Susanne Posel: False Flag Computer Banking Virus to Roll Out Martial Law?

(SGT. REPORT)   Writer & researcher Susanne Posel of joins me for an in-depth conversation about the government’s plans for martial law in the United States.  Susanne shares her insights about the preparatory measures the DHS and military are taking, and why: “They know the collapse is coming,” says Susanne. “So they are preparing for it.”  Susanne also shares shocking information about a computer banking virus that may be used as the excuse to shut down banks internationally.  “If you hear about this in the news, you have 72 hours to do whatever you plan to do before the collapse.”  This is a 2-part MUST HEAR interview with one of the best new media writers and researchers on the scene today.

PT 1:


3 Responses to Susanne Posel: False Flag Computer Banking Virus to Roll Out Martial Law?

  • THEY DON’T want to kill 90% of americans,they want all of you dead,the world has had it, they know americans are even more blood thristy then the BRITISH,between the british and americans, the death rate for the world has been higher then at any time in the history of the world,now its going to come home,PRAY TO THE LORD you’ll be found WORTHY to be saved from whats coming,theres no PAGANS in heaven,if your holding hands with the devil you won’t be saved,YOU WERE WARNED……………….

  • WHY would the LORD save a tree with only rotten fruit on it,I have yet to be in a church that produced good fruit,YOU think you’ll be saved? Cause you go to a sunday church? you know nothing of the LORD,WARNING, america is not,is not,I SAY IT AGAIN,america is NOT a christian NATION,ALL 501c3 churches are lucifier controled churchs, ARE you going to a 501c3 church???????…….IF you are "you belong to the church of SATAN"……….how proud you must be…………….

  • SUSAN POSEL is under attack from false claims of copyright infringement, her site was pulled down until she removed some of these articles and the guy is going after other sites were some of her articles are re-posted ; above RE: ^Graven means carved and corporations are carved out on paper a imaginary or artificial person. Licensed to exist by the state. Render to Cesar everything?

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