Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (01-24-2014) JFK: A Review of The Secret Service Stand Down


(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcome back author, and JFK assassination expert Vince Palamara. They discuss, in detail, the Secret Service stand down leading up to, and during the assassination of the 35th president of the United States of America. As well as the evidence that was covered up, even continuing up to this very day. They also get into the recent 50th anniversary of the “Big Event,” and all of the propaganda that was being served up in the lead up to it. Vince just released a book that goes into detail about the Secret Service stand down titled SURVIVOR’S GUILT, THE SECRET SERVICE AND THE FAILURE TO PROTECT PRESIDENT KENNEDY. Make sure to purchase a copy for your personal research library.













U.S. Secret Service agent found dead, suicide blamed

(Reuters)   A U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to President Barack Obama’s protective detail was found dead on Saturday in an apparent suicide, a law enforcement source said on Thursday.

Special agent Rafael Prieto was under investigation for having an unreported romantic relationship with a foreign national, the source said.

The agent’s death is being investigated by the District of Columbia police, said Max Milien, a spokesman for the Secret Service.

“Rafael Prieto has a distinguished 20-year career with the Secret Service that was marked by accomplishment, dedication, friendships and the Secret Service is mourning a valued colleague,” said Milien.

Prieto was not under investigation for compromising sensitive or classified information, but because he was involved in an administrative proceeding to see if he was in violation of Secret Service rules, the source said.

Gwendolyn Crump, a spokeswoman for the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, would not provide details about an ongoing investigation.

The Secret Service, which prides itself in unobtrusively protecting the president and vice president, has found itself under unaccustomed public scrutiny in recent months.

Secret Service employees were accused of bringing women, some of them prostitutes, back to their hotel rooms in Colombia in April during a trip to prepare for a visit by the president. The agency said later that nine personnel were found to have been involved in serious misconduct.

A government investigation concluded their actions did not compromise the president’s safety, but the event was an embarrassment for the Secret Service and its director issued a stricter code of conduct afterward.

A Secret Service officer was arrested in Miami last month the day after a visit by Obama after having been found passed out on a street corner.

Officers are uniformed members of the agency, and perform support services, in contrast to plain-clothed agents who directly guard the president and vice president.


Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (04-12-2013) JFK Assassination Expert Vince Palamara


(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye talks to JFK Assassination expert Vince Palamara. Known as the Secret Service expert Vince has appeared on DTRH numerous times in past, he has a book coming out on the subject, and he has been featured in part seven (7) of a nine (9) part series from the History channel called “The Men Who Killed Kennedy,” his episode was titled “The Smoking Guns.” They go over the Secret Service’s roll in President Kennedy’s murder. Make sure to tune in.

NOTE FROM POPEYE: I apologize about the quality of my audio during this broadcast. I had some tech issues on my end.












Colorado Seeks “Peace Officer” Status for Secret Service

(N3)   The Colorado state government recently enacted a restrictive gun control law that is wildly unpopular with both the state’s gun-owning population and many of its elected sheriffs. Now Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is seeking to enact a measure that would effectively federalize law enforcement in the state by giving the U.S. Secret Service arrest powers.

State Senate Bill 13-013 would extend to officers of the Secret Service “limited peace officer authority while working in Colorado [when] responding to a non-federal felony or misdemeanor that has been committed in his or her presence.” That authority could also be exercised when a Secret Service agent is acting “as part of a bona fide task force or joint investigation with Colorado Peace Officers.”

Some commentators point out that this measure would permit Secret Service agents to arrest sheriffs who refuse to enforce new gun control laws enacted by either the state or federal government.


Federal Framework Being Set Up To Arrest Sheriffs

(MODERN SURVIVAL BLOG)   Colorado, and apparently Texas (next) are being targeted with an attempt to set up a federal authority framework that will enable Secret Service agents (not just those guarding the president), and others of the U.S. Secret Service including uniformed division officers, physical security technicians and specialists, and other ‘special officers’, to arrest and remove an elected sheriff for refusing to enforce the law (or anyone breaking the law).

The bills being introduced defines law as including any rule, regulation, executive order, court order, statute or constitutional provision.

Why are they doing this? Here’s why…
It would establish federal authority police powers in a State, enabling an enforcement arm reporting directly to the president (the Secret Service).

It would potentially lead to enabling the president / executive branch to theoretically override the actions and preventative measures that are now being taken by many States throughout the country who are trying to preserve 2nd Amendment gun rights and who are prohibiting the enforcement of unconstitutional law passed by Congress or pushed by executive order.

As some of you may know, a growing list of sheriffs (more than 340 so far) across the country have expressed that they will not enforce a Washington mandate that clearly violates the Second Amendment.

Many State laws to preserve gun rights are gaining momentum. States include Montana, Ohio, Kentucky, Idaho, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Utah, and New Mexico.

However, in Colorado, Senate Bill SB-13-013 has evidently just passed the Senate, and will be heading on to its potential signing by the governor, giving police powers and arrest authority to the executive branch of federal government (Secret Service) within the State. In Texas a similar bill has just been introduced in the State legislature.

The president and vice-president Biden have been actively pursuing state legislatures and pushing for passage of the bills. Obama is scheduled to visit Colorado in just a few days. “Colorado is a pawn for the Obama-Biden plan,” and then on to the next… at least those that won’t fall into line.

Quoted from Rep. Lori Saine of Colorado, who says she believes the bill is intended to be used as a foundation for later legislation that will surrender still greater control to federal officials…

“There’ve been so many explanations for the reasons they really need this bill passed. So what is it really?” “I believe it is intended to be used for setting up a framework so that at some other time they could expand it to possibly include being able to arrest a sheriff who is refusing to enforce unconstitutional laws. They would justify it by saying that since we’ve already given the Secret Service this ability, why not give them just one more?”

It is a full court press by the executive branch of the federal government to empower themselves even further by inserting themselves as police authority within the state, to eliminate opposition.

…thought you’d like to know
Some of the data for this report has been sourced from,


Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (01-11-2013) The JFK Assassination: His Wounds, The Parkland Dr.s, The Secret Service & More

(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back researcher and expert Vince Palamara for their monthly broadcast on the JFK Assassination. They are doing monthly broadcasts on the subject leading up to the 50th anniversary of the murder on November 22nd 2013.  On this episode they cover the Secret Service involvement, JFK’s wounds, and testimony from the doctors at Parkland Hospital that worked on Kennedy.





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Secret Service Asks Americans to Report Tweets That ‘Concern You’

(   The Secret Service has expanded its operation to Twitter, urging Americans to report on their fellow citizens whose tweets “concern you.”

“To report a tweet that concerns you, call the nearest field office in your state,” the Secret Service tweeted on Oct. 23.  The agency then links to a list of contact numbers for Field Offices in each state.

The Secret Service sent another tweet on Wednesday, again asking its followers to report tweets.  “Contact your nearest field office with time-sensitive or critical info or to report a tweet,” it said.

The agency has accrued more than 44,000 followers since joining the social media platform on May 9, 2011.  Twitter surpassed 500 million user accounts around the world earlier this year, 140 million of which are in the U.S.

Twitter has become a popular platform for political engagement, as demonstrated by the surge in tweets during the three presidential debates.  Twitter reported that the first match-up between President Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney on Oct. 3 was the “most tweeted-about event in U.S. politics,” with 10.3 million tweets and as many as 158,690 tweets per minute.

“By comparison, during the 2008 debates between Obama and John McCain, only 500,000 tweets were created total during all four debates,” according to PRO OnCall Technologies.  “The first two minutes of the Obama/Romney debate saw two million tweets.”

In September, a North Carolina man was arrested for threatening to kill President Barack Obama on Twitter.

What Happened to JFK’s Brain???

(FEDERALJACK)   This is shocking video taken from a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, in which Paul K. O’Connor testifies about the whereabouts of JFK’s missing brain. O’Connor was an attendant at the autopsy in Bethesda. Even though it was a mock trial, the judge, jury and attorneys are real (not actors), and the witnesses testify under oath. The prosecutor is Vincent Bugliosi, the defense attorney is Gerry Spence. O’Connor is clearly nervous about testifying. He says some pretty shocking things; even Bugliosi is shocked and surprised by the testimony. O’Connor is especially nervous about what he has to say at the end.

Secret Service Hooker May Get US Visa, Green Card, Has Dubai Connections


(Debbie Schlussel)   Dania Londono Suarez, the prostitute at the center of the Secret Service scandal, may soon be in the United States on a visa and she will probably seek–and may get–other immigration benefits, such as a green card, as federal authorities seek her testimony regarding what happened between her and U.S. Secret Service agents during a Presidential trip to Cartagena, Colombia.

Secret Service Hooker Dania Suarez: Coming to America?
Congressman Peter King (Republican-New York) said on Friday that the testimony of Ms. Suarez, who has to date refused to talk to U.S. authorities, is “absolutely essential.”  It is U.S. practice, when the live testimony of foreign nationals is sought at a hearing (such as an appearance before King’s House Homeland Security Committee), to grant the foreign nationals a visa for entry into the United States.  But, when the foreign nationals are reluctant–as has been the case with Ms. Suarez (who is granting interviews to everyone else, including NBC News), the U.S. often offers a carrot, such as a long-term visa–available to “immigrants” who are “victims” of crimes and/or cooperate with the U.S. in pending legal matters.  After that, said visa holders often apply for and many are granted legal permanent residence also known as a “Green Card.”  Such benefits would likely also be conferred upon Suarez’s nine-year-old son, as well, if they are conferred on her.

As I’ve reported in the past, El Salvadoran illegal aliens, who were detained by an Arizona ranch owner and given milk and cookies, were given visas, green cards, and, eventually, complete U.S. citizenship–by Bush Justice Department officials in exchange for their testimony against the ranch owner.  (They also ultimately obtained ownership of the ranch.)  It is likely that the Secret Service hooker, Suarez, will get a similar deal.

And there is another reason, Suarez may be ferreted to the U.S. and granted a long-term stay here.  While some of the Secret Service agents caught up in the scandal resigned or accepted their terminations, there are rumblings that one or more of the agents may challenge their firings.  Without the testimony of Suarez, their firings may not withstand litigation.

And there’s another concern about Suarez beyond the fact that she was in a position to blackmail and/or extort Secret Service agents protecting the President:  she has friends in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates’ largest nation-state and the place where the 9/11 hijackers had bank accounts and from which they got documents and IDs to help carry out their attacks.  Suarez told various media outlets that she jet-setted to Dubai with a friend when the story of her interaction with Secret Service agents broke.  (Good thing she didn’t have an Israeli stamp in her passport or prohibida la entrada–no entry.)

But who is her friend that took her to Dubai?  Is it a Dubai Arab Muslim “customer”?  Is it somebody who was in a position to pay her off to do something–such as blackmail or extortion–to Secret Service agents protecting the President, had he wanted to?

Without her testimony to officials, we’ll likely never know.  And that’s why we will soon see her with a visa and one-way ticket to the U.S., along with a lot of other fanfare. Only in America.

Sad, especially to those innocent, law-abiding people who are trying to get to the U.S. legally.  And a hooker who spreads her legs for a living will automatically get the golden ticket.  But this is the world and sad state of America in which we now live.  And it’s only getting worse.

Call it, “Pretty Woman:  The Secret Service Visa Sequel.”

US Secret Service Confirms New Power Over Free Speech

(LS NEWS GROUP)   Over the weekend I received an email from my local TEA Party Director that Barack Hussein Obama would fly into Carlsbad, NM airport on Wednesday 21 March, in order to “make an appearance at the South Easter NM oilfields.”  However, apparently after hearing that an immediate anti-Obama rally had been planned, Obama and his entourage changed the landing location to Roswell, NM… a city 77 miles from Carlsbad.

Note:  Interesting as, despite the fear and trepidation Obama is trying valiantly to instill into the American people, his own panic seems to be showing.

After having the above article brought to our attention we decided to contact the United States Secret Service to verify that the agency did in fact have the authority to determine who could or could not attend a public function on public property held by Barack Obama. We were told the following:

“We were sent a memo after the recent signing of the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, advising we now had the authority to deny anyone access to any public event held by the President or Vice President. Prior to President Obama’s signing of HR 347 the Secret Service did not have any involvement in deciding who could or could not participate in any public function on public property by the President. Prior to HR 347 being signed the Secret Service only screened and approved or denied people for “ticketed” events which were designed for invited or ticketed guests only.”

So yes, it appears the United States Secret Service has wasted NO time in using their new found power to determine what “speech” is permitted around any public appearance of Barack Obama.

The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011

Andrew Napolitano condemns this recently enacted statute:

Last week, President Obama signed into law the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. This law permits Secret Service agents to designate any place they wish as a place where free speech, association and petition of the government are prohibited. And it permits the Secret Service to make these determinations based on the content of speech.

Thus, federal agents whose work is to protect public officials and their friends may prohibit the speech and the gatherings of folks who disagree with those officials or permit the speech and the gatherings of those who would praise them, even though the First Amendment condemns content-based speech discrimination by the government. The new law also provides that anyone who gathers in a “restricted” area may be prosecuted. And because the statute does not require the government to prove intent, a person accidentally in a restricted area can be charged and prosecuted, as well….

This abominable legislation enjoyed overwhelming support from both political parties in Congress because the establishment loves power, fears dissent and hates inconvenience, and it doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution. It passed the Senate by unanimous consent, and only three members of the House voted against it. And the president signed it in secret. It is more typical of contemporary China than America. It is more George III than George Washington.

One can reasonably criticize the law, but this strikes me as rather excessive.

The mere fact that now the United States Secret Service has the authority to silence free speech anywhere that Barack Obama appears is simply WRONG. Anyone who says the Secret Service will not abuse the power needs to remember one very important and unspoken fact: The United States Secret Service will DO whatever Barack and or Michelle Obama instruct them to do. So while the Secret Service may not on their own abuse the power, Barack Obama and his campaign’s past acts demonstrate Obama will direct the Secret Service to use this new authority to make his public events appear as if the world loves him.

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