School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook



(FEDERALJACK)   Wolfgang W. Halbig doesn’t believe anyone was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, and he’s looking for some answers. So many answers, in fact, that he was paid a visit by some police investigators telling him to back off.

Mr. Halbig isn’t your average “conspiracy theorist.” He’s worked in public education as a teacher, dean, assistant principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security for the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students.

A former Florida State Trooper and United States Customs Inspector, Mr. Halbig was invited by the U.S. Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents and school principals. He travels the country providing presentations and keynotes to a variety of school board associations and conferences and is a nationally-recognized school safety and security expert and consultant, who has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide.

Dave Gahary spoke with Wolfgang about why he doesn’t believe the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary School event, in this interesting interview.


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32 Responses to School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

  • I strongly believe that this guy is correct and nobody died. There is no Adam Lanza. Ryan and Adam are the same person and everything leads to this. People can be photoshopped and not even exist. Second most satanic place in the United States, and the lodge was located behind the school. They got millions to pretend this happened. It is all crap.

  • Great Video which touches on alot but what many overlook in these projects is “HSEEP”.. “Youtube or google it up” This is a Program that is acted out by the Gov’t and is to be acted out, as if real, to be evaluated later and to be kept confidential by those participating.

    They believe it is for the good of all mankind to promote their agendas. They are sworn to oath that they cannot confess of the Program. If you read up on it, they have people in all areas who would be associated with scenes such as these. Such as Politicians, Fire and Rescue, Police, Media, etc.. It is basically made legal because it is part of a secret program. Is it a Paradox? here’s a small sample..

  • I think this might be the piece to the puzzle, that some overlook when trying to understand the Confidentiality involved and displayed in these Exercises.

    In the Boston bombing, where it may be easier to identify these exercises with the many people involved and countless images. There was one woman on Youtube who put together al the images and the peoples tags, colors of tags, etc and then took the “HSEEP” Actors color guide off the internet and then could explain who was who and doing what in the Program. Do not believe me. Please research it for yourself.

  • BRILLIANT job – you are all to be commended for bringing this HONEST NORMAL INTELLIGENT person to the airwaves so we could hear the SWEET SOUND of TRUTH for a damn change!!!

  • questions. The people they say were killed have families do they not? School records and birth certificates would or could claim whether or not these people really existed or not. Where are the parents and other family members? Has no one contacted and interviewed these people? I guess all these papers could be falsified. Look up the names of the dead and seek in person accounts that the people killed exsisted.

  • The children did exist in a sense they were born but they used old pictures, from roughly 3 or 4 years before. There’s no death certificates and parents claiming they were not allowed to view dead children is because there wasn’t any. If they lied about seeing them, they’d have more lies to defend and more contradictions.
    These hoax’s are actually legal and whenever your research comes to the point where a law would need to be broken, it is ALWAYS met with opinion, assumption, hear say, a change in protocol or some other strange explanation. Like 911 commission and nist are payed million but can not simply give concrete proof the official story is correct.

  • Beware though. Some officers and x officers or people like Snowden attempt to scare people and deter them from asking questions or talking about it. Don’t be afraid. I am 50-50 on this one to be honest. How can they threaten charges for asking questions? If you have a situation like this yourself. Film them on your doorstep. Record them with your phone. Meet fire with fire. Our parents and grandparents fought for our right to question and voice opinion.

  • The school wasn’t even operating as a school, it was vacant, the perfect place to stage this false flag attack against the 2nd amendment.

  • I actually agree with the police who visit this guy. I would file a harassment charges against Wolfgang W. Halbig. He needs to let this Sandy Hook hoax myth go, and move on with his own life. He is trying to fit puzzle pieces that don’t fit into the puzzle. Sandy Hook really did happen. All conspiracy myths have been busted wide open by just using fucking common sense, and some fact checking. End of story! So if this guy continues to stick his nose where is doesn’t belong. Than yes, I would file a harassment charges against Mr. Halbig if I was one of the victims of Sandy Hook. Here watch this video by Amazing Atheist he debunks the Sandy Hook Fully Exposed video.

  • Please keep me posted on this important story with Wolfgang W. Halbig on the subject of the Sandy Hook shootings. I tried posting on Wolfgang W. Halbig’s Facebook page, but I couldn’t find the means to do so. I hope that websites/facebook pages will be set up on this subject/investigation soon so that I might join in support of this very important story.

    Where is the Main Stream Media when they have actual legitimate stories to cover! No wonder CNN and MSNBC’s viewership is less than 200,000 people at any given time, and falling!

  • I don’t get what Mr. Halbig hopes to accomplished by going to Newton himself? Like I’ve said before, and continue to say all the Sandy Hoax myths have been way beyond busted to a point were we are just beating a dead horse now. All the hoax myths can be easily explained if you just use common sense, and of course fact check yourselves. But mostly it’s common sense that debunks all the hoax myths, so I have to ask the question what does Mr. Halbig hope to accomplish by going to Newtown himself? Really the only thing he can do is start going around town, and questioning the people that live in Newtown about Sandy Hook, and that act boarder lines on harassment of the victims. I feel really sorry for the victims of Sandy Hook. Not only do they have to deal with the loss of their loved ones. On top of that, they have to deal with people like Mr. Halbig who shows up out of no where and question their every action. Quite frankly he is sticking his nose into other people’s business were it don’t belong. So I don’t blame the police or the victims if they do file harassment charges, and rightfully so against Mr. Halbig. I would to! And the other question I would like to ask is, why do you people call yourselves “truthers” when you can’t except the truth when it bitch slaps you in the face? What I mean is why can’t you except the truth that the little girl in the photo with Obama is really Emily’s little sister with Emily’s hand me down dress? Why can’t you except the truth that !!!NO ONE!!! has a right to judge on how others should “properly” grieve? Why can’t you except the truth that there are more than just one guy in this world with the full name of Gene Rosen? Why can’t you except the truth that the Gene Rosen who is in fact a member of the Screen Actors Guild has no connection what so ever to the Gene Rosen that lives in Newtown CT, and has no connection to the Sandy Hook shooting? Why can’t you except the truth that google date stamping is not always correct? Why can’t you except the truth that the FaceBook memorial pages were repackaged FaceBook pages? Why can’t you except the truth….I’m getting tired of typing this, but I feel I must continue because well, it just blows my mind on how, I’m really sorry I have to say this, how stupid people can be. Why can’t you except the truth that the guns that were used was a riffle, and that the news coverage fucked up with it’s first report of police recovering the rifle from the car when in fact it was a shot gun recovered from the car? Why can’t you except the truth that the second gunman from the woods was a dead end story? When it turns out that it was a parent of one the Sandy Hook kids. He was detained, questioned, checked out clean, and released END OF STORY! Why can’t you except the truth that the video footage of people standing around doing nothing, basically no crisis happening in said footage. Why can’t you except the truth that the footage was take hours after the shooting hence no more crisis going on? When there is clear evidence of this by the shadows of the people and cars that show it was late in the afternoon when the footage was filmed. I can keep going on but I hope you get my point. So once more please tell me what this guy Mr. Halbig hopes to accomplished by visiting Newtown CT himself?

  • Yes, the Sandy Hook story is absurd, in too many ways to list. It makes no sense at all. The acting was poor. The whole thing stinks to high Heaven. I became angry once I realized how manipulated Americans were, although I was initially emotionally traumatized, having been through the devating heart break of losing a 5 year old myself, 4 years earlier. Manufactured propaganda hoaxes are just as criminal as the real event would have been, if it were true. It’s even more criminal, considering that it was such a huge “government” conspiracy, with the intent to make people give up their second amendment rights.

  • All you atheist need to choke on a herpes infected penis!

  • Look at all these weak, pathetic ass lames believing what they’re lying ass government tells them!
    You fuckin sheep will receive no sympathy from me once shit hits the fan!
    Atheist can go fuck themselves!

  • Watch for Wolfgang W. Halbig to die soon. He’s getting to close to the truth and exposing the perps. Sandy Hook was indeed a choreographed psyop – and he’s correct; deposing the actors would rip this media-powered fraud wide-open.

  • this guy travels the country and he happened to be at columbine the day of that shooting. wow. astronomical odds. really now?

  • We r a lawsuit crazy people. Why hast one single parent filed a lawsuit against this school district?? That one fact right there should throw up MAJOR RED FLAGS !!!

  • Government Media Theatre

  • Bush & Obama are both responsible for staging ll these false attacks. I dont believe any more. Even when all the actors are identified the media which is bought by the government still insisits on these fake events and is intent on creating more.

  • U people are crazy

  • I want to address the posts previously made by…Kevin…seeing how he ended his post by asking a question.

    First Kevin, Halbig is obviously a concerned and seasoned professional in these very matters. And he still trains school employees on school safety for incidences just like Sandy Hook. The information he is seeking is necessary to adequately train and prepare school employees how to handle these situations.
    With his qualifications, training, experience and concerning his profession it is his job to know everything about such events to prevent and train others to deal with these situations.
    So for him to call and email public employees to inquire about the investigation and get official public records and documents is not harassment. To use the freedom of information act request is not harassment. It is the proper way it is supposed to be done. When public officials do not release documents that are subject to FOI requests they are breaking the law. He is not harassing them. And his repetitive insistence that they comply with the law is also not harassment. He is asserting his right to have access to those records. The criminals denying him those documents are claiming harassment as a means not to provide them. Which is doubly wrong on their part. Yet, you don’t dedicate one word of your opinion to speak to that injustice. You are far from weighing this even-handedly and show an extreme bias in this regard. Such an extreme disregard that I would have to wonder why that is.
    This guy’s list of credentials is extensive and superb in this very field.
    He should not be denied the access he is legally entitled to from public officials and public records.

    Everyone’s nose belongs in the Sandy Hook event. It was a public school and used public resources to conduct an investigation and the entire process is public record.
    And it isn’t the victims of Sandy Hook that are threatening to file harassment as you erroneously state, it is the Sheriff’s office that came to visit him because he is making inquiries, not of the victims or their parents, but of officers and public employee responders and school board members and official records. To ask and FOIR them is not harassment. They are legally obligated by law to provide that information. Period. There is no debate on this or any foundation to deny those records. And if anyone should know more about the case it would be a man who’s job it is to train others in education to be prepared and deal with such an event in the future.

    This man is now forced to go to Newtown to get these records because they have illegally denied them. He did not state he was going to question the people of Newtown, but the officials and authorities involved with the case, he didn’t say anything about talking to the victims. You just made that shit up all on your own.
    I have to wonder why you would make something up such as that.

    Also, this guy did not mention anything about a photo with Emily’s sister in a dress, he mentioned nothing about Gene Rosen, nothing about google date stampting, nothing about fake facebook memorial pages, nothing about a second gunman from the woods, nor did he mentioned nothing about video footage of people standing around doing nothing.
    You just took all the stuff that other people have suggested and projected it onto this guy.
    Did you even listen to his interview?

    Now, if these public employees disclose their public records and fill in the pieces that are missing then there will no further questions left unanswered.
    The thing here to look at, for the sake of the parents of the victims, is to see that proper procedure was followed.
    Because it seems to me that if there were any wounded at the scene, officials did not do much to airlift them out of there or get them to the hospitals in the quickest and most efficient means according to protocol.
    That is an issue of legal liability that a victim’s parent should know about because they have the right to investigate and file suit for negligence.
    But how can a parent do that without the public records?
    What if it were your kid that was wounded when police showed up and eventually bled out dead because no one got a chopper or EMT there quick enough, but they could have if they followed proper protocol and procedures for which they were trained?

    These are just basic issues to be concerned about before one even begins to touch upon the idea that Sandy Hook was some type of government operation.

    When documents are not released that you are legally entitled to, when public official refuse to speak and police show up at your house to harass you for filing freedom of information requests, something is…very wrong whether Sandy Hook was a hoax or not. Someone, at the very least, seems to be covering up for legal liability that they may be responsible for and that would be an injustice toward the victim’s families.

    Anything beyond this revealing a hoax would just be gravy on the top, but not necessarily essential.

  • @inquisitor
    Well said and you saved me a lot of typing

  • So this guy is saying what he thinks that is not a crime. He has not said anything
    that should bring cops to even contact him other than asking him for names of who
    was involved and that they did not do. This in itself has made me think he should be listened to. Nothing is so big it cannot be covered up just look at secret aircraft that stayed secret with so many people involved. Your first thought is something that big cannot stay secret but it does and you can be sure many big things stay hidden all the time. To big to hide in itself helps hide things.
    I do not know what to believe with this school but from the start I thought some things were strange.

  • Kevin…for someone who claims not to “believe” anything this School Security Expert says…you sure did invest a lot of time using red-herring-arguments and boatloads of BS in your attempt to ridicule, distort and demean the man’s POV…the previous comment said it all…”saved me a lot of typing”…as you appear to be some form of a shill…or the most uninformed soul on the planet…As a “Federally Protected Whistle-Blower” for over two decades..working all over the US Empire…all across the globe…let me tell you, first hand…you are clueless…and at some point in the near future…all of your fantasy-like beliefs will be shattered…good luck with that…

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

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