TPP: The Biggest Threat to the Internet You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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(FEDERALJACK)   The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is being negotiated in secret between more than 12 countries around the Pacific region. Find out why it poses a huge threat to your digital freedoms.

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(FEDERALJACK)   A simple message of truth. Think outside the box.

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Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05-27-2013) True Freedom What Is It? And Do We Really Have It?


(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back to the broadcast friend, researcher, and fellow radio show host Mark Passio. They get into two of the fundamental questions we all need to be asking ourselves: What is true freedom? And, do we really have it currently? Mark gets into his latest run in with a bunch of jack boot Philadelphia police officers over flyers, and his right to free speech. This leads them to moral culpability, and personal responsibility. Make sure to tune into this epic broadcast.













Mark Howitt and The March of Freedom

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To FederalJack readers,

My name is Mark Howitt, and I am currently walking across Eastern Canada to spread awareness about global issues and try to make a difference in all the communities I pass along the way. I am documenting the experience for a reality show and the event/show is called the “March of Freedom”. Information on this can be found on the World Public Union website, on Facebook and my Youtube channel. As some of you may know I am a documentary film maker as well as a musician, and also founder of the World Public Union. I recently made a film called NWO: Domino Effect which addresses many problems we face, and the time had come where I could not just spread awareness and educate others on what I was learning.

I have decided to put my life on hold for this cause because I believe we are all part of a system that is beyond corrupt, and that if we continue to allow what is happening to unfold future generations will live in a world we will regret to leave behind. I feel the world is ready for a change and there is much support for this cause from around the world however the media has ignored the story and there has been a literal blackout in regards to the March of Freedom. Today, my Facebook account which I used to post my journals and keep in touch with friends and family was hacked and I was blocked from accessing it. I documented the experience and the reason they gave as “for my own protection”. I am no longer able to access the March of Freedom page on Facebook and keep people up to date to set up speaking arrangements in the communities I am going through. The security questions they have asked me to get my account back are questions I did not choose, and if I answer them it will be incorrect causing me to lose my account permanently. I have to log in to another device when I reach a new WIFI spot to attempt to get access to my account back but this is a sure sign that they are trying to silence what I am doing. This sort of thing happens all the time.

When people try to change the world they are silenced or removed from the public eye and at this moment there are many people who have witnessed what happened today and know that I have been silenced by higher powers. They do not want me reaching Ottawa as I plan to speak to our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper to ask him some questions that Canadians I have talked to have in regards to not only Canada, but the world itself. If you are also seeking freedom from a tyrannical government, I ask you to please share the March of Freedom as they cannot silence everyone. For those who wish to join me on this journey and support this cause, you will not be turned away. We must work together in unity to create the changes that we want to see in the world. We can live in a world of free energy, where food, water and shelter, the very basic necessities for our survival do not come at the cost of life itself. We can live in a world without war and the threat of Nuclear destruction

We are entering a new era where people are starting to lead themselves without the need of a government or political system. An era where we can clearly see this corruption and all seek a better world to share and live in. Thank you for taking the time to read this SOS, as I am currently on the road healing from injuries but will be continuing on the March of Freedom shortly. I use WIFI when I am able to get onto a network however now that they have silenced my Facebook profile I have lost access to many friends and family that I was keeping in touch with as well as the March of Freedom page itself. Your help is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

– Mark Howitt –

Cornel West on What He Would He Say at 50th Anniversary of The Civil Rights March on Washington, If They Had Invited Him

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It’s Simply a Choice Between Fear and Love

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(Popeye of FederalJack)   When will Americans, who boast to be the toughest, most bad-ass people on the planet, stand up to our dictator in chief, and the rest of the congress critters and send them packing. We do NOT need them to make things run, or protect us. As I have said a thousand times before, THE SOLUTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS ARE AN INSIDE JOB! Obviously they don’t want to “take care” of us or “save” us, they want to control and eradicate us. So when will we, the coward nation we have become, the paper tiger (invading other people’s backyards does not count), stand up? The people in this country talk allot of shit but never back it up. I hear all the time that we are such a bad-ass country and that “we would never let that happen here” or “that couldn’t happen here, we are America”… really? Well where are all you tough guys now? Huh…. Your all watching football, baseball, basketball, or some other mind numbing bullshit. Be real men and turn that crap off. Sports are for children or to blow some steam off. When we grow up there are real important issues to be looked into. You’re not cool or tough if you run around in a sports jersey of your favorite player, drinking beer and reciting all of that players stats or the team history, yet don’t even know the Bill of Rights, and the first ten amendments to the Constitution; or allow your kids, and wife to be groped by some scumbag TSA loser at the airport, or now even to see certain sporting events you are actually part of the problem. If you joined the military to “defend and protect America” (been there done that myself) you are in someone else’s back yard killing them for no reason other than doing your masters dirty-work, or being trained to take on the very people you said you joined to protect, in essence being a bully’s bitch by protecting the bully (the controllers), and engaging in bully type behavior. Now I know most of you who joined aren’t there to be bullies yourselves or to be a bully’s little bitch. I know how they (the controllers) lure people in to fight their battles, but you have a choice. Do the right thing, don’t be someone’s bitch. As for the civilians, the everyday American; take your balls back, and stand up before it’s too F****** late to do so. Fall in love with the word NO. They (the controllers) have no real power, so they get you to surrender to them through fear by bullying you. If everyone realized this their little game would be over in a heartbeat. No violence needed at all. Their power over us is an illusion that we make into a reality by feeding into it. It’s simply a choice between fear and love. Fear controls us, Love frees us. It is fundamentally, and quite literally that simple. It’s time we acted like the country, and people we portray ourselves to be. I choose freedom and love.

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (03-03-2013) Karen Schoen – Agenda 21, Education Is Indoctrination & Solutions


(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes Karen Schoen to the broadcast. Karen is very active in waking people up to Agenda 21, the educational system, solutions and more. She is a Chairperson of Save America Foundation, Founder of AgEnders and, Director at Florida Panhandle Patriots, a radio show host at American Freedom Watch Radio and more. They get into Agenda 21, what it is, how it is being implemented, the educational system as an indoctrination system, solutions and more.



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Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (02-17-2013) How Guns & Cannabis Are Connected By True Freedom

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(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye shows how guns and cannabis are connected by the glue that connects all of us, true freedom. He does this by playing the audio from a documentary called “Guns and Weed The Road To Freedom.” You can watch the movie in full on



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Guns and Weed – The Road To Freedom

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(GUNS AND WEED)   A stunning and entertaining examination of Constitutional and voluntaryist issues. Covers abuse of authority by police, the War on Drugs, self-defense, States’ Rights, Natural Rights, Austrian Economics, the problems of a two-party system and taxation.


A idea for a cap bill that would effectively deter lobbying by special interest groups

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Author: Silence DoGood

A new bill that can become law is needed to effectively end corruption in most levels of modern government. There are good politicians still in government even though there are also bad. Part of what has led to the downfall of respect and approval of politicians in the Congressional, General Assembly, and even county level is what we all call lobbying that is a new form of bribing, some states do this which is called pay-to-play form of representation.

In a regular job, the better of a job you do you can get promoted to get more money and benefits for the quality job you’ve done. What we need is to reward the Congresspeople and Legislators for good behavior and following the Constitution to a T. This is the idea that will go viral nationwide to end most of the political corruption and police brutality that has plagued our nation because of special interest groups all connected to the Bilderberg Group and other crooked interest groups.

With US Presidential candidate Virgil H. Goode he stated that he would not accept campaign contributions more then $200. The legal way this bribery goes on is using a loophole that even if you can’t bribe a politician directly you can provide financing to his/her political campaign and even offer complementary trips in a way that the lobbyists get the bills they want through the Congress without technically violating the laws against bribery. The way to combat all of this is to impose a national and even statewide general assembly type of cap on all political campaign contributions. Even if the politicians scream at a bill like this, if the people back it then it can be passed, it can be done. It is as Jesse Ventura stated on The Alex Jones Show with saying “If you bribe in the private sector you go to jail, but yet I see it all the time in the public sector” (If the quote is a little off then comment below and I will correct any mistakes).

First of all the bill would have a purpose of limiting all campaign contributions to $200 or another capped amount per person per election campaign. What makes corporate lobbyists very powerful and have a lot of pressure on the Senators and Representatives is how much money they can contribute to each politician which is usually anywhere from thousands of dollars on local politicians to the top branch of government known as Congress all the way up to millions per bill to lobby. With a small cap on all lobbying, they will be forced to rely on their constituents to be able to pay their campaign costs.

As these corporations will have to use proxies to lobby high amounts which is very difficult, most of the people can afford lobbying low amounts therefore this will level the pay-to-play playing field to where we all can contribute to have our say in our government. This would also effectively nullify the eugenics efforts by Planned Parenthood and other horrible legislation that damages the general public from other corporate psychopaths that want to see the peasants harmed, enslaved and killed. Even put caps on all vacations and gifts given to Congresspeople, Legislators, and even local and county politicians.

A nationwide and even statewide efforts to put caps on all contributions would not take away liberties but allow better representation for the majority of the people and protect minority rights since money won’t decide the vote and what bills are created and passed. Since courts have ruled that corporations are to be treated as people, then an entire corporation would only be able to lobby $200, and also the bill can deter using corporate employees/staff as proxies to deter the caps. Even Mitt Romney said that corporations are people my friend! so why not use the Bilderberg corporations own legal weapon against them. Even if they are passing laws in the special interest groups favor, laws can be used against the lobbyists that helped put them in.

It’s lobbying that is helping to destroy our civil liberties like with helping the NDAA, naked body scanners and forced molestation grope downs, allowing ISP data caps that would violate net neutrality with no factual basis to support the need of capping the data download/upload, restarting the eugenics cult, passing laws to force vaccinations while vaccine makers are immune to lawsuits from damages caused by vaccines, and other horrible legislation passed that benefits the elite while harms the rights of the people. Congress should be listening to the facts, experts, proper and valid documentation, and best represent We The People.

As long as unlimited lobbying exists there will be endless corruption and usurpations of law making power. With caps on the value of gifts, campaign contributions, and even vacation trips there can be better representation for the general people untainted by special interest groups working with eugenicists and psychopaths. With a cap on all type contributions to politicians, it will give even poor and middle class people, their chance to have a voice by supporting their local US, statewide, and regional politicians and actually being listened to instead of being kicked out the door and given a automated formal letter.

Also another issue that should be looked at is making the districts smaller so that Congresspeople and Legislators aren’t frustrated with representing a large amount of people that it attracts following the ideas from small special interest groups instead of the large districts of people. It will make their jobs easier and have the system run more smoothly not to mention making it more difficult to ram bills through Congress without a a chance for review and debate.

If you think this article is factual and is a very good idea then send this article to your local media, national media, or even alternative outlets such as Infowars and Drudge Report. This isn’t coming from a democrat or even a republican but a concerned American that has experienced corruption at the state and national level which is why this article should be a great and moral concern. With Congress having a 9% approval rating, there is no representation for people at this moment due to special interest lobbying.

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