The Act of 1871: The “United States” Is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions


(POPEYE)   Since the Act of 1871 which established the District of Columbia, we have been living under the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is owned by certain international bankers and aristocracy of Europe and Britain.

In 1871 the Congress changed the name of the original Constitution by changing ONE WORD — and that was very significant as you will read.

Some people do not understand that ONE WORD or TWO WORDS difference in any “legal” document DO make the critical difference. But, Congress has known, and does know, this.

1871, February 21: Congress Passes an Act to Provide a Government for the District of Columbia, also known as the Act of 1871.

With no constitutional authority to do so, Congress creates a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, a ten mile square parcel of land (see, Acts of the Forty-first Congress,” Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62).

The act — passed when the country was weakened and financially depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War — was a strategic move by foreign interests (international bankers) who were intent upon gaining a stranglehold on the coffers and neck of America.

Congress cut a deal with the international bankers (specifically Rothschilds of London) to incur a DEBT to said bankers. Because the bankers were not about to lend money to a floundering nation without serious stipulations, they devised a way to get their foot in the door of the United States.

The Act of 1871 formed a corporation called THE UNITED STATES. The corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin. With the Act of 1871, the organic Constitution was defaced — in effect vandalized and sabotage — when the title was capitalized and the word “for” was changed to “of” in the title.


It operates in an economic capacity and has been used to fool the People into thinking it governs the Republic. It does is not!

Capitalization is NOT insignificant when one is referring to a legal document. This seemingly “minor” alteration has had a major impact on every subsequent generation of Americans.

What Congress did by passing the Act of 1871 was create an entirely new document, a constitution for the government of the District of Columbia, an INCORPORATED government. This newly altered Constitution was not intended to benefit the Republic. It benefits only the corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and operates entirely outside the original (organic) Constitution.

Instead of having absolute and unalienable rights guaranteed under the organic Constitution, we the people now have “relative” rights or privileges. One example is the Sovereign’s right to travel, which has now been transformed (under corporate government policy) into a “privilege” that requires citizens to be licensed.

By passing the Act of 1871, Congress committed TREASON against the People who were Sovereign under the grants and decrees of the Declaration of Independence and the organic Constitution.

The Act of 1871 became the FOUNDATION of all the treason since committed by government officials.













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  • The third Constitution is that of the Confederation of Southern States.

  • We have a plausible story, but it’s not true. Why go on about a 2nd constitution when it’s the enactment of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, through the operation of its private corporation membership, that destroyed the American Republic. Lincoln had no use for the International/City of London, Bankers’ finance since the issuance of the $Greenback$, that launched the beginning of the American Bonanza Economy. ‘Fraud vitiates the most solemn promise to pay.’ This 2nd contract/constitution was never seen by the general citizenry, probably unknown to most if not all the members of the Congress, never known and therefore could not possibly be administered except in secret, overtly operating as in ‘color of law’ procedural and process of any administration, as well as covertly. So, if this ‘contract/constitutional document’ exists, it’s exposure should automatically lead to its immediate termination and extinguishment. These stories are often broadcast to staunch any efforts by the American people to regain control of their government and its power over the US Fiat Money system, which goes through the reorganization of the US Congress, the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Wall St. Monstrosity.

  • Where is the list of owners of that corporation?

  • I’ve never once seen a copy of this mythical “organic” constitution so many people are talking about. I’ve heard it was originally titled “the constitution FOR the united states of America” yet there is no proof of its existence that I’m aware of? There’s no doubt we’ve been getting royally fucked ever since the end of the hostilities of the revolutionary war (when we signed the treaty of Paris, in which our American elite made our posterity perpetual debt slaves to England). Every battle fought on American soil has been a war against the European bankers. When the charter of the first bank of the united states ran out, Britain went to war with us when we refused to grant them a second 20 year charter (the war of 1812). They burnt down Washington D.C. for that insult and also stole all of our patents, which helped them greatly in the industrial revolution, though we stole patents and inventions from them as well.

    While the Federal Reserve exists, we’ll never be anything more then the muscle for the real powers that exist in Europe. There’s a reason why the Vatican, the City of London, and Washington D.C. are all sovereign nations within sovereign nations. They hold spiritual, financial, and military control over all the world.

  • Clark King’s assessment is more to my understanding. Read “the creature fro Jekyll island“ , it is an eye opener.

  • The 2014 Princeton University research revealed/confirmed the US is not a democracy or a republic, it’s a corporate-controlled oligarchy which serves the corporations, not the people.

  • How can I remove myself from the U.S. that only governs the District of Columbia?

  • Who are the trustees of corporation?

  • Some great comments made above. The original colonies/nation-states wrote the constitution “for” their newly created entity, the federal government. If an entity wrote it and issued said document itself it would be ” the constitution of” , not for. Simple English with some unCommon sense. Let’s not get lost in the bushes when the trees are right in front of you.

  • Obviously none of you have been to Philadelphia and seen the ACTUAL US Constitution. The 243 year old ORIGINAL document says of. God you people are stupid.

  • Tom Manson – I have a degree in political science and worked in the legal field for 12 years, and I haven’t even seen the original document. That does NOT make people stupid. It makes them misinformed. There is no reason for you be a jerk when you were fortunate enough to have seen it. MOST citizens haven’t.

  • Tom Manson – that’s not the original constitution on display, it’s a copy. The original is in a Secure Vault at an undisclosed location.

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  • Where should I begin…Clarc King made a somewhat realistic point…but missed by a 3/4th of a mile.
    Three Big Things happened in 1913…#3…Establishment of The Federal Reserve Bank…#2…WW1 Funded on All sides by said Bankers…#1…Creation of the (((ADL)))…they changed their Name..and barcode..but still control the new US…aka…USA. PS…”Honest Abe” started the “WAR OF ATTRITION”’s original name…changed to “THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES”…and again to….”THE CIVIL WAR”…all in (((THEIR))) continued Tribal conquest of your mind…aka…a mind-fuck…Civil War sounds so less definitive than War Of Attrition….get it now people. Our Definitions, Names and Understanding is constantly being manipulated by the UK and their Inbred Bankers. Lincoln’s goal was to keep the UNION BANKS together…the Slavery guise is still taught in Public Schools as so-called American History

  • The Federal Reserve Bank is a for profit only private jew owned Bank. The name was chosen to make you believe that it’s an extension of the US Gov when it’s Not. It has never been audited. It loans money to both Countries at war. It paid Eisenhower 1TRILLION Dollars to slowly kill 4million Germans under the flag of surrender. Evidence leads it to the assignation of Kennedy.

  • Go to they’ll show you how to reorganize your trust and file your UCC1 to become the trustee and not the beneficiary, trust me the lie is real. I filed and my affidavit was unrebutted by IRS in DC, Puerto Rico and West Virginia, New York State dept, Maryland state dept, Florida state dept. You should Also copyright your all caps legal name trust

  • I would think that most people of the United States would know this by now, but many do not or wish to believe it could never happen. The financial slavery of this “New Rome” to me has become comical. Money… What a joke. There is more debt which should just be called credits at this point than there is actual cash. The doddering actors we call our government leaders look beyond silly. Its embarrassing.

  • One of the deeper rabbitholes is becoming more populated! I love it. Great page, thanks!

    Thanks and a tip of the hat to “All caps” for that info about what WE can do to protect ourselves legally!

    Apparently much of our “history” has been a distortion… did the British decide that, rather than fight with us, it was easier to convince is we were free, while keeping us under economic subjugation the whole time?!! We bust loose for a minute and they bitch-slap us (burn the Capitol). Threaten us with war (between WWI and WWII, in which maybe we played Britain’s bitch-slave) if we built more warships than theirs.

    It is not current thinking to say “Jew owned”, as one responder did. This detracts from your credibility, implying that you have an ax to grind.

    It happens that many European Jews were craftsmen, among them goldsmiths. Their vaults became the safekeeping spots for other people’s gold. The receipts for the gold were traded as gold, and soon those gold vaults were de facto bank vaults. My point is, we are discussing a plot of rich elites, especially bankers, especially the Rothschild banks, especially the Bank of London. Which probably owns BOA. We are talking about the 1%, not about any cultural bias. If we can’t be together and do it lovingly, it’s not ever going to be right.

  • Dissolve your LLC. Didn’t know that you were one? Disregarded entity, that’s the name in all caps.

  • If ALL said is True and Factual, then HOW do we regain our Dignity and Respect? How do we Recover from this, moving Forward or Can We? If the {Rothchild’s} own Most of the Worlds Bank’s, can we Say, well you Have Stolen from us Long enough, and we feel that We have Paid our Debt to you some time ago. Britain also, has been Compensated Long Enough as Well. We The People, of the United States, have Helped ALL of you in your Wars, and in Eurpoe throughout History, and we No longer, want you Interfering into Our Politics.

  • If ALL said is True and Factual, then HOW do we regain our Dignity and Respect? How do we Recover from this, moving Forward or Can We? If the {Rothchild’s} own Most of the Worlds Bank’s, can we Say, well you Have Stolen from us Long enough, and we feel that We have Paid our Debt to you some time ago. Britain also, has been Compensated Long Enough as Well. We The People, of the United States, have Helped ALL of you in your Wars, and in Eurpoe throughout History, and we No longer, want you Interfering into Our Politics.

  • In response to Craig’s question: “How do we regain our dignity and respect?” (with regards to our governmennt and economic system being under the control of the European Central banking cartel, corporate aristocracy, English royal bloodlines /Rothschild dynasty, [oligarchy of the Illuminati] and the “Deep State” government establishment who does their bidding)…
    …The short answer to THAT, is to stop trusting the mainstream media as a credible source for information (when nothing they report is even close to the truth) and realize that our current President is already in the process of taking back control over this country and returning the power to the citizens. He’s the first President who was already independently wealthy enough to go against the ruling class elite and actually carry out government and international policy which serves to benefit the people, rather than the powers ‘that NOLONGER be’.
    Donald Trump is the only President who has successfully campaigned for election to the highest office, solely on the resources of his own fame, fortune and business smarts, independently from that entire power structure. He’s NOT taking this on for personal gain or fame, he has always had an abundance of those things. These basic facts, have been completely overlooked by WAY too many people in this country.
    President Trump doesn’t OWE his candidacy to ANY of the special interest lobby and powerful foreign establishment (who have enjoyed exercising that control over every administration, until now), he isn’t a SELL OUT and they CAN’T BUY HIM. That being said…THEY DON’T OWN HIM . Period.
    They aren’t calling the shots this time, he is carrying out HIS POLICY without any toxic outside interference and he is winning BIG for America. He is exposing and going after the corruped (current and former) elected and appointed politicians and government agency officials at ALL levels, which IS WHY THEY WANT HIM GONE. Not because he’s a criminal, it’s because he is a THREAT.
    Every President before him has served as a PUPPET for the Deep State establishment and have been rewarded with great WEALTH for playing by ‘the rules’ of the [ruling class] by carrying out the policy dictated by their AGENDA. ALL of them, DIRTY pathological LIARS, who have secretly SOLD OUT the American people, for the benefit of the corrupt establishment and their own personal gain. That’s NOT the case with President Trump and he is actively carrying out a brilliantly designed plan with the help of high ranking military, intelligence and law enforcement officials, to take back control of our government and economic system.
    ☆☆You won’t hear any of this in the MSM.☆
    There are preparations being made and already measured put in place (under this administration ) to ready the US government and economy for a transitional economy in preparation for a planned separation from the Federal Reserve/Central Bank system and return to a nationalized (non-Fiat) gold-backed currency within the next few years, which will effectively terminate our dependence upon and sever the economic controls of the foreign Central Banks. That current system is in an inevitable state of collapse and only being kept on life support by the repo liquidity the FED has been pumping into all the manor banks, by printing paper money that will soon have zero value and only push our national deficit further out of reach than it has already been for decades. A majority of that DEBT, placed upon the shoulders of American taxpayers, isn’t even debt incurred by the citizens of the U.S., it has been gambled away and outright squandered by the big banks and foreign interests who have abused this system to enrich themselves at OUR expense and with the added interest determined by them, the national debt is beyond any realistic possibility of ever repaying or bringing close to current. It’s their corrupt system that has destroyed our middle class (by design) and afforded them the wealth and power they need, to rule over all levels of our government and entire economic policy. The system is well on its way to full collapse and we aren’t going to bail out the banking industry or Wall Street with our tax dollars from the Treasury anymore. We are going to continue with tariffs and trade deals that serve us citizens and benefit our economy, continue revitalizing our manufacturing industry to a point we can self sustain as a sovereign nation, then pull the plug on the Cental banks and Federal Reserve system when it collapses. We WILL DEFAULT on the national deficit, which jas been ridiculously over-inflated by THEIR corrupt abuses of THEIR debt-based Federal Reserve economic system that was designed and put into place for the benefit of the ruling class elite and never intended to work for the benefit of the people. The Central Bank oligarchy has been in control of the District of Columbia since the Act of 1871 and by 1913 with the introduction of the Federal Reserve Act, this country has NOT been governed by the people, but in fact, a highly mismanaged, corrupted corporation that is foreign controlled and wields full governance OVER the American people. This is coming to an END and BIG changes are coming with respect to how the wealth of this republic is being distributed. This WILL be a bumpy road ahead, during the transition period but WILL ultimately change everything for the better, far more individually prosperous and return power of the government to the working class 99% majority. We really have no choice at this point. It IS the second American Revolution, although silent and not bloody from battles (so far)…it IS the most profoundly important battle over our sovereignty in our lifetimes and this is our ONLY opportunity to prevent the takeover of full authoritarian socialist control, economic ruin and complete social collapse into 3rd world poverty, chaos and human attrician. Avoiding those circumstances, absolutely would NOT be possible under ANY other President, because nobody else has the ability to operate independently defiant of the powers that were, who possesses the popularity, fearless drive, unbending strength, resilience, brilliantly intelligent strategy, common sense, human compassion and honest love of country that is REQUIRED to take on such an impossible challenge against such an all-powerful system of rule, than our current Commander In Chief, President Donald John Trump. Nobody else in the world today, meets all of that criteria, but him. He may be brash, pompous, arrogant, narcissistic and hurt people’s feelings saying things like they are, but make no foolish mistake about it, he is no racist, deceptive, power-hungry dictator, in this for his own personal greed or gain and most of all he is NOT STUPID or recklessly foolish, in ANY capacity. The man knows PRECISELY what he has to do, what his next move is and he is playing this chess match 5 MOVES AHEAD of his most diabolical adversaries. He is following the Plan to the letter and he is WINNING. BIGLY. HE IS IN FULL CONTROL in contradiction of what the media and the rest of his opponents would have you believe. This was NEVER supposed to happen. We weren’t supposed to EVER be AWAKENED to the TRUTH or have a chance for a better future. Our demise has been pre-determined by the ruling class powers that are still trying to be, but they are LOSING the fight and the people WILL rise up UNIFIED in support of their President because they are finally discovering the deception of those in power and those who control the media and will not stand for it anylonger. Period. We KNOW we have been betrayed, cheated and held back from prosperity for all our work, so an evil, secret social class of lawless, child-molesting criminals can live lavishly and pretend they are gods. All I have to say to THAT…is CHECKMATE.
    Mark my words, things are about to change and President Trump is the biggest blessing in disguise this country could have ever hoped for and we ALL need to be aware of that FACT and put our support behind him because we need to follow the Plan through and he needs to be in that office for his 2nd term for this (recovery) to be successful. This is NOT a typical 4 year election. Please become informed of the FACTS before thinking of going to the polls in November, because once you have become educated on what is REALLY going on, you will be able to separate fact from fiction and you WILL KNOW THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION THAN DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT.
    I cannot emphasize enough, how PROFOUNDLY important it is to make the correct choice in this most critical election we will likely ever be able to take part in and we have ONE CHANCE to get this right..
    I am a former lifelong Democrat who has been awakened to the gross injustices of our (former) ” leadership” and I am nolonger a sheep being foolishly led in the wrong direction. I am a proud newly registered INDEPENDENT and I know NOW that President Trump IS the correct choice and only vote for President that WILL benefit (WE) the citizens of the U.S.A. TRUTH!!
    ~ DRxNott;)..
    Former aerospace industry and Dept of Energy engineering contractor and advanced systems technician and supervisor.
    Retired/ Disabled 6yr (honorably discharged) U.S. Navy Petty Officer.

  • Thank you, for your response to my Email. I have been on a request, in Following Donald J. Trump, from his Historic entry, into the Political Arena. I have been an Advid Supporter of his Political agenda, and his fresh and enlightning resposes to the {DS} For years of their Total Coruption, that has been inflicted upon the American People, and to Other Nations throughout the World. I have been AWARE and believed, exactly all along, and your Email, has Cemented my already perception and understanding as to what the President’s END Game and what he was trying to accomplish, moving foreword, was going to be. Thank you, for your total agreement, on this Important World wide Subject.

  • @aaron trump is a puppet too. Every president is. The impeachment was just another distraction. Simply to most likely cover up the chaos of the corona virus. Israel loves trump and will make sure he stays in office. The peace deal is a joke and even more because trump assigned kushner to be in charge. Smh

  • when the federal reserve was established in 1913 by the Rothchilds,Rocketfellas,Morgans,Hunts, to name a few was the beginning of the demise of the united states. we the people turned control of our monetary system to a corrupt cabal of foreign bankers and thus lost our Sovernty. now every piece of property in the united states is used as collateral against the national debt. have you ever wondered why you can never own the title to your property? even after you spent 30 yrs paying for it you still do not own the property. when you finally pay the debt off your given a deed to the property but not the title. if you owned the title you would no longer be liable for taxes on your property. so you see the connection……the banks and the government control everything, we the people have lost our government when the central bank was created in Jekyll island Georgia in 1913.

  • You say its Europeans but its not. Its Jew bankers. Until we look at the problem we’ll never solve it.

  • It ALL boils down to one thing: What the 501c3 church has been hiding for thousands of years, even before “theIRS” had come into the picture; because of who is allowed to run the corrupt seminary schools. The church isn’t the fountain of information we’re led to believe it is. It’s more like a dam, holding secrets in, hoping we don’t seek answers from any other source, including the modified Bible, which does hold truth and Father’s spirit, but also tares have been imbedded by those who had pieced the KJV together…all to fit their narrative. But the church especially doesn’t want us building a relationship with the Most High Father Yahuah; we are led to believe we aren’t worthy enough to waste His time, so just show up every sun-god-day and the rest will take care of itself.
    Please stay with me; it’s all relevant… Allow me to explain:

    We will start with arguably most ever churchgoers favorite apostle, Paul:
    Paul deceptively teaches the Gospel of Grace instead of the Gospel of the Kingdom, fundamentally overriding the first covenant, which is why the 501c3 church primarily focuses on the new covenant/New Testament– and where nearly half the books are none other than Paul’s ( the 13th apostle, not mentioned in REV 21:14, just happened to write 13 books…6 is the number for man, the 6th primary number is 13, which means rebellion…the 6th book of the NT is Paul’s first, Romans, the 13th chapter of that 6th book tells us {indoctrinates us} to follow our government, which we should…until it goes against Father’s laws…66 means idolatry, and happens to be the number of books remaining in the tainted Bible. Put the number of man and the number of idolatry together and you get the number of man trying to be The Most High), which is whom the 501c3 church speaks on every sun-god-day, in order to pull the masses away from the Law by saying it no longer applies, let alone is a curse.

    If you believe Paul’s blinded by the light moment on the road to Damascus, you have to be willing to admit that Yahushua, the true Son of Man, not to be mistaken for the RCC’s fabricated mockery called Jesus, their sun; broke His promise by saying he would never return again until His second coming. You’d have to be willing to admit that his 3.5 years of ministry was a big waste of time, that He had made a huge mistake, so now He had to come back and get a Christian persecutor to do exactly what he had told his 12 apostles not to do, preach to the Gentiles (MATT 10:5-7).

    Paul is a self-appointed apostle of the gentiles because he needed a way in, like an undercover cop who has to have a believable backstory to be accepted into the drug ring. Gentiles are not who we have been led to believe they are. Yes, they are non-Israelites, but they aren’t who we know as Christians today. Gentiles are a hybrid race, which Cain was the first. That was Paul’s way in because Israelites, his own people, wouldn’t give him the time of day because they knew what he was pushing wasn’t Yahushua’s ministry, The Way. So he goes to the group who has no point of reference; thus, they are a lot more likely to believe his doctrines. Enough generations go by, some persecuted for their refusing to take part in his lies, including the fake conversion of Emperor Constantine in the 4th century…and enough Torah followers were killed off until they had the audience they wanted, and the RCC could then infiltrate Father’s Word with Paul’s 13 books, not counting his scribes’ book, Mark, Luke, Acts, and remove the Apocrypha books from the Protestant version, including the invaluable Book of Enoch.
    Now, why do I bring up Paul, which is probably going to irritate a lot of readers, because, again, most Christians will defend him to their death. Well, I’m about explain why, so please stick with me.

    Paul constantly contradicted himself, depending on his audience at any given time, like a chameleon changing his colors. He has managed to pull the wool over all Christians eyes, still, to this day. I say ALL, because once you realize the truth, you can no longer be a Christian, nor should you want to be one, or following any man-made religion.
    Knowing the truth, it becomes pretty clear that Christianity is, in fact, the lukewarm church of Laodicea (REV 3:14) …filled with LOOSH (false holy spirit) because they have been led astray by Paul’s false doctrines, including the celebration of merged Mithraism pagan holidays, as opposed to celebrating Father’s appointed feasts, which everyone should be celebrating because if you’re not a hybrid or serpent-seed bloodline, you are Father’s holy seed. That means everyone who is a child of Father’s is an Israelite, explaining why He had always helped the Israelites overtake land that was already preoccupied, until they turned their backs on Him and started worshipping other gods.

    We are the 10 lost tribes of Israel who have lost their true identity (JER 50:6).
    Not only that, but the so-called Israel rebirthing of 1948 was a big hoax. The entire point of the holocaust was to kill off the remaining Torah-believing Judahites so the fake jews (of REV 2:9 and 3:9) could infiltrate the Promised Land, making it their own for their father, Lucifer…not following Father’s Torah, but their Satanic version of the Talmud, and practicing the eastern religion Kabbalah, which is where New Age religion comes from.

    In 1945, the U.N. had simply picked up where fake-suicide Hitler had left off without anyone knowing, just a few months later, because they appeared to be doing it benevolently. The U.N… with the help of the Vatican and Rothschilds, concocted the rebirthing to create this illusion that Father’s people were being called home, which won’t actually occur until after Armageddon (REV 20), all so the fake Jews could take over EVERYTHING, and the unsuspecting masses would naturally blame the only Jews they know of, since they run…BAN-king, governments, Hollywood…everywhere/thing you’ve ever heard the old adage that the Jews own everything is where that comes from (REV 2:9 & 3:9). The fake Jews are of Esau’s descendants. They became known as Reds, which is also seen as the symbolic color of Communism. All of the “isms” were created by the serpent seed, such as Satanism, Socialism, Nazism, Humanism, Liberalism, etc.. and these are the backbone of the first beast of Revelation 13, which is the same scarlet colored beast mentioned in Revelation 17 with seven heads and ten horns.
    Also notice the prophecy that Isaac gave Esau that he would “live by the sword and take dominion over the earth” is what we read in Rev. 13:10. “The first beast lives by the sword, will take dominion over the earth, and will die by the sword.”

    Same exact seedline, the same seedline that is all but omitted from the Bible entirely.

    Basically, the entire history of mankind has been a battle between Jacob’s seed and his twin brother, Esau’s seed. Today, the world banking Edomite/Hittite/Canaanite/counterfeit Jews under Satan’s rule control the world’s economy and preparing the world for global government and the rise of their master, Satan as the Antichrist.

    Additionally, we are fervently directed by our churches and government that we must support Israel, or the Lord will bring His judgment on this nation. In actuality, though, it is the fact that we are supporting them that is bringing His judgment on this nation. Don’t you think it’s the least bit peculiar that every president we’ve had over the past 50 years has essentially said the same thing in way of always supporting our closest ally, without question? They just hope nobody questions it, and it’s worked pretty good so far. What’s more, guess who is sitting in churches today having forgotten their true identity, supporting the very evil that had overtaken their ancestors’ Promised Land?
    That’s like feeding hamburger to a cow, right?

    So why do I bring up Paul?
    Christianity is his religion, first at Antioch (ACT 11:26). It’s his, with the help of Constantine some 250 years later, deception that has deceived most of Father’s people to the point they’re sitting in apostacies and guile every sun-god-day, breaking 3 of the first 4 Commandments before Sunday lunch.

    Because Christians, as a whole, believe every word in the Word is 100% truth, they are preventing themselves from ever opening their eyes to the real truth. They won’t understand why Father had allowed his Word to be infiltrated with evil, as He had allowed in His Garden. They won’t understand that He has allowed for the tares to grow with the wheat in his Word, too…not just in life. They won’t understand that, even though the Bible has been corrupted, it is still infallible …because it’s up to each of His children to discover why He had allowed for it to be corrupted with tares; that putting the Bible over Him is borderline idolatry because of who had actually pieced it fit their narrative. (Psalm 118:8)

    When you consider MATT 7:13,14 — it becomes pretty clear why…wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat…because straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and only few there be that find it.
    And a lot of that has to do with the church being saturated in apostacy and guile…primarily because of Paul hi-jacking Yahushua’s ministry The Way, and creating his spin-off religion Christianity.
    The very next verse MATT 7:15 is a huge clue:
    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
    Now, if we go into Genesis 49:27 — Jacob explains that the Tribe of Benjamin is a ravenous wolf, devouring his enemies in the morning, and dividing his plunder in the evening.
    Did you know Saul, of Tarsus, turned Paul, through his mother, is from the Tribe of Benjamin?
    In REV 2:1-3, Yahushua is speaking to The Church of Ephesus, explaining that “I know you have examined the claims of those who say they are apostles, but are not. You have discovered they are liars.”
    Who wrote Ephesians?
    Who else could He be talking about other than the one who had preached to them?

    John 5:43,44
    “I (YAHushua) come in my Father’s name (YAHuah), but you have rejected me. If someone else comes in their name, you gladly welcome them.”
    who do you think Yahushua is talking about?
    Paul/Jesus — same outfit of Satan.

    As I had said earlier, Jesus, the sun, is a fabricated mockery of the RCC’s that malevolently replaced Father Yahuah’s Son, Yahushua Ben David, who has been essentially erased from existence by having his name overwritten in the Bible as “Jesus”. We don’t even know what Yahushua looks like. But guess who everyone would recognize if he came to you in a dream, vision, near death experience…and if Jesus were to arrive today, most everyone would forget the Son’s critical message in MATT 24:23-26 and go flock to him…completely forgetting that the antichrist will arrive first. And imo…is the primary reason Netflix recently released the series MESSIAH…more predictive programming, once you’re awake and realize entertainment is anything but.

    So why did I write this lengthy post?
    Well, since we are led to believe the church is of Father and the Bible is infallible the way it is, the masses don’t questions ANYTHING; they simply go along with the flow, never marching to the beat of their own drum. For some reason, the belief has always been that the Bible was allowed to be off limits when it comes to corruption, even though the Garden wasn’t. One part of the Bible that is glossed over like a simple anecdote and the church never mentions is the actual reason for this post and its relevance to this topic.

    The great rebellion that led to Lucifer’s fall with 1/3 of the angels…as if it were a subplot and happened pretty quickly, really transpired over 1,000 years’ time. Why doesn’t the church ever mention what happened to these fallen angels?
    Because of who is allowed to run seminary schools. Would it surprise you if I said they hadn’t gone anywhere; that they’ve just been ‘out of sight, out of mind’ because of primarily the church’s malevolency? Would it surprise you if I told you that, along with Father’s biggest puppet of all, these fallen have been allowed to rule this layover planet the entire time, ultimately making Father’s children debt slaves because Lucifer’s are always at the top of his monetary pyramid. This is the same system he had tried to enforce in Heaven, but Father wasn’t hearing of it because His is a good works program, which was part of the reason for the rebellion?

    Tell me something, when is the only time on this planet there is a good works program implemented? Here’s a clue:
    He knows when you’ve been sleeping, he knows if you’re awake…well, you know the rest, but just may have never considered the real meaning behind those lyrics and just how much truth they hold when you’re awake…and what a pain you become to his plans by being awake. When you’re truly awake, you should stop receiving Christmas presents…not because you’re bad in his eyes, but because you should never want to celebrate that mocking pagan holiday again. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Son of Father Yah’s birth, but everything to do with Nimrod’s birth, and the birth of the resurrected sun after winter solstice …3 days earlier. See how it’s mocking Yahushua’s resurrection…3 days after his crucifixion?

    Who do you think ultimately makes out like gangbusters from Black Friday sales and Christmas sales in general? The very people who are mocking the Son of Man…and the masses go right along with it, including Christians… because their church celebrates it, so it cannot be wrong, right? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the church does hold truth, but it also holds truth back, like a dam. And as long as people think there were certain things that were off limits when it comes to the dark side’s corruption; they will never believe anything different.

    -They won’t believe fallen angels and serpent-seed bloodlines are behind all wars, both sides funded by the Rothschilds and or Rockefellers…through their false flag events to obtain the public’s permission to attack the would-be enemy.
    -They won’t believe fallen angels and serpent-seed bloodlines were behind the deception of the Organic Act of 1871 and the sneaky Organic Constitution, making all of us corporations within the US Corp.
    -They won’t believe fallen angels and serpent-seed bloodlines are responsible for the 1933 birth cert scam, which is essentially our death certificates, since we are dead in the eyes of the government as soon as our unsuspecting mother signs the certificate.
    -They won’t consider the fact fallen angels and serpent-seed bloodlines set up the illegal 16th Amendment.
    -They won’t believe that fallen angels and serpent-seed bloodlines changed the 13th Amendment from what was originally put in place to prevent lawyers from holding public offices to what it is today, during the uproar of the Civil War… the Emancipation Proclamation, abolishing slavery, so the original 13th just disappeared. After all, who’s going to complain about that Amendment, when the Democrats would just call you a racist for bringing up something so preposterous. Anyone who is woke knows that nothing is passed in congress unless it benefits the deep state, including the abolishment of slavery.
    What benefit could they get from that, you may ask…well…how about …it actually costs more to have slaves than it would to free them and pay them the very minimal, as they were left to fend for themselves? Lincoln didn’t free the slaves for reasons we are told in history books. Not too long thereafter, we were all enslaved, as debt slaves, once the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 had been purposely snuck through during Congress’ Christmas break, knowing full well most wouldn’t be able to make it back to D.C in time to vote on it, but not before the false flag known as the sinking of the Olympic, disguised as the Titanic, the year prior…because of 3 particular men who were convinced to be on board, and were all against the FedRes. This version of slavery just wasn’t blatantly right in front of us, and most still don’t realize it’s that way because the asleep will always far outnumber the awakened.
    – They won’t believe that fallen angels run the U.N….and want to destroy the planet.
    – They won’t believe that fallen angels kept Adam’s first (angelic) wife, Lilith, out of the (Bible) public eye because of how much significance she would hold throughout mankind’s history…that Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 2:7,21 are two completely separate creations. They hid the fact that both of Adam’s wives left him for Lucifer, because his goal was to corrupt Father’s last creation as much as he could, so what better way than making sure his seed would be included in history, without most knowing about it; that he had fathered Cain, the first hybrid. And He had fathered numerous children with Lilith, including Azazel, as she never died and has always been a 5th dimensional being; and she is the mother of the incoming 8th and final regime, known to the New Age community as the Galactic Federation Ashtar Command, who are supposedly coming to help us, when they’re really here to knock the NWO/Reptilian cabal off their high horse.

    Speaking of being asleep, the mass rapture of the church we see in Hellywood movies is one of the biggest deceptions pulled over this world. It’s to ensure that the majority of the 2 billion Christians will be completely caught off guard when discovering they are here for refinement and must prove their faith to Father Yahuah as martyrs (countless souls under the altar). That they will be the primary target for this round of genocide (FEMA camps)…just like the holocaust because, in reality, Christians make up the majority of the 10 lost Tribes of Israel..

    And I was one of them until my awakening. I realized, through Sherry Shriner, what this world really is and why we are here, now, of all times to be alive in history, for the end time.

    It’s up to each of us to discover our purpose, if we’re going to serve Father Yahuah, or His biggest puppet, who goes by numerous names/titles just to cause mass confusion/conflict/segregation/war, like: Satan, Lucifer, Allah, Sanat Kumera, Jesus, Baal.

    Everyone needs to get out of man-made religion and seek to build their relationship with Father Yahuah and ask Him, and only Him, for truth in all things. He will give us eyes to see and ears to hear, once we’ve put pride/ego aside surrendering completely to the fact that we have been badly deceived by malicious design…and now we are ready to learn the truth.

    We have replaced those who are allowed to run this world, and they loathe Father’s last creation, mankind, because we were created in His image. So they, fallen angels and serpent-seed bloodlines, are doing everything in their power to destroy us, while the church keeps their secret, especially now more than ever before… through GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines, war, unknowingly being debt slaves..etc.

    They run the world’s (shadow) government, and that is why Trump is despised so much by Congress, MSM, and Hollywood, as they are all of the 7th (NWO reptilian) regime either by (serpent-seed) bloodline or being dumb enough to sign on the dotted line for fame and fortune, and they were ultimately replaced/soul-scalped, as fallen angels of the 5th dimension require host bodies to thrive in this 3rd dimension, which is where shapeshifting comes into the picture. And Trump’s job is to exterminate them by draining the swamp, because he takes his orders, not from Father Yahuah, but the 8th and final regime, namely St. Germain, who is behind NESARA (the BEAST Economic System)…with the St. Germain Trust.

    Yes, Trump is serving a purpose for Father, but so is Lucifer (Isaiah 45:7). Trump is the bridge to get to the 8th. And the 7th is fighting to the death to stay relevant, even if they have to concoct reasons to have him removed from office, because they are not ready to relinquish control of this planet yet. Both regimes are of the evil one, but they don’t like each other and both want control. The 7th wants to destroy it and the 8th wants it for themselves, but both want us gone. And Lucifer couldn’t really care who has the reins because, like (s)elections, and war…he has stacked the deck in his favor, as both sides work for him.

    That’s why so much is being revealed right now, like child trafficking, pedophilia, corrupt governments…like never before. Lucifer has to reveal what has been kept in the dark during the truth and reconciliation phase of the last generation (Isaiah 29:15 / Matt 10:26). He exposes his minions first. It’s up to us to realize if it’s done for entertainment purposes through movies and tell-a-vision… subliminal messages, codes..etc….because he and his minions aren’t required to make it blatantly obvious to us. They think mankind is dumb as rocks so they give us morsels of information and blame us if we cannot figure out what they are really doing.

    Unbeknownst to mankind, as a whole, we have been in the middle of a tug-of-war between two evil cabals ever since Father’s Garden…and it’s about to come to a head…everything is…because mankind has run its 6000-year course, and Father has had enough of the repetitive evil over history (ECCL 1:9)….which is why we have started to see seismic activity, weather anomalies, plagues, pestilence, & famine…now, more than ever.

    We have been on a prison planet, where you cannot succeed without making some real ‘sacrifices’ …primarily signing on the dotted line. We are not meant to succeed on this planet in way of monetary wealth. This is not our home. Our reward is in Heaven (1 John 2:15-17).

    Don’t believe me, though, pray on it…ask Father Yahuah to reveal all truths to you.
    Secure your salvation by repenting, which means “turning away from”…not just asking to forgive your sins.
    You cannot rely on anything on this layover planet 100%, including the Bible. Nothing was off limits to evil. Not Father’s Garden, His Word…nothing…because we are supposed to seek truth from Him and Him only. And those smart enough to listen who had sought truth from Him was led to Sherry Shriner’s ministry and absorbed everything she had to say, including what most would consider preposterously ridiculous…because she was His mouthpiece in these end times. Alas, way more people who have been led to her hasn’t listened than has, which makes the aforementioned MATT 7:13,14 that much more significant.

    Time is shorter than you think!

    Ezekiel 33:3-6
    Isaiah 6:8
    Psalm 94:16
    Yah bless!

    YouTube handle: Awakened To My Aha Moment (to learn more)
    Sherry’s site: SherryShrinerDotCom

  • Act of 1871 being dismantled by POTUS!

  • The week are lead down the path of evil, the awaken see threw the universe stay the path and believe only the good.

  • One thing for certain – “My people perish for lack of knowledge”

  • I would like to read more from someone ” Knowledgeable?” about the USA and the Religious parts noted by Chad on 2/16/2020 (9:54pm) and comments by others. What is Has anyone had this FACT Checked by a reliable authority?

  • Jesus Would ask Do you believe? This is true if you believe crime can be “legalized” and upheld by any sound minded honest, reasonable court of law. I don’t. Jesus is the only law giver and only laws made by God under God can be upheld by honest people. I left this comment on Hagmann Report today who reported on this topic. Jesus say have “faith is in Men”, not God. No, Jesus did not. Jesus said put “your Faith in God” in his laws, rules, principles. There are no laws above God’s laws! PERIOD! Doug You 2 are kindergartners! Go back to school. Take with you: 1828 Websters Dictionary, The Bible, John Locke, William Blackstone. Read all of them Don’t stop going to school until you understand Blackstone and John Locke! Then, maybe, then you can truly repent. You decide: will you obey God? Jesus said, you can not just hear the Bible you have to obey. You 2 are obeying Luciferians. To obey Luciferians, Satanist, child sacrificers is to obey Satan. Not Jesus Christ. Rebellion to Rebellion is obedience to God. You act like there are laws outside of the laws of God where men can legalize disobedience to all Ten Commandments. Where on earth is that possible? No where. The Ten Commandments are the only laws! If it happened, past or present the people have the right, duty, and responsibility to join in unity with God’s spirit to “convict them of their crimes”. There is no such thing as printed money. First tell the truth. Only gold and silver coins are money. Only gold and Silver coins are money. I talked to God, yes, really. Jesus told me a silver dime’s value is 3 flour sacks full of flour. Base the Truth and the law on the “Whole Truth” which Jesus is the Truth. Next John Locke: for a man, or to incorporate to have more than a man needs to support his own personal family is selfish. And it isn’t his! God created the earth for each man to have some land, to grow his food, raise his animals have a wife and children. To have more would be greed, a crime, a sin. Each man working on his own land with his own 2 hands. We the people convict men of their sins of greed with the Holy Spirit in the power and authority given to us by God. John Locke: “Anyone who would enslave me is at WAR with me.” The rules and laws of WAR apply. Before God. A Greedy person has broken the Ten Commandments. God does not up hold laws written by Criminals legalizing crime. You and I can not either. Any law that is a crime: example murder through war, David tried that lost his 1st born of that wife. stealing legalizing income property, inheritance taxes: it is not a law. No one can legalize defrauding men of their unalienable rights given to them by God. Because men take their cases to Almighty God who upholds his laws. The government n earth is easier to face than God. Government on earth is to warn criminals of God’s punishment. It is better to confess your crimes and stop sinning than face God himself, when a person takes his case before Almighty God

  • All U.S. and District of Columbia are corporate constitutions in violation of standing Articles of Confederation “law”! They are all short Articles of Confederation required unanimous vote of “all” delegates holding office at the time. In 1789 as adopted “we the people” defined as of the states was rewritten for any others to “we the people” of the United States! That makes two different contracts, impossible for required unanimous vote! Furthermore, all people are equal in right founded in social compact only, social compact is between “individual people as a whole” and their sovereign body only, short of that it can be nothing more than contract, when in violation of standing law it can be nothing more than illegal!

  • We live in a Jew World Order, whether or not these Rothschild Jews are fake Jews are really the Khazarian Mafia or not, they must rounded up by the efforts of Hungary’s Viktor Orban, possibly the government executive in Poland that demands Poland belongs to the Poles. These leaders must then direct the arrests of these fake Jews and their Jesuit allies in Europe. Pope Francis belongs in prison as do all their Jesuit Illuminati allies.

  • Hahahaha!!!! Don’t waste your time trying to sort through all these “detectives.” It’s like trying to untangle a roll of thread sucked into a vacuum, and by the time you get through, it may feel like your brain has been sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. You would be much better off doing as others have done…just make up your own version. A word of caution though, there’s a lot of tough competition out there, so make it good. I have debunked enough that I am not wasting any more of my time on the rest. If you look up the Act of 1871, you will find that it only makes Washington DC a corporation, a MUNICIPAL incorporation, just like any other city in America. Get this, many of these people who want to help Donald Trump reelected, but then they say that our votes do not count because in reality (to them) the corporation always decides who the President will be. DUH! If that really is the case, why do I want to waste my time going to vote for Donald Trump or anyone else. But you pin these theorists down on something they just adjust their narrative..

  • Aaron Nottingham!!! Bravo!!! 👏👏👏👏 I’m no genius, although I am a Gemini like My President!! 😁 And your statement was so profound and so absolutely true!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I screenshotted the whole thing and I plan to share this!!! Amazing!!! God bless you!!

  • @Aaron Nottingham this is hands-down one of the best comments I’ve ever read. You are on point! I have read this over and over again and I’ve taken notes so that I can pass your message along. I won’t use your name only that you are a US Veteran but your message is too perfect not to share. God Bless you and our great nation 🇺🇸 WWG1WGA

  • Big stick, what do you mean by “organic” constitution?

    Also, has anyone heard of Article the First from the original Bill of Rights?

  • i was curious about the conditions of the Reconstruction Policy when I was studying it in school because I know there was 2 groups of the KKK. After reading this article, I can definitively say that the KKK that exists now is the unsettled rage of Post-Reconstruction Slave Owners who didnt get the economic support they NEEDED from our government.

  • Everyone here is wrong. To the people claiming they never saw or heard of the Organic Constitution, it’s the “Articles of Confederation.” The Constitutional Convention was approved for one purpose only. To amend the Articles of Confederation. No one had permission to create a new Constitution. Especially one that replaced the government. That convention turned into a Coupe de Etat. Which is why the lawyers had to draft it in secret. But here’s what almost nobody knows.

    The original draft wasn’t done in Philadelphia, it was done at the Inns of Court, at Middle Temple. The draft still hangs on their walls today. For those don’t know what Middle Temple is, it’s the original BAR, at the Crown Temple Church. And the Constitution isn’t what you think it is. Nor does it apply to us. You have to remember, these men were Lawyers and Politicians who either Templars or Freemasons. The embedded the Constitution with legalese and double entendres. For example: “We the People” doesn’t mean “We the Citizens.” The People in the Constitution means the State Legislators. They’re the ones who signed it. It’s a compact. Patrick Henry, also a Lawyer, recognized the trickery & deceit and called them out for it.

    Patrick Henry made the most important speech in American history when he did that. Here’s a quote from that speech.

    “I have the highest veneration for those gentlemen; but, sir, give me leave to demand, What right had they to say, We, the people? My political curiosity, exclusive of my anxious solicitude for the public welfare, leads me to ask, Who authorized them to speak the language of, We, the people, instead of, We, the states?”

    Henry saw through the BS, and he was afraid the federalists would destroy the republic, which they did. The federal government became 100x worse than the King. The Articles of Confederation was the Organic Constitution. The federalists trashed it and unlawfully drafted a new Constitution, thus usurping power for themselves. There hasn’t been 2 Constitutions, there’s actually been 4. And it’s okay if you don’t believe it, cause I can prove it. Tell me if you see a pattern.

    “The Constitution *for* the united States of America”

    “The Constitution *of* the United States of America”

    “The Constitution *of* the United States”

    “The United States Constitution”

    The Constitution is a bankruptcy compact. A bankruptcy compact has to be renewed every 70 years. Count how many years between the 4 bankruptcies. You’ll find they’re exactly 70 years apart. That’s not a coincidence.


    Constitution, contracts. The constitution of a contract, is the making of the contract as the written constitution of a debt. 1 Bell’s Com. 332, 5th ed. – Bouvier’s Law Revised, 6th Edition

    Constitutor. In civil law. One who, by a simple agreement, becomes responsible for the payment of another’s debt. – Black’s Law Dictionary, 1st Edition 1891

    People. A State; as, the people of the State of New York; a nation in its collective and political capacity. 4 T.R. 783. See 6 Pet. S. C. Rep. 467. – Bouvier’s Law Revised, 6th Edition and Black’s Law Dictionary, 1st Edition 1891

    Get it? We became responsible for the federal governments debts. That’s what it was all about. MONEY! Always has been, always will be. Never forget it was written by Lawyers & Politicians. The founding fathers didn’t find shit, they stole it. Were talking about a bunch of freedom loving slave owners. They didn’t give a damn about the people.

    George Washington wasn’t who you think he was. He was a giant dick that took the wrong oath on purpose so he could give himself the power to tax. What was his first act of business as president? Taxes.

    What article is the Executive oath under? The answer is Article VI. What oath did Washington take? The answer is the Article II oath. If the president in the office of president is an executive position, then the executive needs to take the oaths for executives, found article VI, not II. He knew that because he was president of the convention.

    Only congress had the power to tax, not the executive. By taking the wrong, he made himself an employee of the congress, so he could have the power to tax. What was his first act? Taxes. That’s a fact. He’s the reason things are so screwed up now. Under Article II the Constitution means property of the federal government. He swore to uphold and protect the property of government. Under Article VI it refers to the Constitution as “this Constitution.” That’s the trickery & deceit of lawyers & politicians.

    Everything I said can be verified. Just read the Constitution yourself, from the shoes of a lawyer/ politician trying to trick the citizens into paying your bills. Then you’ll see the truth.

    Social security is owned by the Queen. The Kings colors are red, white blue. Look at the flag of the last state accepted to the union. Are you getting the picture? Trickery & Deceit.

  • The Rothschild’s might be rich but Jeff Besos could be a trillionaire soon.

  • Interesting article although this is one piece of the foundation. One example, 1861 Lincoln ceded civil authority to the military, which remains to this day, hence the US flies the military flag, the stars and stripes. The US civil flag hasn’t been officially flown since 1861. Many seem to believe Mr Trump is different, odd given his business career over the years has many US/Russian mob connections and his election campaign was bankrolled heavily by Sheldon Adelson. It goes without saying Americans would have stood a better chance without the malignancy of the English establishment and home grown traitors.

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