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SOPA Causes Anonymous To Declare Operation Blackout

(Lindsay ONeal)   Last month, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was introduced to the House of Representatives aiming to censor key aspects of the Internet in order protect the rights of the entertainment industry. The PROTECT IP Act, the Senate counterpart to SOPA, already passed earlier this year, but enforcement has been shelved for the time being due to rising concerns that it has the power to impede freedom of speech. While both bills state they are trying to help the entertainment industry sell more movies and music downloads, the effects of the bill are far-reaching and potentially devastating to Internet freedom as well as to the Internet itself.

SOPA caught the attention of Anonymous and on Wednesday they released this video which warned:
“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. To the American Congress. Expect us.”

Well, one hour ago, Anonymous released yet another video… SPOILER ALERT:
“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive censorship. We do not forget the denial of our free rights as human beings. To the United States government, you should’ve expected us.

Senators Unconcerned About Massive Unintended Consequences Of Criminalizing People For Embedding YouTube Videos

(TECH DIRT)   This is really no surprise, but the same Senate Judiciary Committee that unanimously approved the PROTECT IP Act, despite worries from internet experts and major media about how it would break the internet, has now also unanimously approved the anti-internet streaming bill that makes it a felony to stream certain videos online — potentially putting people in jail for embedding YouTube videos or just putting up YouTube lip synching videos.

What’s really troubling here is that the media and plenty of concerned citizens have directly raised the issues about the unintended consequences of this law. And while Senators Amy Klobuchar, John Cornyn and Christopher Coons continue to insist that (of course) the law is not intended to be used against such people, they have made no move to fix the bill. Even supporters of this bill, who insisted that we were wrong about what the bill allowed, eventually conceded that our argument was accurate and that this bill could be used to put people in jail for embedding a YouTube video or doing a lip synch video.

And that’s a huge, huge problem. Of course, no one thinks the bill is for that purpose directly or that it’s going to be widely used for such purposes. However, the bill, as written, clearly allows law enforcement to charge people with a felony for that, assuming it meets a few other conditions. But those conditions are pretty minimal (ads on your page? you’re in trouble…). The risk here of abuse is a serious risk, and it’s incredibly troubling that Klobuchar, Cornyn and Coons failed to change or adapt the bill, and worse that the rest of the Senate Judiciary Committee allowed the bill to move forward in such a broken state. They were clearly made aware of problems with the bill, but directly chose not to make any changes. How do you explain that other than incompetence or corruption?

Entertainment industry rolls out support for Protect IP Act

(RAW STORY)   Screenwriters who have shaped television programs such as The Late Show With David Letterman, CBS Radio News, How I Met Your Mother and Law & Order told a roomful of Capitol Hill staffers on Tuesday that a clampdown on Internet piracy would be consistent with the principles of net neutrality.

“We support net neutrality – otherwise it is almost certain that most of the content consumers view will be produced by a relative handful of entities,” said Michael Winship, president of the Writers Guild of America (East) and former senior writer for Bill Moyers Journal. “It is critical for the potential of the Internet and other digital media that diversity, accessibility, competitiveness and imagination not be stifled by multinational corporate behemoths that would restrict access for their own commercial gain.”

“Contrary to the assertions of some of its opponents, the Internet does not promote digital piracy,” Winship said. “We strongly support Senator [Patrick] Leahy’s [(D-VT)] Protect IP Act.”

Part of the purpose behind the panel was to build support for the Protect IP Act, which the Writers Guild of America strongly supports. The measure would empower officials to crack down on digital theft of intellectual property by ordering Internet service providers and search engines to filter results and block websites authorities deem to be infringing on copyrights.

Critics of Protect IP fear that it could be abused by officials to shut down websites, and the bill was put on hold last month by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), who said “the costs of the legislation far outweighed the benefits” and warned that it would “muzzle speech and stifle innovation and economic growth.”

Few reporters were invited to the event, which featured a panel of ten screenwriter panelists and an audience of at least 60 Congressional staffers — several of them worked for lawmakers who sit on the Judiciary Committee, which oversees Internet regulations and online piracy.

One of the panelists forcefully warned that failing to effectively go after Internet piracy – in an age where more and more viewership of television shows occurs online – could extinguish the fire that fuels the television industry.

“There’s a popular misconception that when you steal content, you’re only stealing from rich corporations who don’t need the money,” said Gina Gionfriddo, television writer for Law & Order and Cold Case and WGA Council Member. “But Internet piracy really takes income out of my pocket, out of the pockets of actors, writers, directors and technicians who create these programs.”

Winship and other screenwriters on the panel touted the vitality of a free and Internet – where no piece of information is prioritized over another – in fueling “entrepreneurial spirit” and sustaining the livelihoods of independent artists.

“Many, many people in my profession believe that net neutrality is essential to the narrative of our work, to the endurance of our business, and even to the vitality of our democracy,” said Duane Tollison, a news writer for CBS Radio Network and WGA Council Member.

Other panelists included Tom Rurecht, writer for How I Met Your Mother and former staff writer for the David Letterman; Daryn Strauss, creator of the web series Downsized and founder of; Thom Woodley, online video pioneer and founder of Diorama; Julie Ann Emery, creator, director and executive producer of the award-winning web series Then We Got Help; Thomas Poarch, co-creator, writer and producer of the web series Brosephs, and Michael Kantor, director, producer and writer of PBS documentary Broadway: The American Musical.

Protect IP Act will give Attorney General powers to sue any website

(Eric Holder Satire)I will have the power to come after your websites Boy! You won’t ever speak against the New World Order since you’ll sit in prison!

Copyright will be the death of the Internet! The start of human cattle marketing! The end of free protesting online!

Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

According to provisions in the Protect IP Act bill, that was just passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee while Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) put the bill on hold in the committee, Attorney General Eric Holder would have the right to go after any website he wishes as the plaintiff all to stop copyright infringement which now includes blogs such as USWGO, Infowars, FederalJack, DProgram, Drudgereport, and others across the internet.

Now due to Righthaven being able to sue websites over TSA Enhanced pat-down photos and small excerpts, Disney’s copyright of Seal Team 6 although Disney has decided to withdrawal it for now, and now the New York Stock Exchange threatening takedown notices to a news site over an Intellectual Property dispute over one of their news photos after they claim their floor is trademarked, and with all these attempts to further reduce fair use to little tiny portions to just being allowed to post links, if any judge succeeds in destroying Fair Use then Eric Holder will kill all your websites on the Internet except for corporate-run establishment websites in the new tiered non-neutral Internet.

Even if Righthaven sent takedown notices first, I have even discovered most would favor taking down images that should be covered under fair use which means that the boundary of Fair Use keeps getting smaller.

So Eric Holder will soon have the power to sue and blockade,,, Dprogram,,,, and all they need is Righthaven to continue to own more copyrights and than pretty soon the Internet won’t exist except for only the super rich to purchase cattle of human slaves. Looks like Alex Jones will pay the price for settling with Righthaven because the U.S. Government will come after his website and he won’t be able to do anything about it. Even if we all just write our own content completely, show no excerpts and quotes, show no references, and show no proof of any of our claims because that would be copyright infringement, any corporation can buy up copyrights of your content then threaten takedown notices against your own content.

The bill’s language proves that Eric Holder will have the power to sue and shut down websites according to the bills text it would give Eric Holder a position as a plaintiff against website defendants. Some thinks plaintiffs can only to it to represent the copyright holder but the bill’s language clearly says that the qualifying plaintiff can either be the Attorney General of the United States (Eric Holder the Gun Ban dictator) or the copyright holder.

(11) the term ‘‘qualifying plaintiff’’ means (A) the Attorney General of the United States; or (B) an owner of an intellectual property right; or one authorized to enforce such right, harmed by the activities of an Internet site dedicated to infringing activities occurring on that Internet site.

The RIAA, along with the MPAA, Righthaven, and others claims they are just merely enforcing intellectual property to protect the artists/newspapers but fail to tell you they all have an agenda to make money off of virtual worthless data while ending Free Speech and Free Press. John D. Rockefeller stated live on televisions that the Internet should never have been invented and should just go back to pens and paper.

[youtube width=”710″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Copyrights will get to a point where Free Speech and Free Press won’t exist on the Internet anymore. We will pay a price for our free speech in the hundreds of thousands which the average family and those on social security disability and elderly retiree checks won’t be able to afford. That will start to begin the spiraling down of the alternative news as it cannot post anything credible anymore since posting any evidence to back any conspiracy theories to prove fact would be a copyright infringement.

Even Obamas top czar wants to ban and infiltrate conspiracy theorist websites which he means those that run truth websites that aren’t mainstream.

Eric Holder is coming for you all so if this bill passes and becomes law then it is time to build a new Internet away from the new Internet 2.0. Eric Holder will first attempt shut down commands against top truth sites such as WeAreChange, 9/11 truth, Infowars, then Federaljack, and all the way down to Uswgo.

(A) the Attorney General of the United
States; or
(B) an owner of an intellectual property
right, or one authorized to enforce such right,
harmed by the activities of an Internet site
dedicated to infringing activities occurring on
that Internet site.
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