Subpoena Issued for Patrick J. Cunningham, U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona

(BIG GOVERNMENT)   I just received an email from Congressman Darrel Issa’s office, containing a copy of a letter that was just sent Patrick J. Cunningham, Chief of the Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona. The letter announces that Cunningham has just been subpoenaed for “repeated refusals to testify voluntarily” before the House Oversight Committee, concerning accusations that he relayed inaccurate and misleading information to the Justice Department in preparation for its initial response to Congress.

Wrote Issa to Cunningham:

During the course of our investigation, the Committee has learned of the outsized role played by the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s Office – and you specifically – in approving the unacceptable tactics used in Fast and Furious. Senior Justice Department officials have recently told the Committee that you relayed inaccurate and misleading information to the Department in preparation for its initial response to Congress.

These officials told us that even after Congress began investigating Fast and Furious, you continued to insist that no unacceptable tactics were used.  In fact, documents obtained confidentially just last week appear to confirm that you remained steadfast in your belief that no unacceptable tactics were used, even after the Department’s initial response to the congressional inquiry.  Given that the Attorney General has labeled these tactics as unacceptable and Fast and Furious as “fundamentally flawed,” this position is startling.


The subpoena requires Cunningham to appear on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 for a deposition. And while it’s heartening to see Issa and his committee continuing to pursue those who might be covering up the truth on Fast and Furious, Eric Holder still has his job and has yet to face prosecution for his role in this lawless operation.

The bottom line: the wheels of justice are turning, they’re just moving so slowly that progress is imperceptible.

2 Responses to Subpoena Issued for Patrick J. Cunningham, U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona

  • It’s all a dog and pony show. The fact is they are all the same, playing the game, it’s a staged managed drama to avert any blame. Make no mistake about it, until we elect Ron Paul nothing will be done and all things evil will remain the same.
    Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • The Reagan adm. flooded central America with high powered weapons to destabilize Nicaragua, private companys have provided arms for operations security all over the Americas. The guns for drugs barter system has been a backbone of CIA finance efforts for years and could be seen as normal operational procedure by Capitalist.

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