Strange animal washes ashore in Panama

(CRYPTOMUNDO)   “Shocking photographs of ’something’ that has washed ashore in Panama is sending chills up the spines of Central American readers for a creature rivaling the Montauk Monster has invaded their land.”

Well, that’s a caption I created of what I imagine some editors are feeling they would like to have written about the photos published this week in Panama.

Instead, here is Cryptomundo correspondent Harris Eisenberg and my rough translation of the text accompanying the images above:

“The finding of a strange Blue Hill creature has awaked controversial among the population, because while some assert that it is a being of another planet, others think simply that it is an animal. Four adolescents between 14 and 16 years of age, discovered it in the Blue Hill Spurt, this past Saturday [September 12, 2009], while they were amusing themselves in the area. According to what they related, one of them suddenly saw the creature leave a cave located behind the water spurt. When it saw their appearance, it began to climb on rocks towards them; one [of the teens] was scared, so he began to stone it and to throw sticks at it, causing it to be killed; then they threw it into the water and they fled.”

Telemetro, September 15, 2009.. (Smoother translation text will be welcomed and used to replace the one above.)

It looks like another mundane animal washed ashore, and a story has been created to explain it.

But what species of animal could it be?

8 Responses to Strange animal washes ashore in Panama

  • Come one guys. I could tell that this was a sloth with all of it’s hair fallen off from death within 30 seconds. Why is this news?? A 10 second search on google indicates that sloths are native to the region. Critical thinking guys. Let’s work on it.

  • I disagree. I believe that something like that couldn’t be a sloth. Look at it’s head. Sloths don’t normally look like that. If you have any evidence. I want to see it! Just because sloths are native to the region doesn’t mean this is a sloth. If you look closly at it’s feet, you can’t see any claws or any grip for that matter. It is shaped weird and is difigured. You have no evidence that can prove to me that this isn’t an alien. The only lead i might follow is it being a turtle without it’s shell. But that is also not credible. The “animal” is too big to be a turtle and to much evidence just by the picture shows against it being a sloth. The said on the news that it was a fetus and then went on to say that it was “runing after a couple of kids until they started to throw sticks and rocks at it’s head.” That proves against a fetus. Give me anything you’ve got and I will prove it wrong!!!

  • yea it def not a sloth…it just some werid freak of nature that humanity hasnt disocovered we disover new things every day u just wont find on on cnn or fox news…but then agian the alien theory is kinda plausable

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  • This looks like a seal. The no hair could be do to prolonged water decomposition. Bodies that are over exposed to water tend to loose skin pigment and seem abnormal. It is this case it appears that marine life has also been feeding on outer skin composites of the seal thus causing it to appear deformed in a way.

  • I saw this same pic about 6 months ago they said they found something like this near Plum Island.Someone suggested that it was some kind of Gene-splicing experiments being one by the Gov.

  • Seal? Never saw a seal with long arms instead of flippers! I think it looks exactly like a sloth. From the picture that I’m seeing, the front paw looks like a long claw on the end of a long arm which sloths use to hold onto branches. It also has a small head like a sloth.

  • it looks like a sloth.

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