Subliminal Message Hidden inside KFC commercial

(FEDERALJACK)   A viewer sent this in to me, and I have to tell you, I was shocked at how in your face it was after being alerted to the fact.  It goes to show that just because your eyes don’t see it, doesn’t mean that its not there.   For the people that would ask what the message is, I would say it’s pretty clear.

Below is a still shot from the commercial:



EDITORS NOTE:  I posted this article as an example of subliminal messaging.  What surprised me more was the reaction of some people.  Let me state this loud and clear… IT IS NEVER OK TO USE METHODS OF PROGRAMMING TO CONTOL A HUMAN, EVER.  The fact that some people don’t care is a testament to how well it has already worked.  It’s completely Orwellian doublethink when you say its OK for a corporation to put subliminal messages in their ads to control our cravings and to get us to spend money.  Our brains work like a computer, our eyes pick up more than we see and our brain stores all this info.  That’s where subliminal messaging comes in.  The dollar is put there so when you see a dollar bill you think of a KFC GMO “chicken” sandwich.  Why do you think it’s called programming.

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