Document shows FBI/ICE sets up users with child porn

Author: Alpha Delta

Source: Planet Infowars

Note from the contributor whom syndicated this article to FederalJack: It will be interesting to see what is revealed on this matter. I like to see if this document is really a government document leaked from ICE or the FBI. If this is legit then we shall pursue charges against the FBI for setting up my buddy in the alternative media with child pornography using the eMule virus. If this document is verifiable then it is proof to the entire world that the dirty criminals in the United States of America government has set people up with child porn knowing they are intending to do stuff like this which is criminal. I will not stand around and let my friends in the alternative truth seeking media which used to be the real press in America, be turned into child porn sex offenders. If ICE and the FBI are doing all this then I demand that the corrupt police detectives whom made my friend give a false confession to child porn be overturned and that he get an apology. I demand that he get his hard drives back and all hia lost video interviews he never released on his website. I demand he be given all his vacation photos back as well including videos since they aren’t the planted child pornography. Upon the corrupt police detectives that are minotiring him and read this article, I demand they remove the sh** off his hard drive that they planted or that the virus planted then give him back his d*** hard drives. Sorry for my bleeped out cussing but I have been suspecting the government was behind my friend having child porn charges pending. I kept trying to convince people that it is the truth because it really is but nobody wants to realize the government is setting people up with child porn but rather suspect every suspect of being a child molester. This is disgraceful what they did to Luke Rudkowski and others. This is unforgivable the thuggery pig scum that wear badges and guns!!!!!!

I have a document I wish to share with the American people by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Of course this document was classified and still is today and when I had uploaded it on, they quickly took down the document within less then one hour before Ben Swann could see it when I had sent him an email on the matter but used for the file storage as email attachments have got everyone paranoid lately with the child porn attacks.

Also when I had tried file hosting sites to a certain degree they were also taken down quickly without sending me a email informing me as to why they would take down such an important document. So I have decided to upload only to these two Onion websites and

The documents have been uploaded and the links are found here:

If filehostfree mirror is down then I suspect they are using a system similar to Content ID to ID government document uploads then terminate the files on their server in order to prevent disclosure of government documents through public free file hosting services.

Of course what am I trying to reveal here? A guy claiming to be a FBI agent has sent me this document over Torchat but I was able to verify this man to be a real government agent working for the FBI cyber crimes division working in conjunction with ICE.

This is one of the training notice or training document proposals on new methods the government will use to net child porn suspects. It doesn’t include much information so I suspect it is more of a draft document or proposal. It still reveals quite a lot with why people here and there are mysteriously arrested with child porn then quickly convicted then made a sex offender.

Two new methods have been adopted and have been used for a few years. Of course I am also aware of what happened to Andrew Rose in St. Louis Missouri with being accused of child porn when he was a senior in high school. Also I am aware of hundreds to thousands of families with children all accused of child porn and threatened with sex offender charges with almost life-in-prison sentences over the mere claim of downloading and sharing.

These methods are to distribute and download child pornography on eMule, Kad, Bittorrent, and others. The use of a Trojan horse will be to plant onto anybodies computer whom is even remotely suspected of child porn or on a child porn suspect list that they have no evidence on to get enough evidence fabricated to secure a search warrant. This is used in undercover child porn investigations. So they use the trojan to basically share and download child pornography in order to secure a search warrant from the Internet Crimes Against Children task force or Operation Flicker agents with a joint operation between ICE and the FBI.

The 2nd method would be to stuff child pornography onto movies, music, pirated software, and other digital downloads shared on P2P networks but in a sneaky way so that the user doesn’t detect the child porn. The FBI and ICE monitor the stuffed child porn downloads on P2P to get the IP Addresses then secure a search warrant for a digital and physical search and seizure. I am also not aware of whether they target everybody or whether it was just certain political targets or annoyances by their recorded IP Addresses using their Internet Service Providers.

This of course was approved for use by Operation Flicker with assistance from likely corrupt or secretive police detectives working under the ICAC task force in different states.

With searching up the exact terms “child porn” on Google and have it list only results from a week ago, you will find tens to hundreds of recent news stories of people being either convicted, pleaded not guilty, awaiting trial, or remotely accused of child pornography. Also it lists various ages including early 20 year olds and in some cases underage teenagers if the parents had decided to reach out to the media, and the media decides not to censor the story. Of course I am aware of what all Ben Franklin has done on Federaljack and think it is quite interesting what all he was bringing out and that FJ approves of his articles despite the taboo subject many wanna stay away from. But now the taboo nature of this subject doesn’t matter anymore as many innocent people have been convicted and will be convicted as sex offenders under child porn charges including those involved politically not on the lobbyist payroll. So now the truth must come out and no longer shall these crimes be committed by government without the people being informed as to what their government is doing secretly under the brand of protecting the children or national security.

So right now I suspect the FBI and ICE of setting up people like Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Dan Johnson, Madison Ruppert, and any other individuals in the liberty/truth movement. I also suspect a portion of all child porn raids and busts have been fabricated or have been somewhat of a set up or entrapment. We need a congressional investigation overview into Operation Flicker and the Internet Crimes Against Children task force including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to find out what is really going on here. We need to find out their methods, techniques, and whether they are really just targeting people they have reasonable suspicion(for investigation) and probable cause(for search warrants) to suspect they are pedophiles. Operation Flicker is too much in the dark and too many people have been targeted under this secretive program. I also tried looking for it on Wikipedia and I cannot find a Wikipedia article searching up “Operation Flicker” on Google.

This madness of people being set up and their life ruined with child porn charges must stop. We must go after the real pedophiles instead of the innocence. That is why I am posting this article hoping the truth will get out.

A reporter has decided to report his findings to Congress, that ICE/FBI may be setting people up with child porn

Author: Ben Franklin

Redacted Email: PDF here (Identity redacted for the reporters protection)

It has now got to the point, where people are getting tired of the fact that people are endlessly being set up with child pornography across the country and since the computers are always seized then checked by corrupt forensics squads, people can never prove their innocence and are forced to plead guilty to child porn charges in a plea bargain or fight it with a chance of failure paying hundred of thousands of dollars to defend against these charges in a aggressive court battle.

Now a reporter has decided to send a email to the minority leader of the ‘Immigration, Refugees and Border Security‘ subcommittee in the Senate judiciary committee and the other members since part of this is over the matter of ICE and DHS. The ICAC may also be involved with the criminal misconduct that this reporter and his sources are claiming. Right now the government has been caught in scandal after scandal after scandal which includes Bengazigate, IRSGate, Reporters being targeted-gate, and Spygate.

This is pasted from the email which we redacted for the privacy respect of this reporter as he fears being killed although he knows it is already a matter of public record, he still is wishing his email was redacted since he may end up killed or raided by the FBI just like the Nationalreport media organization.

Dear Laura Holland,
Legislative Assistant
Office of the Honorable Senator John Cornyn

I have a major issue, a concern, a national scandal I like to report to your office regarding a matter for the ‘Immigration, Refugees and Border Security’ subcommittee that oversees the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that is under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Under ICE they have ran the investigative and policing task force known as Operation Flicker that deals with the distribution and possession of child pornography over the Internet. This scandal may also go as far as the Internet Crimes Against Children task force (ICAC).

Anyways first I shall bring out that there are witnesses to the misconduct brought fourth by the ICE. One of them has a Facebook name of Kitty Wolf that is admin or organizer of the Public Support 4 Andrew Rose-Victim of FBI Flicker Sting facebook group. She is the aunt of a nephew who was downloading mp3 music files through the Limewire peer-to-peer file sharing network before it had an injunction but the files had likely been moved to the Gnutella and eDonkey network. Now music tag album headers can be modified using any easily available music editing and tag editing tools. Andrew Rose a Missouri resident discovered when he played the song he just downloaded in his media player that it had shown a album image of naked teens. Then he thought it was some error so he tried to redownload the same music file and got the same image so he deleted the music file. That was likely when he was anywhere between age 16 and 17. Because a particular media player such as Windows Media Player caches the album image of music files played and is attributed as a windows hidden file which cannot be viewed without tinkering the folder options setting to view hidden files, even though Andrew deleted the song, the naked teen image still resided on his computer without his knowledge. When the police showed up they took his families computers then later arrested a minor, a 17yo while he was living out the last of his school years as a high school senior in Missouri. He was shown no mercy, booked, and then thrown in jail until his family paid out his bail to free him. Now it has been discovered through Kitty’s and others own investigations that ICE and possibly the FBI are all involved in the investigation against him and others in Operation Flicker.

We even suspect that ICE and the FBI is knowingly peddling child porn to minors as young as 12 years old in order to entrap minors into becoming felon child sex offenders in order to pad their arrest and prosecution statistics in order to make it look like they are hunting down as many pedophiles as possible when many of the pedophiles don’t even use P2P anymore and have moved onto advanced encryption techniques including I2P, FreeNet, and TOR. Heck it was even documented in the media that Anonymous had to do hacker attacks on the pedo sites hosted on the TOR network because the FBI wouldn’t do anything while foreign law enforcement agencies have done a better job to shut down child porn sites hosted on TOR way better then the American law enforcement which is an embarrassment to our police since all the ICE wants to do is facilitate child porn distribution and possession so that they can entrap many good people including Andrew Rose. That means that ICE is knowingly distributing child porn to minors or distributes them in a way that can be easily accessible to minors with computer knowledge which makes them felons under the child porn laws. Our teens, preteens, and young adults are being entrapped into becoming permanent criminals with their lives ruined and is not in any way, shape, or form deterring any pedophilia activity whatsoever.

Operation Flicker may now be targeting people whom download music, adult porn, and possibly other legitimate downloads with child porn embedded or included in these downloads without the downloaders knowledge as you cannot know what is in any download until you download the file but by then it is too late. All these different people I am finding out do not have any interest in child porn, they don’t have any intent nor any history to certify a felony and lengthy prison sentence. All they did was download something like College girls gone wild, certain music files, and other completely legal downloads and just because it had child porn embedded or mixed in without the downloaders knowledge nor consent they are all being targeted as if they want to go out and rape children when that is not the case at the least. To make things worse they are all given lengthy plea bargain sentences or the prosecutor does not give the person a trial by continuing to extend the date of appearance in court excessively. In Andrew’s case he has waited 1.5 years and has still not been given his day in court, not a pretrial, not a full trial, and is still awaiting his trial under bail restrictions. The trial was suppose to be in July but the D.A. Robert E. Parks(Missouri attorney) in his case has moved the date again to August 8. His aunt can’t even remember the full number of times the D.A. has rescheduled the court date for his nephew.

So the purpose of this email is that I, and by petition which will include others across the country whom may all be victims of Operation Flicker, is calling for a Congressional inquiry or hearing on ICE and the agents in charge of Operation Flicker and that subpoenas be issued demanding that ICE turn over all their documents, email records, computers, and even child porn sharing servers over to Congressional investigators so that you and the other members of the subcommittee and even the full committee can determine certain factors. Those factors are whether any of the agents of the ICE’s Operation Flicker have violated any federal laws or violated their suspects Constitutional rights under the color of law, whether they have preformed their duties correctly as what was mandated by Congress and by law, and whether as a result of the victimization of people by Operation Flicker if there needs to be any legislative changes in law or in these government agencies in the way they handle their operations.

I am sure Andrew and his lawyer will be happy to testify before your subcommittee and plus his aunt has been in contact with others whom were set up with child pornography and these were also minors likely as young as 12 years old and that she could request to those she got in contact with to also testify or submit an affidavit before the subcommittee giving them probable cause and a reason to raid and subpoena the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Operation Flicker division or section, Not just that but the fact that these agents should be questioned on why they are adding child porn to music files, movie files, adult films, adult photos, and possibly even software shares. How is it effective to catch child predators by adding child porn to music files then tracking who downloads the music files? Gosh if anyone can start planting child porn in or with music files, then every P2P file-sharer or even file-downloader ever online will be prosecuted as a child pornographer by the year 2020.

There needs to be a full inquiry as ICE is out of control, violating federal and state laws, and has openly intimidated and bulled people whom aren’t even pedophiles and have no interest in acquiring child pornography.

Of course the ICAC is likely also involved or is one of the benefactors of those whom are being set up as child pornographers. Since all this is happening so openly, there is likely a lot of documented evidence or even a quantity of witnesses inside the ICE buildings, that upon opening a Congressional inquiry, I am sure you and others will find the evidence that backs statements and defense arguments by some to many of the victims of Operation Flicker. ICE must be held accountable for peddling child porn to minors as their way to pad their prosecution stats.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reply to this email or message Kitty on Facebook. I may not be a Constituent in your district but since this is regarding a committee matter which affects the whole country in a manner of federal law enforcement, and my issue is a matter that has affected the whole country, that this email is urgent and needs to be read ASAP as ICE continues their corruption and abuse against preteens, teens and young adults by setting them all up then turning them into felony sex offenders which ruins their life.

I will gratefully await your response to the matter.

Now the only difficult case to prove is Porngate, now porngate is by it’s own self definition, a government scandal by either the federal or state government or both. This scandal however is very dark and taboo, this scandal involves photos and videos of child rape being framed onto innocent people’s computers including preteens and teenagers then are all raided by the local ICAC police unit task force or by federal agents of ICE. People just don’t wanna believe that child porn would be planted on people’s computers but any techie expert you talk to with a college degree would tell you that it is possible for child porn to be planted on somebodies computer with or without a trace.

However many naysayers just wanna accuse the preteens, teens, and young adults of being future pedophiles that love child pornography all day long. The problem with these arguments is how can a teenager be a pedophile form having photos of other teens, same argument with younger teens. To arrest a teenager as a pedophile under the current federal and state child porn laws, just doesn’t mix. It used to be only adults were targeted for this material and teens were allowed to sext and do heated chats without having to worry about the law. Now times have changed and now any teenager can become a sex offender overnight. Then in addition to the lack of common sense, people are being set up as pedophiles since some to many of the people accused of child pornography were involved politically or may have been involved in something dangerous or scandalous regarding the government or some other matter that warrants being targeted. A certain amount of people accused of child porn certainly doesn’t actually like child porn so why do they have it mysteriously in their computers, and some of the mainstream media has reported that. Windows has backdoors and any non-open-source operating systems and even software has a possibility of backdoors which can allow government access without a warrant and without any security measures. It has all been possible ever since the Telecommunications Act which mandates backdoors in telecommunications devices. In addition to this, now a corrupt DHS has ruled that cops can search our computers and cell phones with just a hunch which means more naughty nudie photos will be found then tens of thousands of more normal teenagers will become sex offenders within weeks to months and forced to plea guilty. In fact the DHS runs ICE and Operation Flicker so all of this is so that they can convict more and more normal Americans as sex offenders. They collect child porn they likely release it to a certain extent then start targeting people right and left. The biggest child porn distributors may now actually be the government just like who runs the drug cartels and authorizes the drug cartels. That is why Congress needs to do a inquiry in order to seize the ICE’s servers and documents then look through them to determine if they are breaking federal and state criminal laws.

Andrew Rose ain’t the only one out there, there are hundreds more that have come forth and spoke out against ICE and their Operation Flicker for planting child porn in college pornos such as ‘College Girls Gone Wild!’, mp3 files on Limewire, others getting viruses that does the same thing, and child porn may also be planted in other torrents, edonkey hash links, and other file sharing sites and networks.

The criminality in our government keeps rising as more and more gets exposed about the illegal conduct done inn secrecy under the dime of tax payers. Question is what would parents across the country do when they discover the feds are the biggest child smut distributors? Would there be riots? Would there be anger in the streets? There could be as anyone who talks about child porn gets real angry and so this could be the end of the Federal and State Governments once the porngate scandal has been proven right.

Hidden Tor website encourages uploading child porn through people’s personal Wifi Routers, setting them up


Screenshot 01 from the Undercover Unit Investigator of the Wireless Trolling website. Image is resized so click the image to access the full size image.

Author: Ben Franklin

Subject: Porngate Scandal

Evidence Download Links: Undercover Unit Investigator; Document 1 REDACTED for legal compliance – Document 2 REDACTED for legal compliance – Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3; Informant; ICAC task force documents and report in .zip file – UM-CS-2012-016.pdf (5.2 MB) (Available on public web)

Note: We still encourage people to leak any government documents and blow the whistle on any activity where the government or law enforcement is planting child pornography on innocent people’s computers including political activists. Continue to send your emails to The more you send us the more we can expose the rotten activity in the government which has led to a lot of innocent people being convicted as child sex offenders for child porn distribution and possession. We must end this nasty trend of government ruining good people’s lives. More innocent lives are now on the line awaiting criminal charges to be filed. Now is the time to stand up and fight back against the child porn set-ups.

The evidence has finally arrived that further peels the onion of corruption and wickedness. A hidden Tor website which has recently popped up, according to anonymous sources over the Torchat system and with information leaked by a undercover unit investigator(Don’t know if he is really government or not, but he does hint that he is) that encourages people to upload child pornography on public non-encrypted chan websites through open Wifi routers which the police will record is the wireless routing hubs IP Address and not the real offender or offenders. It is unclear whether the new website was created by s0meone or a group of people in the government or corporate elite networks. However these leaks do confirm that people can be set-up with child pornography and that the Internet Crimes Against Children(ICAC) gets a sustainable or even more Federal or State funding for the amount of arrests and prosecutions the police make in regards to chyild porn investigations.

Around five days ago, I released an article asking for whitlsblowers and inside government employees including Pentagon employees to leak any credible information proving that the US government, state, and local governments and law enforcement may be setting up innocent people with child pornography for both political reasons and to pad their stats to make it look like they are fighting pedophilia to the death when they are turning innocent people into child porn sex criminals.

Also we decided to excerpt the text given by the investigator so you can see what exactly he told me:

I like to leak a few files to you of documents and screenshots of a Tor
hosted hidden website that is encouraging innocent Wifi users to be set up
with child pornography.

They are all encouraging using open Wifi routers, and some will likely
attempt to crack password protected ones as well, to upload child
pornography to public openweb chan sites which will give the Wifi user’s
IP Address as the uploaders.

The police will investigate and start raiding hundreds to thousands or
even tens of thousands of people monthly with this new pedophile campaign.
This website also has mirrors which also work fast. I suspect they are
government operated entrapment websites to set up more innocent people
with child pornography. I am doing the best in my unit to investigate this
website and trying to find out who is operating this. Once I find out I
will attempt to send you the case information to your email so you can
leak this to the general public. I think this is terrible for the police
to do such things but it sounds like darker elements of the government are
the ones planting child porn. I do work in some field in the government
but that is all I can tell you. Anymore and they will claim I have child
porn then indict me before I can blow the whistle. Once I get enough this
will be sent to Wikileaks and other major whistleblowing sites.

Undercover Investigator and Whistleblower

According to the information posted by this investigator, I read it over and found some interesting stuff so I am uploading the leaked documents then posted right in this article before it is made public. I also made sure to redact the links so that the feds don’t come after me claiming that I linked to any illegal material. Nevertheless these documents show a real website hosted on the Tor hidden services network encouraging pedophiles to upload child pornography to public websites hosted on the World Wide Web through people’s private Wifi routers across the country.

The website has been named and dubbed the “Wireless Trolling” Tor website. According to the other screenshot it appears that the links may be child porn caches to which the website encourages uploading through public wireless routers.

Screenshot 02 from the Undercover Unit Investigator of the Wireless Trolling website. Image is resized so click the image to access the full size image.

Screenshot 02 from the Undercover Unit Investigator of the Wireless Trolling website. Image is resized so click the image to access the full size image.

It states that “1) Upload the most fappable pictures from here over Public Wifi to ClearWeb Chan sites“, “2) Sit back and watch, then repeat step 1”, and last but not least that “Most Wireless on Earth are not banned, yet! Most wireless are DHCP!”


Screenshot 03 from the Undercover Unit Investigator of the Wireless Trolling website. Image is resized so click the image to access the full size image.

It states that “Move from wireless to wireless for each Chan site until b&”, “Neighbor you do not like has unsecured wireless?”, and “…guess they will be posting on Chan sites and Forums.”

The one document leaked just affirms the screenshots credibility and the other also has a message as to why innocent people’s IP Addresses should get the mblame for child porn being posted to chan sites and forums.

Wireless Trolling :::: Butt Why?

Keep rookie cops busy
Keep moderators busy
Encourage more parents to create OC
Piss off white knights
Really piss off white knights
Help more pedos discover what they like

MILLIONS of unsecured open wireless IP addresses not yet banned!

Share with non Tor users? Sure!

Sounds like something a Anonymous hacker group wannabe would say, No?

Sounds like this pedophile website is planning a child porn uploading war on the open internet. With tactics like this who could bet a million dollars that this could be a website run by the Feds. If so then isn’t this going a bit too far having millions of unsecured wireless IP Addresses flagged by the Internet Crimes Against Children(ICAC) task force and the Immigrations Custom Enforcement(ICE). Which brings us to the next item on our hunt for the truth to discover if the government is really wanting to child pornography on innocent people’s computers and what the motives would be that are cited to justify it.

An email was sent to me by someone we are keeping anonymous but have decided to excerpt the email in quotes below:

I can’t provide real evidence like you’re asking for but I can provide some information. I’ve attached info on the ICAC program including what Standards they are required to follow plus the relevant US Code sections. The way the program is set up agencies get rewarded with continued or increased funding if they increase the number of arrests and prosecutions. I’ve also attached a report detailing how they monitor file trading.

So it has been revealed that the way the ICAC program was set up, according to the Congressional record and possibly also contributed by the states, that the ICAC regional task forces across the country get continued funding or increased funding if they can increase the number of arrests and prosecutions of suspected child pornographers. Of course the police will argue that the increase funding can act as some kind of reward to get the police to work harder to catch as many of the child pornographers and pedophiles as they are able to under the law. However just like with arrest quotas, police plant drugs and misapply laws to people in order to make more arrests and convictions in order to help the police departments get more funding. Basically the police have to arrest a certain amount of individuals at a given time to have sustainable funding or even increased funding which is more money to the Prison Industrial Complex and law enforcement employees across the board from agencies to local municipal police departments. Just like how providing more funding to law enforcement can help fight crime, it can also be used as a tool of corruption and profits and here is how it works. Both the private and public prison contractors all require one thing, Money $$$, money is needed by both the government and private sector. What do prisons need to survive and make a lot of money, they need as many prisoners as these prisons can hold. So if innocent people is convicted and set-up with child pornography then it makes it look like the ICAC task force is successful in spearheading the pedophiles and getting rid of the pedophiles by imprisoning all of them. When many go to use anonymity tools including Tor, it gets more increasingly difficult to convict these child porn distributors so if they can’t catch the ones behind the anonymity shield, which would make them look like a failure, so if they decide to uses viruses such as the eMule virus and use other methods to plant child porn on people’s computers then this would pave the way to make the ICAC look successful in cracking down on pedophile related activities. So if the ICAC and ICE Operation Flicker may have any direct compartmentalized style involvement with the planting of child pornography images on people’s computers then this would help boost their funding and staffing for these operations. Thus more money is needed by the government in the form of taxes to have more people convicted and then thrown into prison. If the Wireless trolling website is not shut down within more then 1 month, then it is clear that the FBI, ICAC, DOJ, ICE, DHS, and other government agencies don’t intend to stop child pornography but to allow it or even help it to be spread all over the internet, exposing both children and adults to finding these child porn files, and thus more arrests and child porn convictions can thus be made to get more funding secured for the ICAC and ICE.

The more leaks and public information we receive on these government agencies claiming to fight child porn, the more we can begin to peel away the onion of despotic tyrannical corruption in the system which tares apart what made America such a great nation.

ALERT!!!: New virus that may be planting child porn to set up people as pedophiles

Author: Ben. Franklin

Subject: False Flag

Notice: There are ways of combating this type virus and other horrible viruses but is not 100% bulletproof, none of these methods are the silver bullet but it is better then having no protection from these set ups and technological witch hunts. You are recommended to use ESET and McAfee and any other anti-virus that covers the emule type sharing viruses.

A new virus has been spotted that seems to be planting and distributing suspected child pornography files and is likely being used by the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force to conduct raids, searches and seizures, all data taken including irreplaceable family photos and videos, police threatening to harm family if the person of interest doesn’t fess up, and then last but not least then go before the grand jury then have the person indicted then successfully convicted as a child exploiting sex offender for life or as prosecutors would love to call them, child sex offenders even though every person just caught with only images are either virgins or never harmed a child themselves or even not have a desire to but nevertheless have a few of these so called images and likely the computer virus along with it but forensics only confirms the images are on the computer and when the images were viewed then railroad the suspects to prison.

Because of how grave the situation is, somebody whom is already under police criminal investigation is the source of the intel and won’t allow me to reveal his name for personal reasons. He has been telling me that he got into a operation where he was exposing political corruption then had the virus planted without his authorization while the police were harassing and surveilling him. Then a month later the police showed up at this guys house with a state sanctioned search warrant telling him that he was under investigation and that they are searching the premises for the suspicion of distributing and possession of child pornography. They took everything, his family threatened, and was forced to confess to wanting to harm little children out of a sense to protect his family from harm by the police. Of course that was a lie as he never was around any children and has all the alibis proving he was innocent but confessed to the crime even though innocent because the police threatened his family and questioned over political investigations and articles he was writing for a major news outlet, and I’ll just leave it at that. He told the police since day one about the virus, as he conducted more of an investigation he remembered that the virus had three rogue programs, Ares.exe, Shareaza.exe, and emule.exe. While opening the file location using the Windows Vista or 7 Task Manager, the directories looked like regular emule sharing directories and went inside Incoming, and saw hundreds to thousands of child porn files were planted in that directory which he freaked out then deleted then tried whatever he could to disable the program but there were enough security holes to get control of his computer, then of course how convenient the ICAC shows up at his front door. That was when he decided to talk to a few other individuals he believed was either targeted or shut down their sites out of chilling effects and fear. When former alternative media reporter got word of this, remnants of that organization decided to release reports on the virus which they call the ’emule virus’ as emule was mainly what the police accusing this source of using to share the material, and so they released reports and conducted a large investigation until they finally received the variant and codeword of the virus according to ESET and also claimed to found the same virus variant from McAFee virus reporting site.

According to ESET the virus has been classified as the Win32/MoliVampire.A, the file is what many suspected as a trojan, size 10067968 B, and reveals a lot of details of this virus. McAfee also details the virus but has a different codename and has a different file size so these viruses are all different in variants and threat level. The variant that shares child porn could likely have been created by the government to make the war on child porn look really effective as it is not effective unless many people are convicted of child porn whether they be pedos or not, even with false convictions on set up politicians and activists but that is just speculation and is not a certifiable fact as of yet since nobody really investigates into this since anyone who talks about child porn and is not in favor of dirty and underhanded tactics are usually labeled bad guys or pedo supporters just for questioning the narrative by government people.

So whom would benefit off of sharing child porn and downloading it to set people up? Corrupt government elements as a greater moral crises on the Internet will lead to more controls, bans and restrictions on P2P as Cary Sherman (RIAA President whom bragged about child porn on P2P) would have dreamed of, corrupt police that need to fill their quotas, the private prison contractors that need a guaranteed occupancy and have no other way to convict people so they switch to setting people up with child porn, and politicians that need to kill their enemies characters so that they can get rid of them physically.

Alberto Gonzales the former US Attorney General, before Eric Holder, would benefit off of the child porn crises as he begged for mandatory data retention type laws where all internet activities, emails, and other sensitive data would be logged then retained for months and that the police can have access to this personal data history without a warrant and would allow the RIAA and MPAA to sue people at will using mandatory data retention as the opportunity to know who exactly shared copyrighted material using discovery motions at all court junctions. Cary Sherman or future presidents of the RIAA would benefit off of the child porn crises as they can use that in their case for the witch hunt against file-sharers and converting them all into possible child sex offenders to burn at the stake with prejudice. There are wide variety

So anyone whom receives this virus or variants of Trojans similar to this virus, is at risk of being accused of distributing and possessing child pornography then having the computers and family photos, videos, and other personal data taken away forever. Then will likely end up years in federal or state prison then receives a lifetime sex offender record, isn’t that just great!!!!!

Also other organizations other then the ICAC are also engaging in dirty undercover operations to set up autistic people and techno geeks with child porn charges with very little chance of getting out of them and that is if your lucky and have enough evidence to overturn the prosecution arguments and forensics investigative reports. The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) investigative arm, also known as the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), that conducted Operation Flicker that was mainly for undercover child porn investigations, caught over 5,000 employees working for the Pentagon and Department of Defense (DOD) purchasing and downloading child pornography but were never fully investigated and were never prosecuted, is in the process of investigating and prosecuting a 17-year-old autistic youth for downloading child pornography when the only things he was downloading was music files from the Limewire P2P file sharing network.

His name is Andrew Rose, Facebook has a support group which allows people to talk about the injustices of these child porn stings since there are very dirty and underhanded methods being used to net these suspects. This article will fully explain why Andrew’s predicament is unnecessary and why his defense is credible.


The dirty tactic that was used is the worst thing the government could have ever done and does nothing to catch child predators, and should immediately receive a inquiry by Congress and the state governments that are cooperative in these operations. The dirty tactic was that child porn was embedded in a normal everyday mp3 music file, likely within the MP3 tag which every mp3 file has or a non-encrypted stenography software appended child porn to the music file to where the file was on the computer but was attached to the music file. These are the only two technologically feasible methods that were likely used that this article can and will reveal, however if there are any vulnerabilities then that could also be another method of choice if it exists.

MP3 Tag method

example music file playing

Every music file contains a tag identification system also called a MP3 tag and in other music formats there is likely something similar. Every MP3 file allows you to customize the album art, edit the track info, and allow you to add comments. Advanced MP3 tag software will allow you to attach photos to be embedded into the tag of the music file.


If ICE wanted to set people up as possible child molesters for their pre-crime style program where your not guilty because you hurt a child, your guilty for possibly having images and that you may hurt a child future, not because your planning to commit a felony, not because you did, but because you may, then all ICE has to do is add a child porn image to the MP3 tag of the music file then use modified law enforcement versions of emule, Limewire, and other P2P clients that is bugged with logging software and other identifier systems to share the bugged child porn embedded music files, then as any music file sharer and downloader likes collecting music files to listen to will download the file or files and then receive a visit from ICE or the ICAC task force then their families threatened by police or even detectives to put a person under so much anxiety and fear that they will undoubtedly confess even though the person is not guilty.

All it takes ti be arrested and convicted as a child sex offender is downloading music files, yes downloading music files. If you don’t believe this is technologically possible then just view the screenshot of freeware software products such as MP3Tag which makes planting child porn files as easy as 123. Then all the police have to do is share hundreds to thousands of pirated music files with child embedded in them, then they can make the war on child porn look really effective with all the pedophile patsies, and people being set up, we can at last finally fight crime by putting innocent people in prison. The fact that Congress has not investigated the ICAC and ICE for planting child porn and embedding it in normal music files and other kinds of files is beyond me. As long as the children are being protected, why should we care if Andrew Rose goes to prison and gets beat up on by other inmates, why should we care if innocent people are thrown into prison as a sex offender, why should we care about dirty corrupt methods the government uses to catch criminals and predators. Let’s just put teenagers in prison, let’s just put every music downloader in prison and call them pedophiles because that is the new AmeriKa and the USSA (United Soviet States of America).

Stenography methods

There are certain stenography programs that only attach files or embed files within files unencrypted. That way since there are Content ID type systems where files are scanned to find any illicit material, since child porn can be attached to one file, these systems would flag and detect it then monitor all whom download and share it or the government does this then are the sharing perpetrators and can get away with it by claiming it was a “Undercover Operation” and that is why agents shouldn’t be held accountable for planting child porn in ordinary everyday files shared on P2P. Just like how cops can freely murder, rape, and commit other crimes and get off easy or without any punishment due to the police Bill of Rights where cops are held accountable differently then average ordinary commoners where the book is constantly thrown at them and are subject to jail-guard abuse.

This article reveals the truth, that government can commit crimes and set people up and get away with it unless people stand up and say no to it then maybe the ICAC and ICE can finally be held accountable for their dirty corrupt undercover operations.

Former Florida ICE chief gets prison in child porn case

(FOXNEWS)   A former top U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official in South Florida has been sentenced to 70 months in prison on a federal child pornography charge.

Anthony Mangione faced a minimum of five years in prison after pleading guilty in July to using his home computer to receive and transmit images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Mangione ran ICE’s South Florida operations from 2007 to 2011, including numerous child pornography investigations. He retired a few months after investigators searched his home and office computers in April 2011.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that Mangione told U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra on Friday that he began having problems with drinking and prescription pills about three years ago.

Prosecutors wanted Marra to sentence Mangione to 87 months in prison.

ICE agents suing Obama administration

(Chris Durden)   Ten U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees are suing the Obama administration with the help of Kansas’ Secretary of State.

Kris Kobach, who is also an immigration adviser to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is representing the employees. The 22-page lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Dallas.

The employees are seeking to block a program that allows young illegal immigrants avoid deportation. “The Directive is an extension of the DREAM Act, which was rejected by Congress, and aims to grant an amnesty to 1.7 million illegal aliens. It violates federal immigration laws that require certain aliens to be placed in removal proceedings,” Kobach said in a statement.

In June, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and President Barack Obama said some illegal immigrants could received a work permit for up to two years.


Feds Seized Hip-Hop Site for a Year, Waiting for Proof of Infringement

(WIRED)   Federal authorities who seized a popular hip-hop music site based on assertions from the Recording Industry Association of America that it was linking to four “pre-release” music tracks gave it back more than a year later without filing civil or criminal charges because of apparent recording industry delays in confirming infringement, according to court records obtained by Wired.

The Los Angeles federal court records, which were unsealed Wednesday at the joint request of Wired, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the First Amendment Coalition, highlight a secret government process in which a judge granted the government repeated time extensions to build a civil or criminal case against, one of about 750 domains the government has seized in the last two years in a program known as Operation in Our Sites.

Apparently, however, the RIAA and music labels’ evidence against Dajaz1, a music blog, never came. Or, if it did, it was not enough to build a case and the authorities returned the site nearly 13 months later without explanation or apology.

Cindy Cohn, the EFF’s legal director, said the site’s 13-month seizure by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau highlights the RIAA’s influence over the government. President Barack Obama has tapped at least five former RIAA attorneys for senior positions in the Justice Department.

“Here you have ICE making a seizure, based on the say-so of the record company guys, and getting secret extensions as they wait for their masters, the record companies, for evidence to prosecute,” Cohn said in a telephone interview. “This is the RIAA controlling a government investigation and holding it up for a year.”

ICE, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, has the power to seize web domains engaged in infringing activity under the same forfeiture laws used to seize property like houses, cars and boats allegedly tied to illegal activity such as drug running or gambling. But seizing a domain name raises First Amendment concerns — though nothing in the court records show that the government or the court was concerned about the prolonged seizure of the site that is akin to an online printing press.

In the Dajaz1 case, the authorities seized the site in November 2010 on the word of the RIAA that four songs linked to on the site were unauthorized, the records show. Yet nearly a year later, in September 2011, the government was secretly seeking yet another extension to build its case, ostensibly because it was still waiting for the recording industry to produce evidence, the records show. All the while, the site’s owner and his attorney were left out of the loop, as the court record was sealed from them and the public. The Dajaz1 site was redirected to a government landing page saying it was seized by customs officials.

On Sept. 7, 2011, about 11 months after the government seized Andre Nasib’s site, a Department of Homeland Security agent wrote a declaration to U.S. District Judge Margaret Morrow of Los Angeles, explaining the reason for seeking a third time extension to build a case. The agent said “a sampling of content obtained from the website and its purported affiliate websites was submitted for rights holder evaluation and has yet to be returned.”

The agent, Andrew Reynolds, wrote virtually the exact same sentence in a July 13, 2011 declaration(.pdf), in which the government sought its second extension of time to build a case.

However, Reynolds’ declaration in September for the first time mentioned the RIAA by name.

“Additionally, a representative with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has stated that he will provide a very comprehensive statement to ICE’s and CBP’s [Customs and Border Protection’s] outstanding questions, in coordination with corresponding rights holders, which will be forthcoming in approximately 30 days,” Reynolds wrote. (.pdf)

Other than the unsealing orders won by Wired, EFF and the First Amendment Coalition, that Reynolds filing was the last one in the case — meaning the record does not say whether the RIAA or other industry players ever produced the promised report.

The Los Angeles federal prosecutor in the case, Steven Welk, did not respond for comment. Welk’s office agreed to unseal the documents, but said that it did so without conceding there was any First Amendment or common law necessity to do so. In December, when the site was returned, the authorities said it was “the appropriate and just result.”

The RIAA declined to comment on the unsealed documents, which Wired provided to it for review.

Instead, the industry lobbying group pointed Wired to its statement in December, when Dajaz1 was returned:

We understand that a decision was made that this particular site did not merit a criminal forfeiture proceeding. We respect that government agencies must consider a range of technical issues when exercising their independent prosecutorial discretion. Criminal proceedings are not always brought, for a variety of appropriate reasons.

With respect to Dajaz1, we would note that this particular website has specialized in the massive unauthorized distribution of pre-release music — arguably the worst and most damaging form of digital theft. […]

If the site continues to operate in an illegal manner, we will consider all our legal options to prevent further damage to the music community.

We are aware of statements by the site operator that suggest that music companies themselves were the source of at least some of the thousands of recordings available on Dajaz1. Even assuming this to be accurate, it does not excuse the thousands of other pre-release tracks also made available which were neither authorized for commercial distribution nor for uploading to publicly accessible sites where they were readily downloadable for free.

Dajaz1′s owner, Nasib, of New York, declined comment through his attorney, Andrew Bridges.

In December, Nasib told The New York Times that the recording industry offered him the four songs that were at the center of the case against him.

“It’s not my fault if someone at a record label is sending me the song,” the paper quoted him as saying.

The site’s seizure was based on an affidavit (.pdf) from Reynolds, who said he streamed or downloaded four songs hosted in cyberlockers — and — that were linked on Nasib’s site. The songs in question were “Deuces” by Chris Brown; “Fall for Your Type” by Jamie Foxx; “Long Gone” by Nelly and “Mechanics” by Reek Da Villian. Reynolds, in his seizure affidavit, wrote that he consulted with “RIAA representatives” when drafting the affidavit to verify that the songs were unauthorized.

Bridges said in a telephone interview that Nasib’s site, which is now up and running again, should never have been seized.

“To begin with,” Bridges said, “I don’t think there was any evidence of criminal copyright infringement.”

Top ICE figure pleads guilty in brazen, $500G scam


(FOXNEWS)   In a brazen criminal scheme to defraud taxpayers, one of the highest-ranking officials in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to helping embezzle more than $500,000 from the federal government.
Over three years, James Woosley and at least five other ICE employees scammed the agency by fabricating expenses for trips that were never taken and for hotel, rental car and restaurant expenses that did not exist, according to court records.
His son, also named James Woosley, and live-in girlfriend, Lateisha Rollerson — both ICE employees — allegedly ran the scam out of the elder Woosley’s two Virginia homes.
Here’s how it worked, according to court records:
ICE employees traveled to Washington, D.C., on business, but instead of staying at a hotel, they stayed with Woosley. Rollerson allegedly created false receipts from hotels like the local Marriott, while Woosley approved their fraudulent expense reports and charged each employee a kick-back fee for half the amount.
Prosecutors accused Woosley of receiving about $188,000, some of which he used to buy a new house and a boat.
Sources inside ICE tell Fox News the scam represents total breakdown of oversight within the agency, especially given the periodic background checks and financial examinations given to agents working within the sensitive Office of Intelligence.
“It tells us that the vetting process and the checks and balances, the internal controls at ICE, obviously are inadequate,” said Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., who sits on the House Committee on Homeland Security.

“It’s bad enough you find some employees, federal employees, who are misusing taxpayer dollars,” Miller said.  “However, in this case, these are … intelligence officers that are handling classified information.”
One ICE employee involved was Ahmed Abdallat, the agency’s intelligence supervisor in El Paso, Texas. Abdallat, a former colonel in the Jordanian Air Force, joined the agency in 1995 and worked throughout the Middle East, including three years in Saudi Arabia.
Abdallat’s salary was by no means enough to make him rich, yet in 2010 he made three wire transfers to Middle Eastern accounts totaling $570,000, and he maintained personal accounts in Jordan totaling $1.2 million, authorities say.
Shannon Enochs, an FBI special agent, said during a lengthy court hearing that the FBI does not know where Abdallat got the money but doubted he made it working as a civil servant within the U.S. or Jordanian governments.
Abdallat traveled to D.C. at least 13 times in 2009 and 2010. Each time he submitted travel vouchers that allegedly contained fictitious charges not supported by any receipts or fake receipts created by Rollerson on her home computer. Each time, ICE paid.
More serious, however, were his trips to Jordan. Federal prosecutors charged him with eight counts of misusing a diplomatic passport he was not supposed to have to fly to Jordan.
During a search warrant of Abdallat’s home in El Paso, the FBI reported pulling out 29 boxes of evidence, including two Jordanian passports he denied having during background checks in 2000, 2005 and 2010. He also denied having foreign bank accounts, though the FBI found several written in Arabic after serving their search warrant.
As a life-long intelligence officer with clearance to secret and classified papers on terrorism, narcotics and human smuggling along the Southwest border, Abdallat’s file should have received priority review. Instead, he maintained close personal and financial ties to Jordan, apparently without suspicion.
Four of the five suspects indicted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in this ICE scam already pleaded guilty to embezzlement and received one to two years in prison.

DHS Raids Home To Seize Deadly Hair Straighteners


(INFOWARS)   Federal agency founded to fight terrorism continues war on grooming appliances. The Department of Homeland Security, a federal agency created in the aftermath of 9/11 to fight terrorism, has continued its war on potentially deadly grooming appliances by raiding a home in the affluent Orange County city of Laguna Niguel to seize allegedly counterfeit hair straighteners.

“About 10 investigators with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and special ICE Homeland Security Investigations agents combed through the garage and the single-story house in the 29500 block of Pelican Way near Niguel Road and Alicia Parkway,” reports the Orange County Register.
According to the feds, the American people need to be protected from the threat of counterfeit hair straighteners because they could pose a safety hazard to consumers.
The owners of the business that sold the product, Brisk Deals, labeled the incident a “misunderstanding,” adding that the feds conducted the raid as if they were targeting armed terrorists, not dodgy hair irons.
“They attacked the house like they thought we had guns, like we’re a gang or gun-running or something,” said UCI electrical engineering graduate student Mohsen Rafizaden, accusing the DHS of causing his mother to have a panic attack for which she was taken to hospital.
The affidavit against the business claims that the hair straighteners violate trademarks held by Chi Curling Irons and GHD. The fact that the house was the target of a terrorist-hunting style siege over hair appliances illustrates how far the Department of Homeland Security has overstepped its jurisdiction.
Let’s not forget last month’s proud announcement on behalf of the DHS that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had stopped 13,000 potentially unsafe hair dryers from entering the country.

It’s just a shame that the agency doesn’t seem to pursue illegal aliens with the same zeal it uses to go after salon tools. Last year, the DHS announced that illegals who broke the law by sneaking into the country would be allowed to stay in the country and seek employment.
Despite the raid, the company’s website,, is back online having initially disappeared following the incident. The DHS’s usual method is to arbitrarily order ISPs to shut down a company’s website merely on the accusation of activity involving counterfeit goods or intellectual copyright infringement. In the case of music blog, the website was closed for a year on charges the DHS had to later admit were completely false.
Still, it’s good to know that the DHS’ war on faulty hair appliances isn’t taking away from its focus and the very reason it was created – to fight terrorism.
We recently reported on a document out of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness that lists banal bodily activities such as yawning, staring and goose pumps as “suspicious activity” indicative of terrorism.
Perhaps sellers of dubious hair appliances should be treated as terrorists too, and then the DHS can really be empowered to go after this obviously fundamental threat to our way of life.

ICE considers new detention center in South Florida

(SUN SENTINEL)   For now the area is just empty lots near the corner of Redland Road and Lucille Drive just south of Florida City in southernmost Miami-Dade County.

But that is where officials could one day build one of the country’s largest immigrant detention centers if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement decides that the site is the best for a facility that would house at least 1,800 foreign nationals facing deportation.

The project surprised neighbors in the area, home to a large a large number of immigrants. “I knew nothing about this,” said Jesus Sierra, a Cuban immigrant whose house would face the future detention center, if it’s built there.

Currently, the total number of detainees in ICE in the country at any given time is about 30,000.

The construction of a large detention center in South Florida would increase ICE’s detention capacity in the region. For now, the well-known Krome detention center in west Miami-Dade houses between 500 and 600 detainees.

Florida City has been interested in the facility since 2009 when the issue was discussed during a city commission meeting.

Florida City Mayor Otis Wallace recently sent a letter to a Miami-Dade commissioner saying that the center would be built at a cost of about $150 million and would house up to 2,300 detainees.

ICE said the new detention center would have about 1,800 beds and would cost between $100 million and $200 million. A spokesman said a decision would be made within 120 days.,0,1670700.story

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