Shocking Pics of Deputy Posted on Facebook by Soon-To-Be-Ex

(RAW JUSTICE)   The estranged husband of a Tampa sheriff’s deputy recently posted some pictures of her on Facebook that raised a few eyebrows. The photos of veteran Deputy Lisa Latimer show her in uniform, seated in her police cruiser, putting a gun in her mouth, drinking alcohol and smoking what looks to be a marijuana cigarette.

Todd Latimer says that his estranged wife has become a different person since he married her because of her job and the pressures that exist for female officers to be “one of the boys.” He claims that while he was with Lisa, male deputies sexted her constantly and that a career in law enforcement exposes women to a sexually-charged culture.

The Latimer’s divorce is messy due to allegations of domestic violence and an Internal Affairs Investigation regarding a mysterious discharge of Lisa’s department-issued Tazer gun. Todd denies that he was trying to get back at Lisa by posting the pictures, but honestly, what other motive could he have had?

The Tampa Sheriff’s Office says it will investigate the pictures and Lisa Latimer will likely be suspended pending the outcome. She is currently on vacation.

6 Responses to Shocking Pics of Deputy Posted on Facebook by Soon-To-Be-Ex

  • Regardless of her pending divorce, what narrow minded, unprofessional law enforcement person allows themselves to be photographed in these or any compromising situations? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But don’t blame others for your inequities. Her stupid actions and her 15 minutes of fame are over…… time to move on people….really!

  • This makes me want to vomit. The fact that she posed for pictures like thus is grounds for dismissal in my department. I don’t care what the reason given, there simply is not one acceptable explanation for such garbage. It’s clear that this is nothing more that some white trash nobody that slept her way into a job. She is now done. If she was ever to make a arrest of any importance the defense attorney would have her laughed off the stand. Thanks deputy trash. You make it tough for those of us that really try.

  • Thats why we expose cops who disgrace their badges and oaths

  • Records show that as of this date she has not received any disciplinary action for these pictures. This give credibility to the rumored coverup at that department. A complete wash.

  • This slut is a piece of work. She has been with the department for 5 years and has had three name badges, HELLO. She goes by one then the other depending on the trash thats out there. Currently she is going under
    Lisa Sheffield
    Lisa Messer / aka
    Lisa Latimer / aka
    Lisa Litts_something / aka

    Here is here every changing Facebook

  • Right now I’m sure there is a sap out there believing her story. Should come with a warning label — or some idiot could just become ex husband number what..3 or 4?

    Other name is Liittschwager

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