South Fl Getting Sprayed Like Roaches (06-04-2012)

South Fl Getting Sprayed Like Roaches (06-04-2012) – PT 1 of 3

South Fl Getting Sprayed Like Roaches (06-04-2012) – PT 2 of 3

South Fl Getting Sprayed Like Roaches (06-04-2012) – PT 3 of 3

PT 1:
PT 2:
PT 3:

5 Responses to South Fl Getting Sprayed Like Roaches (06-04-2012)

  • i’m in tampa. there was no spraying for a month now they hit it hard and heavy today. this is causing people to bite each other and commit other acts of violence

  • ok so you can guess. start w/ zombie juice. . . plague. . . flesh eating . . . measles. . take your pick. dumbing down the population population control.

  • Nice vid . Im north of you and we had the same crap that day . Have you ever seen Florida go so many days without at least little sunshine ? They are still spraying above the clouds thats why the sun hasnt broken through much in 4 days. the altitude of the aircraft has increased lately . Much higher then commercial air traffic . I posted your last vid on the so call debunkers (shills) site Contrail Science so expect them to comment on You Tube

  • AFTER ,living in florida for many years and being herasted to death by the pigs and code enforcement,for years and over shit like grass,windows( nice old jelious windows) paint color,and nothing but stupid shit to I mean…I hope they spray the shit out of them,there all cowards any way,all they ever do is fight each other and suck off the cops when ever they get a chance,so fuck them there all idiots anyway…..

  • Arizona your dumb as fuck its going on world wide

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