States are lying to parents about how well their kids are doing in school


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  • Hell yeah they do but not for this reason alone! They also cook their own numbers so they can receive their funding. I school my son at home and take placement and State mandated tests. They have tests that the child takes online. Here is what they provided instead of any scores, or any hint of what possible area we could study upon to actually improve on their test, when taking their test AGAIN…

    “I know you have already taken the tests, however, your scores went down instead of up. We will, therefore, need you to retake the tests. Please take your time and do a good job. It is important that your scores go up.”

    That was the entire communication…

    I know that to these people who administer and get paid (with stolen money) to “teach” in these systems, look at this type of demand which is often and shrug it off as not telling of a greater situation. I find that demands of payment from these institutions are better paid with the same currency of which I received them. So usually I ignore what they want completely and his test scores were accepted until this one and we have had good grades.

    There are many that would tell me that this demand is for my sons benefit and not their numbers. I had worked supporting computers for many years in a fortune 500 corporation. I know how to cook the numbers and re-do things to make “their” numbers acceptable.

    Government schools simply work hard towards providing their paychecks through coercion. They are not capable of competing in an open marketplace where force is not used to get your customer to purchase from you. I would be inclined to hire them if they would. They would be happier and know they are doing great things for their pupils as well. I assume that happiness is hard to find in a government school, trying to be a teacher that is.

    When a child is forced to go to “government school”. He is no different than the convict who is allowed a minimal area of work and then forced back into his cage. He is no person in himself. He is forced to be what others want which cripples and handicaps his ability to be himself. This also destroys his ability to reason and define morality from preference. Something seemingly most adults are not willing to do either.

    We are not taking the test again unless they fess up and provide more information. I educate my child and always have. They do not, and he is just a few years of being free from demands of the “government school system”. We are ready to disappear for that time if their demands become much greater. His education will continue the same as we always have regardless. Any parent that does not participate daily in their child’s education is failing to participate in their child’s upbringing. I dare you to teach your child the difference between a moral and a preference…

    As always,

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