Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught off California Coast

(ANN WERNER)   Every bluefin tuna tested in the waters off California has shown to be contaminated with radiation that originated in Fukushima. Every single one.

Over a year ago, in May of 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported on a Stanford University study. Daniel Madigan, a marine ecologist who led the study, was quoted as saying, “The tuna packaged it up (the radiation) and brought it across the world’s largest ocean. We were definitely surprised to see it at all and even more surprised to see it in every one we measured.”

Another member of the study group, Marine biologist Nicholas Fisher at Stony Brook University in New York State reported, “We found that absolutely every one of them had comparable concentrations of cesium 134 and cesium 137.”

That was over a year ago. The fish that were tested had relatively little exposure to the radioactive waste being dumped into the ocean following the nuclear melt-through that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in March of 2011. Since that time, the flow of radioactive contaminants dumping into the ocean has continued unabated. Fish arriving at this juncture have been swimming in contaminants for all of their lives.

Radioactive cesium doesn’t sink to the sea floor, so fish swim through it and ingest it through their gills or by eating organisms that have already ingested it. It is a compound that does occur naturally in nature, however, the levels of cesium found in the tuna in 2012 had levels 3 percent higher than is usual.


8 Responses to Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught off California Coast

  • OK, so what do we do now….Stop eating Tuna?

  • Yup. It’s radioactive.

  • I’ve been using a Russian made radiation dosimeter on all my tuna, salmon, shark and other seafood grocery purchases. I bought the device on eBay. Been trying to purchase only Atlantic seafood; Gulf of Mexico catch is second choice even though I live in Texas.

    SOEKS-01M Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector

    The Soeks-01M Geiger Counter is designed for determining the radioactivity level of items and detecting objects, food and construction materials with radioactive elements. The Soeks-01M Radiation Detector simply determines level of radioactivity based on the intensity of ion radiation (gamma radiation and beta particle stream) and with x-ray radiation levels. Because of its high precision levels, from 5 to 100,000 μR/h, and accurate performance, Soeks Geiger Counters were acknowledged Model of the Year 2011 and upholds the title as the best among other household radiation dosimeters.

  • Damn the Japanese PM for lying to the entire world.

  • Nuclear device that created the tsunami the Japanese government is not stupid. They know what they are doing. Study displacement you will see why an earthquake cannot cause displacement. A mountain slide, or a detonation can cause a force to move quickly and fast in all direction that will cause a tsunami

  • Is that a typo or did they really find that “the tuna in 2012 had levels 3 percent higher than is usual” of radioactive cesium? Surely that’s the same as eating 3% more tuna that existed before the nuclear accident – hardly worth worrying about. The amount of water in the Pacific Ocean would result in a large degree of dilution. But I agree that any consistent increase is cause for concern, especially if we consider three important questions: 1) How accurate are these current and past measurements? 2) How honest is the reporting of these measurements? and 3)How many independent groups are doing these measurements? This article seems to imply that only one serious survey, by one study group, has been done!

  • Brian, where did you get your radiation detecting device? How much was it? I am interested in purchasing one. I was diagnosed with Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation in my brain a year ago and have undergone many treatments to clear it…successfully. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and thought I had a brain tumor. In retrospect, I was slowly being poisoned. I am on the mend now. Please get in touch with me. Thank you. Pamela

  • I forgot to add that my Dr. said my radiation was from Japan. Radiation is airborne and I was on the coast of CA a few months after the blow up.

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