Ron Paul Sacrificing Congressional Seat For 2012 Presidential Election, Tom Woods Responds

(RTR)   This just in, Ron Paul, the 14 term Texas Congressman, has just announced he will not be seeking re-election to his congressional seat. We’ll get Tom woods reaction in just a minute, and share with you some insider info regarding the Congressman Paul’s inquiry into ballot access law, and what that means for his 2012 presidential bid. In a post on his Facebook page the congressman stated, “…I have decided not to seek re-election for my House seat in 2012 and will focus all of my energy winning the Presidency.” Paula’s hometown paper “I felt it was better that I concentrate on one election,” -the Facts Longtime friend and adviser to Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell provided more insight into the Congressman’s decision by stating, “he has had it… with: twice weekly groping by the TSA (since he has metal knees and is selected for the full feel-up every time); dealing with the crooks and creeps in Congress, especially in the rotten Texas delegation; and the deadly new district the Republicans have placed him in” What does this mean for the 2012 Presidential election? Well for starters if he doesn’t receive the the Republican presidential nomination he will be free to seek the Libertarian nomination or even run as an independent and take the race all the way to the end. Unlike in 2008 when he simply closed his campaign. Joining us now to share his thoughts on the announcement is New York times best selling author of “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century” Tom woods. Does this announcement mean Congressman Paul could seek the libertarian nomination or even run as an independent if he doesn’t get the Republican nod? Let’s go now to the archive footage where we spoke to Free And Equal’s Christina Tobin in 2009 about Ron Paul’s staffer’s inquires into ballot access law and the possibility of him getting on the ballot in all 50 states if not selected as the nomination.

3 Responses to Ron Paul Sacrificing Congressional Seat For 2012 Presidential Election, Tom Woods Responds

  • Well I am for one am glad to hear that Ron Paul is going to give his full effort to the 2012 Presidential election, but I think he may need to abandon the Republican Party as well. It is time he was his own man. It is ALSO time he brought up the 911 Issue, as it was the Greatest act of Terror and Treason our government has ever pulled on us.

    My hope is that Ron Paul will chose Gov. Jesse Ventura as his running mate. I think Jesse has the SPIT in the EYE guts it takes to back Ron Paul, and we don’t dare let the Republicans or ANY party put a back-stabbing traitor behind Ron Paul, the way they did with Andrew Johnson behind Lincoln, LBJ behind JFK and the old CRIMINAL George H.W. Bush behind Reagan. (the Delegates at the GOP GROANED LOUDLY in 1980 when Bush Sr. was named VP behind Reagan – they knew it was a FIX and dangerous as it turned out to be)
    I will support Ron Paul if he makes 911 a Key issue!

  • If the elections are rigged by the rich American corporations, How can it be called the democracy in America?? when it is not the wish of the majority of the people in America?

    Why republican party suspended Ron Paul from presidential elections in 2008, when he was the only candidate to support the people.

    Why is someone smart people (like Ron Paul)are threatened with loosing congress seat by running for presidential race?

  • I think people of America is really fed up with the politics run by the American corporations.

    so the only hope is either Ron Paul or I feel there will be a revolution, if these two does not happen in the next couple of years then the next possibility is a free fall of a country called America.

    For this Ron Paul need a country wide party formation. a leadership in every province has to be generated, is that possible in a short time??? This is possible only with the youth, who can contribute their time and energy without the corporate influence or money. Because they have nothing to loose financially, but only to gain a good future with smart and intelligent person like Ron Paul.

    Imagine what one person called bush has dragged the America to such a situation.
    Didn’t the same happen in Russia, with one person called Yeltsin.

    Will the history repeat???

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