Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney explained by Adam Kokesh



3 Responses to Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney explained by Adam Kokesh

  • Keep up the good work, Adam.

  • I must admit this was a shocker to me. I feel that Rand did not look happy about doing the announcement, to me, it seemed like he was trying a little too hard to be convincing not just to the audience-but to himself as well. Besides that 2nd story, as to Dr. Paul himself and your theory. I was brought up pretty darned sheltered-had 5 loving brothers and 2 sisters, I was taught to be fair, trusting, open, loving, it was also the time for rooting for the underdog, where am I going with this, well I got myself in trouble a couple of times by trusting the wrong people. I kept making the same mistake and same choices, I would run to my brothers and ask what is wrong with me (so no exaggeration or lack of humbleness here) I was told by my brothers that I was pure of heart and my problem was that as I was looking for the good in people I dug so deep to find it-that I missed the obvious outward signs of trouble/danger right in front of my face. So I submit my theory that Dr.Paul is a pure heart-hence his consistency, his lack of wavering/or sell out, that he believes his co-workers, advisers-since HIS message is so pure.

  • He’s trying to work with the GOP and move inside instead of being an outsider like Ron. I also think that Ron has been hoping all along that Rand would do this because I’ve read plenty of articles that mention he didn’t want to do things that "would hurt Rands chances." Maybe we should see where this goes before saying it’s automatically a bad thing. Adam may be right all along but I’m hoping not.

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