The Mena Connection – Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, And Drug Running

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This movie tells the story of the lies of the US Government concerning the Iran-Contra Affair.

George Bush Sr. & Bill Clinton oversaw the smuggling of TONS of Cocaine in & out of Mena, Arkansas (the hub of traffic if you will where the ‘Enterprise’ conducted business clandestinely.)

Why the Pilgrims Failed at Socialism

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The Rich Dystopian Chinese Village Of Huaxi Just Bought Its Own Air Fleet

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A village in China just bought its own air fleet.

From Xinhua:

A VILLAGE in east China’s Jiangsu Province has announced plans to buy 20 aircrafts for pilot training and tourism, after the government said it would open low-altitude airspace to private planes.

Huaxi, the richest village in China, said it would have its own fleet of aircraft in the next five years, with the aim of establishing a pilot training base.

What is Huaxi? This amazing 8-minute video will help clear that right up. It’s a village where everyone has a huge luxurious house, a luxury car (Beemers, Benzs, etc.), free cooking oil, clothes, healthcare, etc, and all they have to do is work 7 days a week for the village industrial operations, milling steel or some such industry.

Oh, and you can never leave. If you do, you lose everything. But just to make it easier to stay, the city has built replicas of the Eiffel Tour, the Sydney Opera House, and the Arc de Triumf to bring the world close to home.

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Rep. Spencer Bachus Says There Are 17 Socialists in the House

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(NEWSMAX)   Alabama Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus said he believes there are 17 socialists actively serving in the U.S. House of Representatives.


“Some of the men and women I work with in Congress are socialists,” the top Republican on the Financial Services Committee said at a breakfast gathering in Birmingham this week.


Bachus dropped the bombshell before a gathering of municipal and county leaders gathered to hear the Congressman’s views on guns, the federal budget, and creeping socialism.


He also said he has “some hope” for President Barack Obama, according to a report in the Birmingham News.


“He’s a better listener than George W. Bush,” Bachus said. “He tries to get ideas from people.”


However, the lawmaker qualified, he was distressed that Obama may be steered too far by the Congress.


Politico was quick to comment on the Bachus rhetoric, noting that a search of their in-house style book and the official U.S. House listings provided no category for socialists – “just a lot of Ds and Rs next to lawmaker names.”


Asked to clarify his comments after the speech, Bachus repeated to the Birmingham News that there were 17 socialists in the House, but named only U.S. senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont as definitively socialist.


Sanders’ spokesman Will Wiquist told the paper that Sanders is an independent who identifies with the Democratic Socialist Party .


“It’s a different brand of socialism than the congressman is probably thinking of,” Wiquist said.


Wiquist said there are no other socialists in Congress. Bachus did not define socialist but said the members themselves are open about their affiliation.