Skin Cancer Patient Says Medical Marijuana Oil Saved Him From Surgery

(WWJ)   There are no longer any visible signs of the skin cancer on the forehead of Ferndale’s Michael McShane.  McShane had a check-up with his dermatologist and says Dr. Ali Mooin is no longer recommending surgery to treat the lesion.

That’s the update to a story that WWJ’s Sandra McNeill reported last month. When McNeill spoke with Michael McShane in August, he claimed he had been using a topical oil made from medical marijuana on the skin cancer on his forehead and in just over two months it was nearly gone.

McShane says he’d recommend the treatment to anyone.

“It was absolutely painless, it caused no euphoric effect or high at all, it was just something that I did twice a day, and it went away, the cancer went away,” said McShane.

Dr. Mooin will no longer speak with WWJ.  Last month, he said he’d pursue surgery if the cancer was not gone.  McShane says surgery was not on the table today.



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4 Responses to Skin Cancer Patient Says Medical Marijuana Oil Saved Him From Surgery

  • Am Christopher i live in USA, my wife was suffering from breast cancer and the doctor told me that there was nothing that he could do then a friend told me about the Rick Simpson hemp oil that can cure cancer, i told he that my wife’s breast cancer was in the last stage that i didn’t think the hemp oil would cure it and he persuaded me to try it so i decided to give it a try.

    I did some research and i found a doctor who helped me with the cannabis oil to cure my wife’s breast cancer and he assured me that after 4 months the cancer would be gone.

    I bought it and she used it,it worked exactly as the doctor had promised. Thanks to doctor Bryan Vance for helping me with cannabis oil and for his support and care.


  • Cancer is a deadly disease that needs to be stopped from taking

    innocent lives. A disease that pays no respect to AGE nor FINANCIAL

    STATUS should not be allowed to reign instead it should be fight and


    After the introduction of chemotherapy and radiotherapy the war

    against this deadly disease started but the probability that this

    war can be won using the methods above is not hundred percent


    I was once a prisoner of cancer who used the methods above to begin

    the fight for my freedom which i got for sometime until the cancer

    returned with great determination to take my life and i was also

    determined not to allow it to take my life so i decided to sort for

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    I met with my doctor who told me about cannabis oil and she also

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  • Hi, Am Sara, my mom was a cancer patient who has been suffering from lungs cancer for the past 5years until she met Dr. George who assisted her with hemp oil treatment that made the pain and the cancer become a thing of the past.

    I’m so happy that my mom can live a normal and painless life once again, thanks to my prof for giving me this email and to Dr George for accepting to attend to my mom and also for his quick response.

  • I am Harriet Beecher, I live in San Francisco USA, I want to say a big thank you to Dr. Rick Simpson for saving my son’s life with his miracle oil on the 10th of January 2014 from his terrible brain tumor.

    My son Ben was diagnosed of brain tumor last year October 5th 2013, the doctor told me there was nothing that could be done for my son and I was so scared to lose him because he is the only one I got, I lost his dad May 2011 and I was not ready to lose my only son. My co-worker told me about Dr. Rick Simpson cannabis oil and how it helped her dad so I collected his contact and wrote him, purchase the oil and used it on my son, last week we went for checkup and the doctor who told me that my son had few months to live confirmed that my son no longer has brain tumor.
    I am so over whelmed and full of joy, I feel like shouting to the whole world, I just got my joy back. Am so grateful Sir, thank you so much. God will bless you Sir.

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