are Change NC. Infowars also covered a story about the Nullify-NDAA Petition as well.

“Now is the time for state to fight for nullification of unconstitutional federal laws. The NDAA, the gun ban laws, any law that attempts confiscation against gun owners that own lawfully purchased firearms should all be nullified, and if the federal government gets angry and sues the state I say let them then challenge the feds in the supreme court on the grounds of Marbury Vs. Madison, the tenth Amendment, and the 2nd Amendment. I will still keep my mouth shut on a lot of things so my enemies won’t have to worry about sending people out here to eliminate me or target me, I am not ready to be assassinated yet. I am taking a little risk getting my friend to put out my response on Federaljack and other alternative media outlets but I say there is nothing wrong with letting out steam about why nullification is important against Unconstitutional federal laws.” A response beautifully said by the former USWGO Alternative News Founder that ran a website that had over 6 articles and posts on Infowars. He had even been an author on We Are Change at one time, and interviewed Patrick Henry Jolly last year but the interview videos had been stolen according to Brian and that is all he will say on the matter.

Rep. Bryan Holloway

Rep. Bryan Holloway

There are several people that appear to have already begun publicly admitting that they will fight any federal attempts to disarm the American people. Rep. Bryan Holloway said in a comment response on his Facebook profile that “Yes, we will being working to protect the 2nd Amendment this session. I do apologize for not responding more quickly. I don’t check Facebook very often.” Brian also contacted the Infowars staff and they accepted the information and put into the request that Rep. Holloway be interviewed on The Alex Jones Show one of the largest political talk shows since Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. The show has over 10-15 million radio listeners conservative and word is out that the Rep will contact Brian over the matters of using his personal connections with Infowars to attempt to get the state legislator on the Alex Jones Show over gun control, the NDAA, and other Constitutional matters. It also means that Infowars fans that love Alex’s show are encouraged to call the Infowars phone lines, send letters, and emails asking them to make Rep. Bryan Holloway a guest on one or more segments on his radio program. Since the corporate media is controlled in North Carolina, Bryan Holloway can use Alex’s show as a way to reach more Constituents without help from the mainstream media.

Former state rep Glen Bradley admits he will form a legislative caucus to help with the issues of nullifying the NDAA while Holloway and other legislators will continue resisting gun control. Gun control might be the thing that breaks the silence on state Nullification of federal laws in North Carolina, that the gun confiscations might be the medicine the state needs to get them to fight back against the federal government and possibly remove their Constitutional amendments in the NC Constitution giving loyalty to the federal government and overreaching of power not delegated by the Constitution the supreme law of the land.

Bilderberger Rick Perry refuses to stand for State Secesssion petitions that are gaining popularity

83,306 petition signatures clocked around November ‎13, ‎2012 6:27PM. Petition was created around November ‎9, ‎2012. It is highly likely within a few days the signatures may reach 100,000. Getting 1,000,000 signatures would be 1/300th estimated of the entire American population.

Author: Silence DoGood

Texas Governor Rick Perry, whom has attended the Bilderberg meeting in 2007 and has also mandated the vaccine Gardasil to 11-year old girls that permanently harmed them thanks to a Executive Order style mandate, has decided to stand with the Union and refuses to stand with the most popular State Secession petitions which is Texas.

The Huffington Post reveals that “Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not stand behind a secession petition filed with the White House by a Lone Star State resident in the aftermath of the presidential election.”

As what was explained in another article earlier today, only the President can make a treaty with 3/4 of the Senate concurred, which can allow the states to legally and peacefully secede from the union which is the United States of America. There has been talk that a treaty may not even be needed for Texas since it was declared the lone-star state and that whenever it had joined the union, that the treaty clause already has a provision allowing Texas to leave the union although I haven’t done research to confirm this. If confirmed then all it takes is the Texas state legislature to approve Texas leaving the union then Texas will become it’s own republic under it’s own Constitution with no Federal Government. This also means the Texas US Senators and Congresspeople will also be out of a job since they represent a state that may decide to no longer be apart of the United States.

The second most popular State secession petition on petitions system is Louisiana that clocked at 30,579 around the same time as the Texas petition recorded by this article. Only 25,000 signatures is needed to require a response from the White House according to their own policies on under the guise of following We The People. With the President declaring “that he will work around Congress” after the elections a unknown CNN video has shown, it is well doubtful that the President will just let the states slip through his fingers thus outdating the power of the President and Congress. The movement is growing as it has been reported that Mitt Romney won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote college.

In fact there is a chance that Obama may begin a civil war if the states begin to falter it’s support for a broken and dysfunctional Federal Government with out of control agencies and a powerful Executive Branch that usurps the three branches of power. There is also a chance that the petitions were created to entrap and detain rebellious people and arrest those that want to throw the Bilderberg banker control occupation out of the United States. Considering the fact that Rick Perry was a Bilderberg attendee, the Bilderbergs may not want this petition as it will destroy all hope for a North American Union and will make it more difficult to unite the world for the New World Order agenda.

California bill would wipe out independent and private businesses


This is an announcement from September 4, 2011

Say “No” to Buddies and Beneficiaries, Governor Must VETO B Lab’s AB 361

Contributions to this report from Stephen Poole and Wynne Coleman.
There are big bills pending in California right now that will ultimately wipe out independent and private businesses. One of them is AB 361 which establishes “California B Corp Benefit Corporations,” a program for buddies and beneficiaries who agree to advance the principles of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21.

The vehicle for passing this bill is California B Corp AB 361. It has already passed the California Senate and Assembly. It’s on its way for the Governor to sign but there is still time to veto it.

Here is an easy to understand summary of B Corps:Benefit Corporations, known as B Corps, are a new type of corporation and business sector that purports to “use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.” In reality these corporations support the implementation of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development which is based on 3 objectives known as the 3Es. The 3Es are Economy (public private partnerships), Environment (earth before man), and Equity (social engineering). Other terms for the same objectives are “People, Profit, Planet” or “Triple Bottom Line.”

Because B Corps are legally recognized by government for their willingness to undertake Agenda 21 Sustainable objectives, state and local entities will be encouraged to allow these companies to go to the front of the line for licenses, permits and tax incentives. The companies that refuse to become benefit corporations will have to wait.

As more companies allow themselves to be “certified” or rated by third party entities (such as B Lab) for their pro-sustainability practices, the pro-sustainability companies will be given incentives to work with others of like mind and will come to favor each other (sort of like a brotherhood of businesses). Those who do not practice sustainability will be excluded. You don’t need to peruse it, just skim down the pages of this B Lab – B Corps 2011 Annual Report and you will see how the B Corps are already working with each other and cheering each other on.

Of course, eventually, it will be the big companies that get the favors from government by going along with Agenda 21 sustainability practices, including the idea of benefit corporations. These favors would not only be in the form of tax breaks or incentives, but also include special permissions to build on or set up business in prime locations. Large companies have the financial means to implement the agenda on a large scale that the little companies may not be able to accomplish. Corporate monopolies will result.

Government uses these elite businesses to accomplish their social engineering ideals and also to acquire more power without having to answer to voters.

Recently it was announced that Green Plus – Institute for Sustainable Development, is offering small rural business ways to become certified in sustainable practices so they can qualify for business loans and other programs. This is another way some businesses, even small ones, think they can profit from going sustainable.

Stephen Poole has written a comprehensive 4 part article entitled,
Benefit Corporations: Expansion of the Public-Private Fascist State, Part 1
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Wynne Coleman has a one page article on B Lab with easy links to explore for other States involvement and also a commentary on the connections between Benefit Corporations, Public Private Partnerships, Sustainable Development and U.N. Agenda 21,
B Labs Benefit Corporations Won’t Benefit You

There are national groups promoting these corporations in many states. To see the list of States, including California, where B Corp legislation has been proposed or passed go to:
If Governor Brown signs this legislation it will be a giant step into the unknown. The text of the bill doesn’t even try to define what the standards will be — only that there will be standards, and that those standards ARE NOT subject to the approval of the voters but instead a yet-to-be-named “third party.” In short, the governor should not sign into law a bill that has the potential to give economic carte blanche to a group or organization that the public has neither vetted nor approved.

Say “No” to Buddies and Beneficiaries.
The Governor must VETO B Lab’s AB 361.
Contact info for Governor Jerry Brown:

Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160
Address: State Capitol #1173, Sacramento, CA 95814


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Eternal Vigilance: The Cost of Freedom


*Insert audio article here:

Eternal Vigilance: The Cost of Freedom

Nathan Janes

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.” Bertrand Russell, 20th Century Philosopher & Nobel Prize Winner

The most widespread form of slavery today is of the mind. Individuals are controlled and managed by the Establishment on a level that can be hard to recognize. Disinformation is continuously spread by the mass media. Children are schooled by the State yet never receive education. The traditional family is in danger of extinction. Our food and water is full of toxins. We have adapted to incremental changes that amount to significant threats to our personal freedoms, independent thoughts, and quality of life. Largely, the public has become sick and dumb. Our country is in a state of crisis.

The Establishment has colluded to sabotage education in America, producing a population that is unable to think critically and logically. Children are indoctrinated through schooling, trained not to question authority, and rewarded for competing with their peers and doing exactly as they are told. With the prevalence of after and before school programs, many children are now spending up to 12 hours a day at school. Children are taught disrespect for family, and the mind and character of the child is overwhelmingly influenced by the State.  The Establishment is controlling tomorrow by schooling the youth of today.

Sexual education classes are often taught before children have even reached puberty. We live in a culture that is ever increasingly encouraging children to have pre-pubertal sex. Children over stimulated sexually before puberty are likely to become hyper-sexualized adults unable to deeply bond with another person. The ‘entertainment’ industry is constantly sending the message of promiscuity through movies and television that capture an audience of young viewers. According to Nielsen television statistics, ‘Desperate Housewives’ was the most popular television show with girls aged 9-12 in 2005. Even the United Nations pushes the agenda, advocating masturbation for children as young as 5 years old in a 2009 report titled “International Guidelines for Sexuality Education.”

Culture is being used as a weapon against the traditional family.  The media continuously portrays fathers as pathetic fools celebrated for their stupidity rather than for moral strength and integrity. Women have been portrayed as independent career focused self-obsessed individuals who are sexually aggressive and promiscuous. An atmosphere has been created where breast-feeding is seen as obscene but women are expected and encouraged to expose their breasts in a sexual nature. Clearly excluded from this image are family values and the raising of children. Instead of surrounding the family dinner table for meals and discussions, we surround the television each evening, absorbing the views and ideas it promotes.

-Continue Reading Here:



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