Reporter Arrested by Homeland Security Task Force Memorial Day Miami Beach 2008

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

FEDERALJACK reporter arrested for filming Homeland Security Task Force on Memorial Day weekend 2008

This the unedited footage deleted by the Miami Beach Police Department and recovered by anonymous hackers. The Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and various other federal agencies working with local police from various cities to create the Mutli Agency Gang Task Force engaging in random stop and frisks and vehicle searches on Collins Avenue on Memorial Day Weekend of 2008

Why is ICE working with gang units while conducting street level operations on the streets of Miami?

The reporter was soley charged with FS 843.02 “Resisting officer without violence to his or her person.”

After spending 16 hours in jail and being released on bond, the charge was dropped the next day. A writ of NOLLE PROSEQUI (not to pursue) was issued by the State Attorney, and the reporter never had to appear in court to see a judge.

Here is the copy of the arrest report the that was presented to our reporter

Page 1

Arrest Report (copy given to reporter)

Page 2

Arrest Report Page 2 (Copy given to reporter)

Here is a legible copy of the arrest report obtained from the Dade County archives

Page 1

Arrest Report (legible copy obtained from Dade County archives)

Page 2 – First arresting officer – Det. Israel Perez of the Hialeah Police Department Gang Unit – 2nd arresting officer name: Anastasi – full name: Richard Anastasi of the Miami Beach Police Department – this winner is currently sitting in federal prison until December 2011 because he kidnapped a carder and tried to extort 100k from the carder’s crew.. turns out the carder was tied to the FBI and the feds arrested Anastasi for kidnapping… LOL dumbass –

Arrest Report (legible copy obtained from Dade County Archives)

Medical & Property form from the Miami Beach Police Department

Medical Screening Form from Miami Beach Police Department

The reporter never saw a judge because the charge was dropped

The reporter never saw a judge because the charge was dropped

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