Spanish Revolution Goes Worldwide, Media Largely Ignores It

(THE INTEL HUB)   A “revolution” in Spain has gained worldwide attention as hundreds of rallies in support of the original protests in Spain have sprouted up throughout the world.

“The revolution has started in Spain as tens of thousands take to the streets in protest of high unemployment and draconian austerity measures.

Since this story is being buried by the press in several nations, please us the #SpanishRevolution in Tweets to help spread the word. Clearly, governments don’t wont the revolution spreading to there own nations, which explains the media silence, ” wrote Alexander Higgins.

A map of the protests that have started worldwide can be seen here.

Social Networking is once again playing a large role in these populist uprisings.

Media Ignores #SpanishRevolution As It Turns To #WorldRevolution



2 Responses to Spanish Revolution Goes Worldwide, Media Largely Ignores It

  • By the time this is over with, the whole world will be begging the UN to take over the worlds affairs. The UN is the last kingdom ever to rule the earth again. Satan is actually the leader of the UN and he will gather all the nations of the earth to wage war against Gods people. First he will ban the worlds empire of false religion. Then he will turn on God’s true worshipers and that’s when Armaggedon will begin because when the governments turn on us(God’s true worshipers, it will be like they are touching God’s eyeball so to speak. In the meantime we all have to suffer. But the hope of everlasting life on a paradise earth in the future helps me to endure.

  • FANTASTIC post sir. Thanks for posting!

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