Rapper “The Game” Encourages More School Shootings in New Song!

(MARK DICE)   Rapper “The Game’ details his murderous fantasy of committing another Columbine school massacre on his new album “Jesus Piece” in the bonus track titled “Dead People,” released the same week as the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre.


4 Responses to Rapper “The Game” Encourages More School Shootings in New Song!

  • wow video games really, music too? sounding a bit like tipper gore. Most people are smart enough not to re-enact what they do in video games, i have never rammed head into blocks in hopes of obtaining coins or remotely considered eating mushrooms and fighting reptiles. maybe you have, you seem like you may be the david icke type. stop embarrassing yourself by claiming that the death of a musicians son is some form of "divine" judgment because he sang about what street life was like. What kind of petty, vindictive would punish a man by killing his son? OH never mind the god of the bible. buffoonery of this magnitude deserves a trophy, or some kind of public recognition of how truly foolish the intellectual feces spewing forth from your mouth makes you sound. Though the "music" from the game as well as its lyrical content fair no better. THE REAL ISSUE IS MENTAL HEALTH AND THE STIGMA FACING THOSE WHO SEEK TREATMENT,NOT GUNS OR VIDEO GAMES! And jeesh you look like you sound like a total moron, bet you have at least one ed hardy or tapout shirt.

  • I find it REALLY fuckin’ hiliarious that people automatically hate Black Metal and anything else that has to deal with Dark Magick. Yet those same people will absolutely LOVE Rap, Hip Hop, and anything else of the same insane bullshit that directly promotes death, rape, killing others, and especially anything and everything that has wholly Corrupt values and beliefs. At least with the Darkness things are pretty black and white. Jeez! People been hating Black Metal and Dark Magick for so long that people in general don’t know who the enemy is. Our enemies are right here in front of us, not lurking in the shadows!

  • It takes a real , simplistic mind to not realize , Desensitization is a real Affect from the accumulation of Video Games , movies ( Torture Porn , Slasher Porn ) now in music that condition Youth to except this madness as " Entertainment "

    It’s a real agenda by real EVIL people ,that are conducting psychological Warfare against Youth by Demoralizing , desensitizing to killing or death ( Ke$sha " Die Young " ) Jay Z " Lucifer " ..M&M " American Psyco " CAN YOU SEE THE PATTERN and it’s WORST .

    If you can’t see the pattern , you’ll never understand it’s all Deliberate bcs the puppet masters don’t want clear thinking , independent , brave people . They Want a confused , demoralized , unethical person , just qualified enough to ask " Would you
    like Fries with that ? …..

  • It’s a brainwashing technique to created by the illuminati to create chaos and ruin future of our country. The so called music of today influences young people in such a negative way. I can’t believe the messages these so called ‘artists’ put out to kids.I agree with the last two posts. Black Sabbath,Led Zeppelin, Metallica, etc never promoted the negative messages that are promoted by todays pop artists.

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