Senator Joe Lieberman asks Google for a “terrorist” flagging button on Blogger

(THE VERGE)   Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has taken a few hits over the years in technology circles. The Democratic Party’s nominee for VP in 2000 is most recently remembered for having proposed an “internet kill switch.”

Well, Joe’s at it again, and this time, it really is as bad as it sounds. The Senator has taken pen to paper and written a letter to Google asking that its blogging platform Blogger be equipped with a flagging feature… for terrorists. This is largely because Jose Pimental, a man suspected of attempting to build a pipe bomb to attack the US military hosted his blog on Blogger. Now, there are a lot of terrible Blogger blogs to be sure, but is this really the best way to deal with such a problem?

Talking Points Memo acquired the letter and published it earlier today. “Pimentel’s Internet activity — both his spreading of bomb-making instructions links and his hate-filled writings — were hosted by Google” writes Lieberman, going on to add that, unlike YouTube, “Blogger’s Content Policy does not expressly ban terrorist content nor does it provide a ‘flag’ feature for such content.”

Google has not yet responded to Senator Lieberman’s request for the Blogger kill switch.

8 Responses to Senator Joe Lieberman asks Google for a “terrorist” flagging button on Blogger

  • A U.S. talking head (snake face Joe Lieberman) writes a letter (grand stand) to the U.S. owned Googleciansadiasaic.



  • Makes sense to me.
    You can Flag dubious posts on Yelp, etc

  • Senator Lieberman’s website should have a “Turd” button on it.

  • Better be careful Dave, today you are simply criticizing Joe and Jews and that is only anti-semitism right now. Soon that will be equated with terrorism. And as a side note, you should be specific in who you are blaming. It would be better to say Israel and Zionists rather than Jews as a whole. Most Jews don’t support Israel or Zionism…or Joe Lieberman for that matter.

  • How about a “Shut the Hell Up You Bigotted Liar” button on Joe Lieberman.

  • LIEberman U spew utter rubbish & should to be riding on the back of a garbage truck,
    Congress would be way better with out your slimy presence !! go away Joe U filthy scumbag in full bloom !!

  • How about a “TREASONOUS TRAITOR” BUTTON next to Joe Liebermann’s name.

  • Fuck you Leiberman!

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