Sandy Hook school to be melted down, erasing any trace of killing spree scene

(NY POST)   When the old Sandy Hook Elementary School is demolished, building materials will be pulverized on site and metal will be taken away and melted down in an effort to eliminate nearly every trace of the building where a gunman killed 26 people last December.

Contractors also will be required to sign confidentiality agreements and workers will guard the property’s perimeter to prevent onlookers from taking photographs or videos.

The goal is to prevent exploitation of any remnants of the building, Newtown First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra said Tuesday.

“We want to be absolutely certain to do everything we can to protect the privacy of the families and the Sandy Hook community,” she said. “We’re going to every possible length to eliminate any possibility that any artifacts from the building would be taken from the campus and … end up on eBay.”

Demolition is set to begin next week and be finished before the Dec. 14 anniversary of the shootings. Town voters last month accepted a state grant of $49.3 million to raze the building and build a new school, which is expected to open by December 2016.

The contractors’ confidentiality agreements, which were first reported Monday by The News-Times of Danbury, forbid public discussion of the site as well as photographs or disclosure of any information about the building.

Llodra, the superintendent of schools and other town officials have been discussing how to handle the demolition for weeks. Llodra said they want to shield the victims’ families and the community from more trauma, and don’t want any part of the school used for personal gain.

Most of the building will be completely crushed and hauled away to an undisclosed location. Some of the demolition dust may be used in the foundation and driveway of the new school, Llodra said. The town also is requiring documentation that metal and other materials that can’t be crushed and are hauled off-site are destroyed, she said.

In addition to the demolition crew confidentiality agreements, the project management company, Consigli Construction, also may do background checks on the workers.

“It’s a very sensitive topic,” Selectman Will Rodgers told The News-Times. “We want it to be handled in a respectful way.”

Adam Lanza, 20, killed 20 first-grade children and six women inside the school before committing suicide. Authorities have not disclosed a possible motive for the massacre.

Sandy Hook students have been attending classes at a former school in neighboring Monroe that was renovated specially for them.


17 Responses to Sandy Hook school to be melted down, erasing any trace of killing spree scene

  • I’m sorry, but no government is that sensitive to the feelings of victim’s families- especially our government. So ask yourselves, why else would they be “pulverizing” all evidence of the site, and requiring the NDA’s from workers? Are they afraid people are going to sell key chains made from bits of lumber or drywall? How sick do they assume we really are? There is more to this story.

  • September 2012 gun magazine says if obama is reelected his no.1 task will be gun control. The tv show known as Sandy Hook was so perfectly timed it proved these people will do anything for money.Nothing will ever convince me anyone died there.

  • this whole false flag event was contrived. unless I see surveillance images I will believe the govt created a fake event to put forth a gun grabber agenda. I don’t own a gun but this is really off the wall.

  • Methinks there’s something far different than the hoax they’re going to destroy.

  • Everything Barack Obama backs is a filthy lie, Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombings were all pulled off by crisis actors. Obama wants only one thing and that is your GUN, do not submit your gun to the DEVIL. Your honorable forefathers gave you the 2nd Amendment for a reason so keep it. The real enemy of America is your Devil Worshiping Freemason Government. Jesus is Lord.

  • Why are they demolishing the school in the first place? Since when is it a policy to demolish buildings in which crimes occurred? Dunblane primary school in Scotland, the site of a massacre in 1996, still exists and operates.
    Is the demolition of Sandy Hook school some sort of an exorcism ritual? Can anyone point me to a rational reason as to why the school is being demolished?


  • At the Columbine school they built a memorial and renovated the building, but as far as I can tell it is still holding classes today. What makes Sandy Hook any different?

  • Our government doesn’t give a rats ass about “children”, proof of this is found in us dropping high explosives onto foreign kids weekly using drones.
    Sandy Hoax was a theater designed to confiscate the most effective tools we have for defense against tyranny; our mil pattern rifles.
    Sandy Hook had a $300K security video system, so until I see pics of Lanza breaking into the front door,walking the hallways with his “assault rifle”, bloody floors and Lanza’s dead body after he supposedly killed himself, I shall never believe anything claimed by my government or their lapdogs in the TV news regarding this fable.
    Remember that we were shown all of those pics after Columbine, so why none now?
    This story stinks!

  • this is about the destruction of evidence. gag orders prove it. there are gag orders on the demolition crews- and there was a gag order on a coroner’s staff member’s spouse that viewed a body of the victim against orders. no press was ever allowed to interview any family members of the alleged deceased. there is absolutely no way an autistic teenagers could have wielded a weapon in that manner.

  • Dave-with regards to Columbine, I remember reading one or more news reports at the time whereby one of the school teachers had given the local kwaps testimony that she had barricaded herself and her students inside her classroom once she had heard the shooting start. After a period of time had passed, and she had not heard anymore sounds of gunfire for quite some time, and she was curious about what might be going on outside of her classroom, so she moved the desk that was blocking her door, and very carefully opened her door a crack to peer out into the hallway. Her classroom was evidently close enough to the glass entrance doors of the school to allow her to see, at an angle, out through the double glass doors and observe a portion of the sidewalk in front of the school.

    According to this woman’s testimony, she said she said an adult male, dressed completely in black – in sort of a swat-team, police style, jackbooted thug suit and he was standing just outside the entrance to the school and he had a rifle. She also told the cops that he glanced in her direction, spotted her peeking out of the crack in her door – and he raised his rifle and shot directly at her, and she said the bullet slammed into her door frame, as she quickly ducked out of the way and slammed her door shut and pushed the desk back in front of it to block it from being opened. I remember showing this article to a few people in my office at the time, and we were all wondering why this woman’s testimony seemed to slide right down the memory hole and was never really discussed by the mainstream media liars.

    Thus, it gradually became pretty clear to me that Columbine was a Clinton orchestrated false flag operation, also designed to serve the purpose of:

    a. Enacting gun control, i.e., banning AR and AK style semi-auto sporting rifles.
    b. Continuing the familiar theme and agenda of the anti-white Cultural Marxist left to demonize White males and especially White males who are racially conscious and who are wise to the identity of their #1 enemy, and who are passionate supporters of the Second Amendment.

    I’m convinced that were it not for Charlton Heston’s outstanding series of TV commercials where he literally tore Clinton a new A-hole and flatly accused him of enjoying mass shooting incidents because he saw them as golden opportunities to push his Communist, totalitarian agenda – the Communist left might have very well succeeded in abolishing the 2nd amendment by some kind of executive fiat.

  • When Robert Kennedy was murdered, the wall where the bullets lodged was disappeared, like the WTC rubble. Can’t have forensics contradicting the official story, can we?

  • They want to remove the non-existent bullet holes. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good school to me.

  • Or, like the front door to the Branch Davidian compound – which came up missing, since it could be used to show who fired first by an examination of the bullet holes.

  • Interesting when was this photo taken, because there is an ambulance and a aid station to the left of the picture not something that is at any school on a regular basis that I know of. Wondering was this taken during the situation, before or after

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