Rolling Stone Writer/Huff Post blogger: Poplawski Inspired to Murder by The Obama Deception

(PRISON PLANET)   Eric Boehlert, a writer for Rolling Stone and blogger at the Huffington Post and Media Matters, has taken the liberal hysteria artificially inflated around the cop killer Richard Poplawski to new heights. It seems, for the Obama libs, Poplawski’s murder campaign is a godsend. It gives them an excuse to call for censoring their ideological enemies at Fox News and broadcast over the talk radio airwaves.


featured stories   Media Matters Blogger: Poplawski Inspired to Murder by The Obama Deception  
  Alex Jones
  “Jones has been warning listeners like Poplawski about The Obama Deception… and how President Obama is bound to destroy America.”

In a blog entry today on the Media Matters website, Boehlert basically regurgitates the ADL propaganda line that Poplawski is a creation of not only white supremacists but the Fox News noise machine. He throws in Alex Jones and tries to make the ludicrous case that Alex’s latest film inspired Poplawski’s murder rampage:

We learned that Poplawski hosted his own (failed) Internet radio show and that he visited the website of 9-11 conspiracy backer Alex Jones, who has been hyping the threat of a totalitarian world government for years. More recently, Jones has been warning listeners like Poplawski about The Obama Deception (that’s the name of Jones’ new documentary DVD) and how President Obama is bound to destroy America.(Emphasis added.)

Linking the cop killer Poplawski to The Obama Deception is not enough for Boehlert. He is determined to discredit all opposition to the government and Obama by insinuating such behavior invariably leads to slaughter. Alex Jones figures prominently in this scheme:

Who’s Alex Jones? Even according to some conservative bloggers, the anti-government, anti-Obama talker is a “freak” who’s popular with “the tin foil hat crowd.” Like with Poplawski, apparently.

Next Boehlert attempts to link Jones to Fox News, thus revealing he knows nothing about Alex Jones or his criticism of the network and so-called “conservatives” who enthusiastically supported George Bush and the premeditated murder of over a million Iraqis and the dismemberment of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, a process that continues under the “liberal” cover of Obama and a Democrat-dominated Congress.



Fox News is the “right” side of a false right-left paradigm designed to distract people from the real issue at hand — the systematic looting and destruction of the United States by a small number of international bankers determined to impose world government. Eric Boehlert is on the “left” side of this equation along with CNN, MSNBC, and the foundation created and supported “progressive” opposition now engaged in an orchestrated and rather transparent attack against the artificially created “right” represented by Fox News and the corporate media shill and operative Glenn Beck.

Jones might be a “freak,” but he has recently been embraced — and mainstreamed — by Fox News, as part of the news channel’s unprecedented drive to push radical propaganda warning of America’s democratic demise under the new president.

During a March 18 webcast of’s proudly paranoid “Freedom Watch,” Andrew Napolitano introduced a segment about “what the government has done to take your liberty and your property away.” And with that, he welcomed onto the show “the one, the only, the great Alex Jones,” who began ranting about “exposing” the New World Order and the threat posed by an emerging “global government.”

Alex Jones’ appearance on Judge Napolitano’s show, March 18, 2006.

In fact, Fox News, with the exception of Andrew Napolitano, has consistently vilified Alex Jones.

He was arrested outside Fox News while protesting during a Geraldo Rivera broadcast in September, 2007. “Geraldo ridiculed protesters and lauded the arrests as live footage of Alex being frog marched away by officers was broadcast, referring to them as ‘anarchists,’ ‘communists’ and ‘one of the least attractive groups of protesters I’ve ever seen,’” wrote Paul Joseph Watson at the time.

Glenn Beck (at the time on Headline News) characterized members of the 9/11 truth movement as “insane” and “dangerous anarchists.” Alex Jones is recognized as the leader of the 9/11 truth movement, so therefore Beck likely consiers him a crazed anarchist.

Fox News host Brian Kilmead has suggested protesters who confront politicians should be “beaten to a pulp.”

Fox News and so-called “progressives” have a lot in common — both characterize 9/11 truth activists as kooks and loons and believe there is no such thing as a New World Order, never mind world leaders calling for a New World Order on a daily basis.

Jones also noted with excitement that Fox News’ Glenn Beck had recently begun warning about the looming New World Order on his show, just like Jones had for years. “It is great!” cheered the conspiracist. (Like Jones, Beck recently warned viewers that “the Second Amendment is under fire.”) Concluding the interview, Fox News’ Napolitano announced “it’s absolutely been a pleasure” listening to Jones’ insights.

Alex Jones does not trust Glenn Beck and considers him a government operative. Beck’s task is to polarize the growing grassroots movement against the New World Order and the move toward a world government. His corporate media assignment consists of making a growing number of activists look like stark raving mental cases and paranoids, an effort facilitated by Beck’s goofy demeanor, wide-eyed antics, and off-the-wall diatribes. Eric Boehlert and the “progressives” do their part by insisting Beck and the movement he now claims to represent — notice Beck attempting to hijack the tea party movement and suddenly embracing Ron Paul — are dangerously paranoid gun crazies and cop killers in need of some kind of restraint lest they kill more innocents.

Boehlert admits as much when he writes:

We don’t know if Poplawski tuned in to watch Jones’ star turn for Fox News last month. But is there any doubt that Fox News is playing an increasingly erratic and dangerous game by embracing the type of paranoid insurrection rhetoric that people like Poplawski are now acting on? By stoking dark fears about the ominous ruins that await an Obama America, by ratcheting up irresponsible back-to-the-wall scenarios, Fox News has waded into a territory that no other news organization has ever dared to exploit.



Replace “exploit” with co-opt and you have a good idea what is going on here. Glenn Beck is about neutralization. Boehlert is too, although unlike Beck he probably does not realize it.

Boehlert rounds out his article by attempting to link other disinfo operatives to Alex Jones — namely Michael “Savage” Weiner, Bill O’Reilly, and former Clintonite Dick Morris.

And it’s not just Beck. Appearing on Fox News, Dick Morris recently made a wildly irresponsible comment that looks even worse in light of the Pittsburgh law-enforcement slayings: “Those crazies in Montana who say, ‘We’re going to kill ATF agents because the UN’s going to take over’ — well, they’re beginning to have a case.”

And it’s not just Fox News. Radio nut Michael Savage recently claimed that “we have a naked Marxist for president.” And high-profile conservative blogger Erick Erickson contemplated the beating of politicians: “At what point do [people] get off the couch, march down to their state legislator’s house, pull him outside, and beat him to a bloody pulp for being an idiot?”

Savage is but another example of a New World Order plant with his doggerel about Marxism. It is patently absurd to call Obama a Marxist when he has stacked his administration with bankster minions and high level operatives from the CFR and the Federal Reserve. Savage tells his audience that it is completely irrelevant that some of Obama’s trusted advisors are Bilderberg members. But then Savage is talking about a fanciful schoolbook Marxism and not the Marxism supported by the Guggenheims and the Morgans.

It is no mistake Eric Boehlert has included The Obama Deception in his attack. Obama supporters are livid about the film because it reveals with crystal clarity how Obama is nothing but a front man for the international bankers. Jones’ latest film is a virtual Obama deprogramming tool and this sincerely outrages the libs and “progressives” who when it comes down to it have no problem with dictatorial government, so long as it used as a blunt force instrument against the opposition.

Fact of the matter is the left side of the manufactured political spectrum embrace the tactics of Stalin in the same way the fake right side embrace those of Hitler and the fascists.

In the end, both sides lose and the ruling elite win.

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