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(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes friend, researcher, and radio show host Joe Joseph back to the broadcast for this July 4th edition. They cover a bunch of topics including: The flood of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border; The lack of freedom we have in America; The Founding Fathers; The Police State, and more. Finishing up the broadcast, Popeye plays an audio clip of the Declaration of Independence being read out loud.












State Secession and dissolution from the Union on the horizon, pros and cons behind state secession

Author: Silence DoGood

State Secession is now a reality today with a battle between the Tenth Amendment, corrupt Executive branch, and corrupt Congress with a 9% approval rating. Petitions are being created by citizens across the country to get permission from the current US Presidential Administration to allow the states they reside in to secede from the union. USWGO in it’s earlier days advocated state secession from the union and supported Texas’s threat to secede from the union over a corrupt Administration working with the Bilderberg Group. USWGO also started the Nullify-NDAA Petition movement to get his state to go against a Federal law which would throw Americans into interment, torture, and death camps, in other words a concentration camp with no charge nor a court trial. Only Representative Bryan R. Holloway supported the petition while Rep. Bert Jones and Sen. Phil Berger refused to take action to redress the grievances so further action had prematurely failed.

Texas has already had enough signatures according to the Digital Journal and I quote it is titled “Texas secession petition to White House reaches 25,000 threshold.”

States such as Colorado with Amendment 64 and Washington both passed a Amendment into their state Constitutions’ making it a legal right to “legalize and regulate the production, possession, and distribution of marijuana for persons age 21 and older,” according to CNN. Even California allows marijuana for medical usage but despite the states legalization of a Federally banned substance, the feds can still detain, arrest, search and seize, and charge marijuana growers and users. That is what is paving the way for states getting sick and tired of a RepresentativeLess Federal government telling people what they can and cannot do yet will easily cave into lobbyists that work for major corporations and special interests.

Not to mention several states including the state of Virginia passed laws or found some other Constitutional way to fight the Federal National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2012 law. North Carolina became a coward and turn tale and ran by their state senate president pro Tempore. Other states have yet to redress the issue of the NDAA 2012 law since a corrupt Federal Appeals court is protecting the Indefinite detention provision in direct violation of the the US Constitution by using the corrupt judicial branch and Executive branch as loopholes along with the corruption of the Congress.

Of course states can possibly secede from the Union, in other words legally declare to leave the union, of course they do need permission from the Obama Administration along with the US Senate as what is required by the US Constitution’s treaty clause.

Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, includes the Treaty Clause, which empowers the President of the United States to propose and chiefly negotiate agreements between the United States and other countries, which become treaties between the United States and other countries after the advice and consent of a supermajority of the United States Senate,” according to Wikipedia.

[The President] shall have Power, by and with Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…

That means that the US President would have to be petitioned by a large amount of people to persuade the President to allow states to legally leave the union and therefore would no longer be under the legal Jurisdiction aka the Jurisprudence of the United States Government. That includes Federal Courts, federal laws, federal executive orders, federal mandates, and all federal programs including assistance programs would no longer be enforced or active in the states that have left the union. Any government assistance programs including the Social Security program would have to be provided only by the state since the Feds will not operated in states that have left the union. All Congresspeople and Senators that represent the very states that can legally declare secession would also be out of a job since the very states they represent would be void once out of the union. Also all Federal Courts would either be shut down or switched over to the states to determine whether to destroy the Federal building or operate it as another state court. All Federal Marshals would also be out of business since they operate under US Code and state code, therefore the Federal Marshals service can either get authorization by the state legislature to continue their operations but only as a state marshal instead of a federal marshal or shut down. Also the FBI, CIA, and any other government agencies buildings would be shut down within the seceded states. FBI tasks would become only SBI tasks, Social Security may become statewide Social Security or another disability and elderly government insurance program to assist them financially. State police and local police won’t arrest nor enforce US laws since they would be null and void within a state that has become a country and does not belong to the Union. The Bill of Rights under the US Constitution would also be null and void but that only the state Constitution be the law of the land. The Federal Supreme Court, the appeals courts, and the lower federal magistrates would no longer has jurisdiction therefore the only Supreme Court that legally exists within the state is the state Supreme Court.

Here is how a state can legally secede from the union? It cannot be law because the law is just a code that citizens have to obey under Federal law and help guide the actions of the state legislatures and it’s people. It cannot be under the Constitution because it would be a hefty process such as Constitution Convention, plus approval from both Congressional houses plus 3/4 of the states which would be a crazy process just for one state to leave the union. Instead it only takes a treaty which only the power of the president has to make a treaty then have approval from two thirds of the US Senators concur. In other words the president, with help of a state secession petition, can draft a treaty with assistance by the states citizens and legislatures, to request that the state be allowed to voluntarily leave the union for whatever reason and purpose there is behind this action such as no confidence in the Federal Government and corruption in the Federal Government.  It was the thirteen colony states that installed the Federal Government with support of the legislatures, then states can also leave the union but depends on what terms a territory or region agreed to before creating a legalized state that is officially apart of the United States.

For Example with the Town of Mayodan North Carolina, town of Madison, NC, City of Martinsville in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and any other municipal governments within the state, they all have a local Constitution type of declaration called a Charter. This declaration is a local law and legal deed approved by the legislature that gives a town or city it’s designated existence. Without this legal declaration, anyone whom lives within the county is only under the laws and ordinances of the state, Federal Government, and the County Government including the Board of Commissioners. Under a town or city, they also have to abide by county laws but also have their own form of laws called bylaws or ordinances and can only be enforced within the town or city limits. Outside a town or city, they would not have the legal jurisdiction, unless enforced and permitted by state law, to enforce town and city ordinances usually passed by the town or city council with approval from the local administration. Without a charter, the town and city does not legally exist nor has the legal abilities of a public Municipal corporation and body-politic. Same with the states, there would have to be come legal charter or declaration giving the states the legal power to be apart of the United States and in some cases, there may be a certain provision allowing a certain state to legally dissolve the marriage with the union. Similar to Marriage law, two people can join together as a legal union, in areas where multiple spouses can be married and become a union, in other words marriage is similar to the states joining the union. When a wife or multiple wives decide they no longer wish to be in the marriage union then a petition is filed in the court, usually a state court, called the ‘Dissolution of marriage’ under Family law in a Family court. Once the judge makes the ruling on the dissolution of marriage then that wife or wives no longer have to stay in the relationship nor union but also means no entitlement which would have happened by being within the union. The States can also petition for the dissolution of the marriage between the states and the United States. Marriage is only valid with a certificate of marriage declaring the two people or more under a marriage with multiple wives to be a legal union. States also have some form of certificate with the treaty system to which the states can either request to add to the treaty, the right for a state to leave the union, or if there is already a provision then all the state legislature has to do is approve of a resolution  giving the state the authority under it’s Constitution to dissolve the connection and jurisdiction with the Union, therefore the state becomes a small country and the state legislature and Governors office becomes the highest office of the land instead of the Congress and White House.

Before anyone should get together a popular voice in the state secession movement, they need to know the pros and cons with it.

 More will be added as comments and suggestions come in. Email u.s.w.g.o.admin @ for personal suggestions for this article and table.

Pros and Cons Table for State Secession Pros Cons
Constitution (1)Federal Government would no longer be the Supreme Authority therefore all corrupt and bad Federal Court rulings would be void within the state. All corrupt Supreme Court Justices that commit high treason won’t have to be followed anymore under case law nor within the state. (1)Any Constitutional Amendments within the Bill of Rights will be null and void. Any Federal Constitution Amendments that are not duplicated within the State Constitution will be lost and unenforceable.
Human Rights (1)Slavery can still be banned just like within the Bill of Rights. The State would have to introduce a Constitutional Amendment banning any form of slavery and end racism. A federal Government isn’t needed to end slavery but only a government with good sense of morals and human rights support. (1)It can be far easier for a state to legalize slavery of certain colors or even all humans then it would be for the US Constitution convention.
Executive Authority (1)The White House, the Supreme Court, and the Congress would no longer have jurisdiction over the state that left the union. All Federal laws will be unenforceable within the state. The FBI will not exist within that state anymore so harassment of peaceful activists and news reporters will be history since the FBI has no regional jurisdiction over a state that is not within the Union.(2)The White House will not have any executive authority over the state, instead the governors office will be the commander in chief. The Governor will decide whether to start war with another state or not. (1)The White House could decide to send troops into the states that left the Union since they are no longer under the protections of US Constitutional Law.
Government assistance (1)All Corporate welfare sanctioned by the Federal Reserve and Congress would cease to exist. (1)All Federally funded and sanctioned government assistance programs will not exist anymore and will collapse unless the state takes control of and sanctions the assistance programs such as Medicaid/Medicare, Supplemental Disability Income (SSI) benefits and other programs to help the elderly and disabled below the poverty line, Food Stamps (EBT/SNAP) also apart of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy assistance programs, and other federally sanctioned assistance programs.
Park Service (1)All National parks within the respected state would have to be transferred to the State Government for protection of the natural resources and preserve the site for future generations. In other words all national parks would then have to be taken on by the state and become state protected grounds.(2)The National Park Service and Department of the Interior would not exist anymore within the secession states but instead the state park service or whatever legal name it is designated as will be in charge of all parks designated and declared by law to be protected and under that particular agency. (1)Since the National parks are designated under US Code, if the state refuses to quickly add state code to re-designate the national park territories as a state park territory, then the National parks can be looted and destroyed since the land was only protected by the Federal Government.
Government Supremacy and Authority (1)The Supreme Court and Federal Supremacy clause will have no merit. All authority will come from the state.(2)The State will have the authority and right to produce it’s own currency whether fiat or backed by backed by precious metal. As of before the Congress only had the authority to produce the currency by the Department of Treasury. Although the Congress has sold out the treasury to the US Private Federal Reserve complex. (1)The very Federal Supremacy clause that hurts the states and it’s people, can also be a good thing in regards to state corruption and dealing with a out of control state leadership. Under a secession the Federal Government cannot legally and will not lift a finger against any issues within the state.
Criminal/Civil/Police (1)All criminal and civil cases will be dealt with by the state, for only state laws.(2)If somebody was set-up as a criminal within another state they can be exiled by fleeing to the neighboring state and be protected from the corrupt law enforcement and be safe from political persecution. (1)A Criminal that violated a law within the state can simply flee into another state before the secession begins and be protected by the state against the police from the other state since the police would have no jurisdictional authority under the more recent state of residence with the exception of extradition from one country state to another using a treaty system.
Political Corruption (1)Political corruption within the Federal Government will cease to exist.(2)Corrupt Federal Court rulings would cease to exist and can be reset to the very beginning so if a new union forms between states, that union won’t enforce court rulings before the secession.

(3)All Federal laws that are corrupt and in violation of the Constitution and harm the peoples liberties will also cease to exist.

(1)State Corruption will still exist and state politicians live more closer to people within each respected county therefore if the politician knows a district attorney within the county they can hunt down and kill/destroy political enemies exposing corruption within the state. The only thing that politician needs is an excuse or set up the person for a crime then slam them into prison. Usually when exposing a corrupt US Senator or Congressperson, they just ignore you but with a state politician, they know where you personally live locally and close to where they live.
Military/Defense Forces (1)All US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and any other military force bases would no longer belong to the Federal Government but to the state and it’s governor will become the Commander in Chief unless the State Constitution has no provision for this radical change without the state legislatures rapid and fast changes to the State Constitution.(2)The state will have to forge a State Defense Force or State National Guard, State Army or Militia, State Air Force, State Coast Guard, State Navy, and other needed state military forces.

(3)The State can decide whether to create a intelligence agency to counter the CIA, NSA, and Defense Intelligence Agency the intelligence arm of the US Military.

(1)All foot and vehicle traffic would have to be subjected to inspection, seizure, or even state customs inspection when moving between states. Traveling between states will become rapidly difficult within encountering military and state boarder guards.(2)Traveling from one state to another may require a traveling VISA and Passport.

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At least this article can inform every American about the Pros and Cons and consequences with seceding from the Union. Before people start demanding that the states can leave the United States, they should at least know why they should, and be informed as to what changes may happen to the states citizens after a rapid change in Jurisdictional political authority and state power. You should make sure this is something you and your family wants before you forever be apart of a radical change to get your state to leave the corrupt but still a bit-fair United States.



America!! Wake Up Now or Sleep Forever

 (Miss American for FederalJack)   Many of the minority of U.S. citizens who are watching in shock and horror over what The Powers That Be (TPTB) are doing to our country,  have come to the conclusion that it may very well be too late for America.  We know that we’ve been fighting this coup d’etat by evil predators nearly singlehandedly.  We know too, that our friends and neighbors are tired of our warning cries, e-mails, and activism.  So we’ve learned to stop ‘bothering’ them.  Even more depressing is that in many cases, to keep the peace, we’ve had to go silent with our own families as well.  We have been a thorn in their side, and can feel them shutting down mentally and throwing up their guard whenever we are around.  So, instead of showing our alarm and panic, we absurdly chatter about the weather or their new carpeting or their upcoming vacation.  Some activists have stated that none of them will deserve our help or sympathy when the SHTF, or that due to their denial, apathy, and lack of discernment, they won’t deserve to survive.

And how unfair will it be if the whole thing does go down the tubes because these people were willfully ignorant, or too self-absorbed to care about what was freaking us out?  Our anger has grown toward our ‘neighbors’ and fellow Americans because we know if they’d been fighting right along with us from the get-go, this might have been avoided.  Power in numbers.  As it is, TPTB have happily fed them whatever they will lap up, and have been arrogantly secure in their power to do so.   They delight in the blue-blooded Americans, who have no care for their ancestors’ sacrifice and bravery to keep our lives and country strong and free, and our future bright.  There’s actually grave danger when we take good things for granted and sit back on our laurels!  Has our survival instinct been overrun?  Is everything OK as long as the TV changes when we push the remote control button?  Yes, I admit it!  I too, am furious at my fellow citizens.  I even have a hard time calling them Americans, since for me, that word implies so much more than what they could ever live up to.

The enemy has been beyond clever in their multi-decade planned takeover.  They’ve used the ever reliable love of money to turn thousands of those in power into traitors.  Murdering and false imprisonment of the non-compliant has also worked very well to keep the plan apace.   Like a cougar stalking its prey, they have moved so quietly and insidiously, that our demise is like an ambush in the literal sense of the word.  It’s amazing though, even now, with their moves becoming more and more blatant and brazen, most Americans still think “that could never happen to us”.

Even as their police state and draconian ‘security’ measures spread like a plague, to the point that we even find their probing filthy gloved hands down our pants, our friends and neighbors have become conditioned to the ‘normalcy’ of it all.  “They have to keep us safe you know”.    Sure, so safe that they have to fry us in a high powered X-ray machine!

This airport issue alone should cause an outright mutiny!  Each time we go along with this outrageous bull crap, it’s a giant green light for TPTB to move onto the next step.  I have not flown since all this started.  But I picture myself in the cattle shoot lines with hundreds of other travelers and starting a thundering, deafening chant: “NO RADIATION-NO SEXUAL ASSAULT-NO RADIATION-NO SEXUAL ASSAULT!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’ve spent many hours pondering why I’m different.  Why I’m pissed off.  Why I can’t go along like everyone else.  Is my women’s intuition stronger than others?  Does my morbid curiosity run deeper than the next guy?  Is my danger antenna extended higher?  Do I hate being screwed over more than my friends do?  Do I despise being lied to and betrayed more than most people?  WHAT?

Me, and most of my fellow patriots have been prepared for a long time for what is coming.  I think even we will be in shock when it finally blows up in our face.   I used to say I’d feel sorry for the people who have no idea what’s going on.  But at this point, when it should be in everyone’s face, and all people should be ‘wide awake’ to the danger, I feel no pity for them now.  It’s too late for hoping that some event will finally be their wake up call, and that they’ll come alive and  join our fight.   By that time, TPTB will be all set and ready with their military swat teams and microwave weapons, and I’ll be ready with my own weapon to fend off the desperate former American Idol fanatics. I’ve already written a near novel of an article on the “They Want Us Dead” eugenics evidence.  I’m just too tired at this point to list all the proof of our coming enslavement, and the loss of everything we ever had or hoped to have. They can look it up for themselves.  I’ve grown weary of trying to explain it all to them.  Anyway, how do you explain complete and total evil, brutality and insanity, without looking paranoid and insane yourself?   They’d be calling the white coats before I was halfway through.

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