Social Networks Censoring Obama Joker Images

(INFOWARS)   Infowars has received word that social networking website Myspace is removing the now iconic image of Obama as The Joker from users’ pages and photo albums, citing it as “offensive”.
Several people have contacted us to complain that Myspace is effectively censoring their political views by removing their images.
The following comment comes to us from Myspace user xthemonsterx:
I just attempted to post the Obama Fascism picture on myspace, as well as the image used in his campaign with the word hype instead of hope. I got sent back a message saying the pictures wouldn’t be posted because they were “offensive”.
Another Myspace user, Adam, sent us details of how myspace had deleted some of his Obama Joker images, but not others. Two of Adam’s Joker images that were deleted carried the overtly political messages “Don’t think, be quiet” and “Don’t drink tea, drink Kool Aid”.
Yet, according to Adam, the same image of Obama as The Joker, with the apolitical message “Quit clowning around!!!!!” was left untouched by Myspace.
Adam sent us the following screenshot of a message Myspace sent to his inbox explaining why his images had been pulled and threatening to completely delete his account:

More people have complained of the same clampdown on the images by the Rupert Murdoch owned company.
“its in your photo album thats getting jacked.” writes another Myspace user, ‘Eternal Vigilance’.
“For example, they keep changing my display pic from my ‘two jokers’ picture (Obama and Bush as the Joker) to my very 1st pic in my 1st photo album.”
‘Eternal Vigilance’ sent us a screen shot of the same message from Myspace Safety & Security:

Another user with the moniker ‘HappySunshineRaysOfDeath’ sent us the following screenshot of the message he received from myspace when attempting to upload the Obama Joker image to his photo album:

Judging by these messages it would seem that Myspace has deemed the “Jokerbama” image adorned with political messages to be in some way dangerous, grouping it in the same category as “nude/sexually explicit/violence” images.
At this time attempts to contact Myspace on this issue have gone unanswered.

The news comes in the wake of the revelation that the  original source of the image was also censored.

The designer of the image, 20-year-old college student Firas Alkhateeb from Chicago, found that after his image was viewed over 20,000 times on Yahoo owned picture networking site Flickr, it was removed along with every comment posted under the image by Flickr users.

Flickr previously censored criticism of Obama when they deleted the entire account and photostream of user Shepherd Johnson owing to comments he posted on the official White House photostream. The comments were in no way offensive, were polite and well written, and merely criticised the president’s decision to withhold photographs of detainee prison abuse. The San Francisco Chronicle also picked up the story.

Flickr originally responded by implying that Johnson had been flagged by other Flickr users and had infringed their guidelines for “safe” viewing. Later the company also suggested that Johnson had been removed from the community for posting a photo of prisoner detainee abuse and “spamming” the website.

As we detailed in our report earlier this week, the revelation that the creator of the Jokerbama is a politically independent Muslim-American, and not a Republican white supremacist as the establishment left had hoped, puts the final nail in the coffin of the smear that the poster is in any way intended as racist.

This chilling of free speech and political parody emphasizes the importance of our continuing effort to bring awareness to the Jokerbama image through Alex Jones’ poster competition.

Has Myspace or any other social network site removed your Jokerbama images? If so please email all the details to

4 Responses to Social Networks Censoring Obama Joker Images

  • Democratically elected President Obama’s joker picture is especially offensive. it comes from mean, primitive opponents, was introduced and being distributed mainly by right wing, nut or not, websites like Drudgereport, in an desperate attempt to stop Universal public private healthcare reform.

    The picture is racist, primitive, remotely violence inciting. Very bad example of political discourse.

    Republican fascism, right-wing fascism, Rush Limbaugh fascist nazi joker, medical fascism elimination of poor, ill and/or unemployed people by denying them private medical insurance ….

    Fascism invoking picture are not appropriate for public or political discourse in America.

    Are they covered by free speech? Yes. Is the picture copyrighted? Maybe.

    If you use and distribute and celebrate this picture, I AM NOT with you, at all.
    You are too primitive too me.

  • Regardless of what you think Petr Buben, it is called the very 1st Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights. I don’t care if it’s a clown jerking off a taco… it is the right of the person who wants to display such a thing to post it. Swastika? I disagree and am firmly against racism, sexism, or any other hatred that has no real reason, but I’d die protecting the right for them to say or illustrate what they want because ideas are like guns. They don’t kill people, people kill people. The cartoons, ideas, toys, games, weapons, they are of no consequence. There will always be a scapegoat no matter what you want to take away from free humanity.

    And by the way, Obama is a joker. A puppet to the banks and military industrial complex.

  • dearest petr buben,
    im sorry i forgot you haev to be an american to have the right to post the picture of obama, the rest of the planets inhabitants have no rights, sorry , forgot myself there, , would you like me to come and clean your shoes for you. get a life, grow up nad look at it for what it is, freedom of expression. its content, its visual impact its symbolism is open to interpretaion by the viewer no one else , but you can sya hwat it is you are feeling when you look at the picture, if you are feeling that you are being manipulated by the visual contant of the picture, then take a look around you, we are all being manipulated by the system, by use of symbolism.
    love light and prayers

  • Oh poor simple Petr Buben, I know it must be difficult for you being such an Obama-zombie and all:

    But what do you make of the Bush Joker image? Just as there is an Obama-Joker cartoon, there is a Bush-Joker cartoon… does that disturb you, too? If it doesn’t, then you are a hypocrite.

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