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Zero for hero: Judge snubs man hurt stopping ‘Butcher of Brighton Beach’

(NY POST)   He’s a bona-fide hero who stopped the so-called “Butcher of Brighton Beach” at the end of a 28-hour city killing spree — but a Manhattan judge yesterday said a father of two is entitled to zero from the city for his injuries in the harrowing 2011 subway encounter. Joseph Lozito sued the NYPD in January 2012, claiming police officers did nothing to help him as he confronted violent madman Maksim Gelman on a packed No. 3 train. But Judge Margaret Chan tossed the case yesterday, saying that while she lauded Lozito’s bravery, cops did not have a specific charge of saving him from Gelman. Because “no direct promises of protection were made to Mr. Lozito,” the police had “no special duty” to protect him.


Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (07-23-2013) The NDAA, CIA Openly Funding Geoengineering, DU In Iraq & More

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(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye gets into a few different topics including: The root cause of the police brutality epidemic worldwide; Deprogramming the police and military to see that they are the same as us and not above us; The city of Miami looking to criminalize homelessness; A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the NDAA has been tossed out by a federal court; An NYPD officer steals a woman’s personal nude pictures and video by forwarding them to his personal cell phone; The toxic effects of DU all over Iraq; And the CIA funding a study into geoengineering to stop “climate change,” they say it poses a “national security threat.” If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.












NYPD Officer Arrests Woman and Steals Nude Pics Off Her Phone

Pamela Held

(GAWKER)   A Long Island woman is suing the NYPD after nude photos and videos that had been sent to her boyfriend were forwarded by an NYPD officer to himself after he confiscated her phone.

Pamela Held, 27, was arrested in June after police officers found prescription pills in her car. When she took out her phone to prove to the police her whereabouts that night, Held entered the security code and showed the NYPD officers that she had been with a friend that night. That’s when Officer Sean Christian walked off with the phone into another room.

“I knew they had my phone and I was bugging out,” Held told The Daily News. “I had a bad feeling.”

When Held got her phone back after being released and only given a citation, Held noticed that several photos and videos had been forwarded to a number she was not familiar with. A private investigator helped Held and her lawyer track the number to the officer.

Officer Christian denied that he had ever met Held or worked at the precinct where she was taken to after being arrested. However, during a secretly recorded call, Christian spoke with Held for over 50 minutes, flirting with her and referencing her trip to the precinct. Unfortunately for Officer Christian, NYPD Internal Affairs was also listening in.

Held is worried that the twenty pictures and five videos might one day find their way to the Internet. Officer Christian remains under investigation by the NYPD.


Riding Dirt Bike Without Helmet or Plates Leads to Instant Death Sentence from NYPD

(REASON)   The trial of a man involved in a deadly police chase in the Bronx last August will get underway Monday.

Police said Adalberto Gonzalez was driving a dirt bike the wrong way on a one-way street without plates or a helmet. Officers said that they didn’t follow him, but later saw him stopped at Randall Avenue. When officers approached, Gonzalez allegedly ran off and hopped on the back of another unregistered bike.

The cruiser followed, and police said that Gonzalez jumped off the bike just before the cruiser hit them from behind.

The bike’s driver — an unidentified 28-year-old man — was killed.

Surveillance video caught the scene as a police cruiser slammed into the bike during the chase in Hunts Point.

Gonzalez is charged with resisting arrest and reckless endangerment.

His lawyer is now asking why the officer driving the cruiser was cleared of any wrongdoing.

You can see the video here, which makes “involved in a deadly police chase” as per the language of that story a bad joke. The deadliness was 100 percent the cops fault, after two guys on a bike traveled yards safely down a street. Less “chase” than summary slaughter.

And it also looks to me like the cops first hit the bike on which Gonzalez was sitting, before then slamming into him and his friend from behind when he ran and jumped on his friends bike. That police action killed the friend. (The news story quoted above merely says “officers approached” Gonzalez, but again, looks to me like they drove into him before driving into him again on the second bike).

Just another stupid police brutality story, maybe. It has its larger policy implications, though.

The more harmless things that are made excuses for police to interact with you–whether drug possession or bicycle helmet (or motorcycle helmet!) or plate laws–the more horrible crap like this will happen.

Also, alas, the more citizens whose outrage should quell this sort of awful police behavior. are likely to just think, well, if you weren’t breaking the law, then the cops wouldn’t have had to drive full-on into two bikes within a minute.


Badge Abuse: Marine Veteran Beat By Cops


(SPREAD LIBERTY NEWS)   A Marine veteran of Afghanistan was in a state of shock when he entered the 103rd Precinct In Queens New York and came out with a fractured eye socket.

The Queens district attorney’s office is currently investigating the claim of Dwight Edwards, 35, who said that on January 2nd he went into the Precinct to pick up personal belongings for a friend of his who had been arrested.

According to Edwards’ claim, he went into the precinct to pick up the belongings of his friend who was arrested for public urination when an officer at the front desk told him to, “Get the f— out of my precinct.” To which Edwards replied, “There’s no law in here.” The officer then said, “What did you say?” and tackled him while another officer allegedly kicked him three times in the face. The claim also states that the kicker stated, “Who the f— do you think you are?

Edwards then went outside the precinct to where his girlfriend was waiting and shouted, “You kicked me in the face! I served in the Marine Corps and this is how you treat people?

He then went immediately to the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Brooklyn for treatment and reported the incident to the hospital staff.

Edwards suffers from PTSD and a brain injury caused by an improvised explosive device from when he was in Afghanistan. According to his girlfriend, Alicia Branford, in addition to his previous injuries he has been severely depressed since the incident at the police station.

He was not arrested or given a summons.

According to a spokesman for District Attorney Richard Brown, the allegations are still under “active investigation” by their office and the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau. Authorities did do a police line up and Edwards picked out one of the police officers who assaulted him.

Edwards served in the Marine Reserves from 2003-2006 and has no criminal record.


New York police sued for pepper-spraying 5-month-old baby


(RAW STORY)   The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is being sued by a woman who says that officers violated her civil rights when they pepper-sprayed her entire family — including a 2-year-old child and a 5-month-old baby.

In the lawsuit obtained by Courthouse News Service on Monday, Marilyn Taylor accuses Officers Maripily Clase, Suranjit Dey and Jermaine Hodge overacting when they saw her pushing the stroller through a service entrance instead of going through the subway turnstile.

According to the complaint, officers told her 4-year-old child that “everything will be OK,” but then began pepper-spraying the entire family.

“The pepper-spray caused the children to scream out and choked the two-year old, who went into fits of vomiting,” the lawsuit says. “Ms. Taylor was then placed in handcuffs as the minor children cried in fear and pain.”

The next day, the court agreed give Taylor an adjournment in contemplation of a dismissal, allowing the charges to be dropped if she stayed out of trouble.

But things did not turn out as well for the children, who she said continue to need medical attention because of the pepper spray.

“After the attack, mother and father suffered ongoing eye injuries and all three children suffer emotional harms, and are now afraid to ride the subways and become afraid when they see police officers,” the lawsuit notes. “The four year-old cried herself to sleep for weeks, and after the incident the two-year-old began waking up in the night crying for her mother.”

Taylor also claimed that her family has continued to be harassed by officers since the incident, “forcing them to avoid the MTA through the Atlantic Avenue stop.”

“The family seeks punitive damages for civil rights violations, assault, battery, negligence, and violations to the state and federal constitutions,” Courthouse News Service reported.


Court Declares Stop and Frisk Policy of Fuhrer Bloomberg and NYPD Unconstitutional

(JUDY MORRIS REPORT)   A federal court declared the Stop and Frisk policies of NYPD and Fuhrer Bloomberg unconstitutional, here.

While it’s a rare civil liberties victory from a court system that generally upholds the hideous and humiliating police powers of the state, Stop and Frisk also exposed the truly racist nature of the program. In the Nazified Big Apple, Fuhrer Bloomberg’s policy to “stop and frisk” anybody for any reason came under fire from civil rights activists for justifiable reasons because the policy was blatantly racist and 90% of those who were stopped and frisked were folks of color according to CNN, here.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people in New York are stopped, questioned, frisked and searched, often without justification, under the “stop and frisk” policy. The vast majority of these people live in communities of color, and almost 90% are immediately released without arrest or even a summons.

Even if the courts slow down the ‘stop and frisk’ policies, it still won’t help those who are subjected to cavity searches and sexual assaults for routine traffic stops and it won’t decrease the reach of the TSA’s army of sexual predators that is expanding its operations beyond airports and to train stations and bus stations.

Even more horrifying, the Supreme Court upheld the right of law enforcement to perform cavity searches on everyone taken into custody and many folks are routinely taken into custody for traffic violations and other minor infractions. When it comes to human humiliation and degradation, Police State USA knows no boundaries, ethics or morality. The state exists to inspire absolute fear because fear breeds compliance as folks sacrifice their natural rights, dignity and cowardly capitulate to government and its goons. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court upheld cavity searches.

Bend Over and Spread Em says the Supreme Court

Regarding the recent 5-4 SCOTUS decision to uphold strip searches, Supreme Court Justice Breyer describes a strip search in his dissent (joined by Kagan, Gingsberg and Sotomayor) as follows:

“‘..a visual inspection of the inmate’s naked body. This should include the inmate opening his mouth and moving his tongue up and down and from side to side, removing any dentures, running his hands through his hair, allowing his ears to be visually examined, lifting his arms to expose his arm pits, lifting his feet to examine the sole, spreading and/or lifting his testicles to expose the area behind them and bending over and/or spreading the cheeks of his buttocks to expose his anus. For females, the procedures are similar except females must in addition, squat to expose the vagina.’”

The Supreme Court has upheld the right of the police to do this to anybody for any reason who has the misfortune of ending up in police custody for any reason, including minor traffic violations. For obviously justifiable reasons, this outrageously insane Supreme Court decision has fired up anger among civil libertarians on all sides of the political ideological spectrum. Pure and simple, it’s a rape, it’s a sexual assault and it’s designed to be as humiliating and degrading as possible. A nation where state sanctioned sexual assault is codified into the law of the land has debauched itself to a level reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the most ruthlessly oppressive totalitarian regimes ever to exist.

America, land of the free. BARF…. America is now more like Dr. StrangeGlove probing your every body orafice for maximum human degradation because that’s what government does best.


9/11 hero firefighter who featured in iconic photo dies after contracting rare lung disease from working at Ground Zero

(DAILY MAIL)   A hero firefighter who bravely served on September 11th alongside hundreds of other first responders has died of a rare lung condition, and was laid to rest yesterday.

FDNY Lt Martin Fullam contracted polymyositis in 2005, and had also suffered from pulmonary fibrosis, which left him breathless and exhausted after the simplest of tasks.

The late firefighter, 56, was one of the men carrying fatally wounded FDNY Chaplain Mychal Judge through the still-smoking rubble on 9/11. 

The image of Lt Fullam and four others carrying the chaplain has remained one of the most poignant and haunting pictures from that horrific day.

Hundreds of members of New York’s bravest gathered Saturday afternoon on Staten Island to say farewell to Lt Fullam, who fought tirelessly for first responders of 9/11 and those living near ground zero.

‘Marty is an inspiration to all of us,’ FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano said outside of Our Lady Star of the Sea in Huguenot. 

After Lt Fullam heard of what happened at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, he rushed to the site, even though he wasn’t on duty that day.


Is The NYPD’s “Protect & Serve” Policy A Thing Of The Past?

(WAC-NYC)   WeAreChange recently got the opportunity to meet and Interview Joe Lozito, the selfless hero who put his life on the line to stop a serial killer. The story is only magnified when Joe finds out, that while being stabbed by the serial killer, the NYPD was standing by watching everything unfold from the safety of the conductors door. Currently in a legal suit, the NYPD and City of NY is arguing that the NYPD has NO duty to protect its own citizens.

If you want to learn more about Joe and be updated about his court case follow him on https://twitter.com/joe_lozito

Special Thanks to https://twitter.com/Bauzen for introducing us to Joe.You can read about the entire criminal case here: http://middleeasy.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7238

Cops Complain About New York’s Draconian Gun Law

(INFOWARS)   In their over zealous drive to deny law-abiding citizens the right to own firearms, politicos in New York didn’t take into account that cops would also be limited to seven round magazines.

As the statue is written, reports an ABC News affiliate in New York, it does not exempt law enforcement officers from the ban.

“We are still working out some details of the law and the exemption will be included, currently no police officer is in violation,” said governor Cuomo’s office in response to complaints that cops – both active and retired – will be treated like any other citizen-subject of the state.

State senator and former NYPD captain Eric Adams admitted that the recently enacted gun laws in New York will do little to nothing when it comes to crime and violence.

“You can’t give more ammo to the criminals,” he said in response to the grumbling by cops that they will be limited to seven round clips just like Joe Average citizen.


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