South Fl getting hit hard with chemtrails

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  • I commute into West Sacramento during the week, at sunrise. Over the past 2 weeks, the spraying has intensified there as well.

    One morning last week, I counted 10 of them spraying, 3 of them were “stacked”, one behind the other, close together. I have not previously witnessed the spraying that close together.

    Nearly everyone I point this out to refuses to believe what is going on. They chaulk it up to contrails, but I don’t know how anyone could refute that something else is going on after seeing them “stacked”. That is not normal. Planes don’t fly that tightly.

    I can’t comprehend how people can look at the sky & think all is normal. I live in the outskirts of a fairly large town at the edge of an agricultural area & started really noticing the chemtrails about 2 years ago. You would see them here & there before that, but once the patterns became closer & closer together, it was evident that something was happening.

  • I’ve been obsserving the chemtrails in southern California for nearly ten years. Although I have no explanation for them, I know they have health effects – asthma, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, unending congestion, sinusitis, feelings of disorientation, unexplained exhaustion, etc. When they’re not spraying, I feel fine, but on spray days I’m nearly incapacitated.

    I view this aerial spraying as unconscionable, not to mention illegal. Obviously this is a covert operation of some sort and, if you ask me, it’s downright sinister in intent.

  • 10 yrs of trails have rendered your immune system useless. When the REAL flu comes this dec. or jan. millions will die from cytokine storm, as they did in 1918.They will claim this new scourge is a mutation. Its a lab born depopulation tool.If you research Cytokine Storm you can be prepared for the begining of the end.

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