Selling Sex To Little girls, Miley’s 9-year-old sister launching a lingerie line for kids

(MSN)   Seems like every time we hear aboutNoah Cyrusshe’s doing something totally innapropriate for her age.

Whether it’s dressing like a dominatrix for Halloween, skipping around a pole-dancing pole or performing the totally un-PG hits ‘Smack That’ and ‘Tik Tok’, we suspect this nine-year-old could easily notch up more scandals than her big sis by the time she hits her teens.

Noah at two Halloween parties last year.

Noah at two Halloween parties last year.

The latest news that’s got us scratching our heads and wondering, yet again, ‘what were her parents thinking?’ …little Noah is set to become a lingerie model.She’ll be teaming up with her pint-sized best friendEmily Graceto launch a children’s lingerie collection for ‘Ohh! La, La! Couture’.

Left: Pole dancing with her little friends last year. Right: With her best friend Emily Grace.

Left: Pole dancing with her little friends last year. Right: With her best friend Emily Grace.

The company’s website describes The Emily Grace Collection as having a “trendy, sweet, yet edgy feel, reminiscent of Emily’s true personality. She is collaborating with Ooh! La, La! Couture designers to create versatile styles that can be worn with sweet ballerina slippers, funky sneakers or paired with lace stockings and boots for more of a rock and roll look. Emily’s collection will appeal not just to little girls – the line also has an exclusive Teen Collection available to a size 14.”Here’s a clip of this poor Emily Grace kid dressed up in a pair of fishnets and chatting about her underwear line with Miley and Noah…

EDITORS NOTE: Watch the video below to understand what this is

82 Responses to Selling Sex To Little girls, Miley’s 9-year-old sister launching a lingerie line for kids

  • Disgustingly depraved Jew Sicko sponsored crapola. Ever think Hitler was right about them! They carry a disease world-wide by sponsoring sexually explicit movies out of Hollyweird and spinning a web of deceit. Pharisaic logic led to the occupation of the Sinai by Palestinians. They WERE the Chosen PEOPLE until Jesus’ cruxificion!

  • Jew Bankers through the Rothchilds, Bildenbergers, Illuminati, Federal Reserve have established a foreign banking cartel that controls the American and European Nations. They own Hollyweird e.g. Metro Goldwyn Mayer and the current Big Movie Producers and Directors all Jews. Wake up America, Murdoch is a Scots Jew. G.E. is controlled by them, all of the Finance Companies, like Beneficial, Household Finance etc. etc. are owned by Jews in Jersey. I’d rather have the Mafia running this country than these cursed sin laden folks with their sicko agenda of anything for money!

  • Hitler’s only mistake was he didn’t kill them all! Jew=shitbird! They feed on filth and pervert the innocent and will do anything for money!

  • Miley and Noah are both skanks – no morals, and if anyone has ever watched hannah Montana you can hardly even understand a word Miley says on the show as it sounds like she has shit in her mouth. Total exploitation by her father – its no wonder the mother is divorcing. I know of several restaurants that cater to celebrities of which Miley loves to come for the “Cracker Barrel” breakfasts. Yeah, she gets her food comped yet fails to leave a tip. That shows class.

    Utter disgace – Noah looks like a pig while Miley speaks like one…….

  • First of all that stuff is awful, no style at all. Moms would buy it in a minute if they were cute PJ’s. Someone missed the market on this one.

    As far as the visual aspect of the costumes, the pole alone is a tell tale sign that an adult is directing this photo shot. A male director most likely. But check out the makeup. Please get that person some training. It looks like KIDDIE PORN on parade.

    Now, the parents, where are they? I don’t mean just Noah’s, I know what they are up to, but the parents of the other little girls. I wonder if those parents are proud of their little girls being displayed in that manner???? LAW SUIT, LAW SUIT, DO I HEAR LAW SUIT.

    Billy Ray, son, what are you thinking. Don’t bother to make another recording, you now have new employment, KIDDIE PORN! Aren’t you proud?! Oh, we won’t forget you Miley. I wonder if they have jail cells for fathers and daughters?

    Miley, very bad example kid. Just lost my vote for sister of the year. Think about what this is doing to your image, NOTHING. Ah, but no one said you had brains, talent yes, brains, NO. By the way where is your mother?

  • Obviously her parents are in the business of child sexual abuse. Their bosses are the Hollywood jews who promote pedophilia and the destruction of American core values. How soon before this poor little girl becomes another victim of the CIA child sex ring. Is she being groomed for her future as a child prostitute for the jew run CIA?
    The jews have brought this nation down to another low level.
    Other victims of the CIA pedophile ring are Cathy O’Brien and her daughter, Sarah Palin and her daughter. Jon Benet Ramsey and countless others whose lives are used for deceit and ambition.
    We can only hope that Hollywood is among the first of American cities to have a mushroom cloud over it when the SHTF.

  • I only got one thing to say about this:

    Once you enter Hollywood, you have absolutely no parents whatsoever….
    If I recall correctly, if your average joe were taking pictures of little girls dressed like this, he would be in jail for child pornography, so why is it allowed in hollywood? Does anyone else see anything wrong here?

  • I don’t think reference to it being a Jewish conspiracy is useful at all.Just another form of anti Jewish propaganda.

  • What do Jewish topics have to do with this? Jewish people aren’t even allowed to show off a lot of skin. If they do, they must not be Jewish. Look at the Orthodox Jews for an example.

    This is a very sad story, I just hope she doesn’t wander off and have something bad happen to her for wearing such clothes. Her parents should be ashamed.

  • “What ethnic group is behind the porn industry, all of the gay and lesbian organizations, control the major networks, own all of the major movie studios, occupy most of the important cabinet positions in every administration for the last 50 years, was instrumental in passing legislation which made it a crime to question the holocaust, murders people, steals their land and then is instrumental in awarding Nobel Prizes to former terrorist, control monetary policy in every industrialized Western nation, has the most powerful lobby in the US which has never been required to register as a foreign agent, has sponsored much of the anti 2nd Amendment legislation, is currently trying to criminalize under the “hate crimes” bill any criticism of their race and so much more unconstitutional activity, gained the most from the assassination of JFK and RFK, funded Hitler’s rise to power etc. etc.”

    Jewish people, as a whole, have nothing to do with this at all. (They are not a ‘race’, just as Christians are not a ‘race’.) Neither do gay and lesbian people. Sorry to inform you, but the LGBT rights movement has nothing to do with some plot to keep humanity in chains. Also, porn has been for thousands of years in many different forms.

    All of this bigotry is making the movement to seek out truth in this world look buffoonish and full of neanderthals. We should reject bigotry of all forms. Humanity is one family and that includes Jews. All you Jew haters need to get over it. It’s never been about Jews. The Jewish people have been duped just like everyone else has.

    The so-called leaders at the top don’t see themselves as ‘Jewish’, ‘black’, ‘white’, ‘Latino’, ‘Arab’, ‘Asian’ or whatever else. They see themselves as better than everyone else! All of those categories based on religion, politics, ethnicity, ‘race’, gender, sexual orientation and whatever else are just tools they use to keep us all divided. If we are ever going to have any hope of freeing ourselves and creating a better future for all who come after, we must move beyond such base divisive thinking. They divide us up against each other to distract us from the reality of the situation. They know if we unite as one human race against their agenda, it’s all finished for them.

    Now, about the article at hand:

    I find this simply disgusting. They are encouraging young girls to see themselves as nothing but a piece of meat. I call it the ‘JonBenet Ramsey Syndrome’. I see little girls acting like this too much, so it’s certainly having an effect. Modern day Disney is a very nefarious corporation indeed.

    I have a feeling that the Cyrus girls were probably molested. Or they’re just unruly brats. They’ll probably end up with raging drug and alcohol problems and dying or having a nervous breakdown. Or both.

    We should pray for the generation and teach them to have respect for themselves and to recognize their inherent dignity.

  • *young generation

  • Also, you people calling a little girl ‘ugly’ and so on should be ashamed of yourselves. Grow up.

  • Dear Frank,
    Either you are to dumbo and just a moron that is too stupid to easily work out what the parasitic Jews are doing to the rest of the world or you are a Sayanim, defending the satanic Jew parasites, because you are a Jew!

    Me thinks you the latter dude, you can’t be that stupid!

  • No, I’m a not a Jew, sorry. As a Christian, I just don’t believe in hating whole groups of people.

    Go polish your jackboots, Mario.

  • I get very upset when I see or hear about children being exploited for sex and being used in any way that is not appropriate for children….I know that the worldly life style may not see anything wrong with it but at the same time there is a moral issue here….Unless you are a idiot you won’t understand about a moral issue….Parent that exploit their children should not be allowed to have children in their lives…..Exploitation is wrong…..

  • This is one UGLY little girl! What the hell is wrong w/ these hillbilly parents of hers?

  • Just sick. Dress your children like children. Why would you dress them up like whores?
    People who think that the “Jew’s” control everything are very small minded.
    Open your minds to the real truth.

  • I won’t say any thing about this, because we cannot judge anybody, nor condemn anybody, we have to love our enemies and love all those who insult and offend us. The only thing i can say is that what USA needs as soon as possible is a United Socialist Front composed of all the good people of USA who are willing to overthrow the capitalist system. The political and economic system of Satan.

  • Christian Socialism, eh? I could get behind that. As long as it’s about treating people as equals and true democracy.
    Capitalism, aka money worship, could’ve only come from the dark side, I agree.

  • yeah the way children are treated really needs a reevaluation…..

    Children And Adults Now Regularly Molested In American Airports by TSA Officials? See photo evidence including a shocking photo of nun getting felt up by government official all in the name of security? yeah right! – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

  • First Why would you want to dress your small child like a Hoochi momma these out fits scream child porn even the name ooh La La says hey look I’m turning my little girl in to slutty adult before she is out of Dippers.
    This whole line is very Inappropriate even for adults let alone kids who should be waring Ger animals or Barny. But what can you expect from a society that lets their kids and them selves get felt up and groped and Nude Body images of them selves by the TSA . Instead of teaching these girls to dress like little sluts maybe we as adults need to teach them self respect in body and spirit other wise these kids will be on the tab loyed Papers at 12 pregnant like Brittney Spears sister.

  • Yawn. If Christ the King is miss’n from the world, withe advent of Elvis, Mary J. Wanna, and porn, WhatTheHell do ya expect? Right! Go on! I double-dare you! Reeed my blog. I guarantee you’ll find a whole lotta gobba neet-o sincerity and lazy, ‘avant-garde’ efficaciousity (dunno if that’s a word, but c’est la guerre. it is now). Meet me in the Great Beyond, too, where I’ll kiss your feet as we wait for our beer, girl – we could possibly play ThumWarz if the head is fallen. Didn’t Jeee-sis do that ‘totidem verbis’? (Latin: in so many words). God bless.

  • It isn’t Jews, or Christians or capitalism that is at fault here. It is irresponsible parents trying to make money by parading their kids as sex objects. And, moron, Jew is a race as well as a religion. And, other morons – Mario and Nazi friends – you all need to be dragged behind a pickup truck for a few miles to cool your jets or stuffed under a jail somewhere. Sometimes the only way to deal with violent idiots is to get them away from the rest of the world where they can’t do any harm. To those of you who seem to think that America is a Christian nation, freedom of religion means ALL religions, not just the ones you agree with. Keep your Bible thumping at your revivals where it belongs and stop bothering the rest of us. There are plenty of reasons to get fired up over this article without bringing Your God vs My God into the thing.

  • It is a pity when people get accused of different things! People are their own islands we were told in school. They can be themselves and do whatever they want as well. Thus pulling children into the things they do as well. Children are moldable and they are molded into what ever they are willing to be molded into.Children are introduced into vile acts of mankind, money being the number one agenda in any persons life who wants money around them. Children are sold as sex objects and used in degrading ways. This is so wrong. Their lives are ruined before they can even start living. I am not for the trafficking of children, for anything. Why is every body talking about Jews? Jews didn’t make people do anything, just a spirit on a persons shoulder telling them what to do. People need to be parents and stop letting their children look like hookers and prostitutes.

  • “And, moron, Jew is a race as well as a religion.”

    Wrong, ‘moron’. Go do some research. There is no such thing as ‘race’. Welcome to the 21st century. Or are black Jews, Chinese Jews and Ashkenazi Jews the same ‘race’?

    Anyone can be Jewish.

  • i think its a shame…
    cose my daughter do watch Disney channel…
    also is a shame to try to use all and any issues to blame so call ‘jews’
    what a shame trying to blame and use any issue as a way of attack..
    i also believe this site is a far right wing ‘conspiracy’ site,,,,
    we cant blame everything and the kitchen sink
    lets find the real responsible people
    they are solely individuals and their co.
    lets legally hold them and sue them

  • Look at the other signs…Miley and her dad’s sexually suggestive photo shoot…and especially this: Miley is on a show where she plays doubles – a split personality if you will ala Parent Trap, Patty Duke Show. MK ultra program traumatizes its victims and splits their personalities as a means of controlling them. They pimp this repeatedly in TV and movies, especially Disney products. Disneyworld sheltered pedophiles working at their facility. It is very likely in my opinion that BR Cyrus is an MK controller who may abuse his children. There were rumors for years that Papa John Phillips was one. Finally it breaks he was molesting his daughter for years. Research elite pedophile rings. Extremely disturbing.

  • I think the outfits are sluty, it makes these lil girls look like their suppose to be on the corner! Who the f**k would let their lil girl wear something like that! This is why Pedobear is after them now!

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