Proof That There Is Voter Fraud Being Perpetrated Against Ron Paul

March 30, 2012 by  
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This may be one of the most important videos about election fraud ever.


5 Responses to “Proof That There Is Voter Fraud Being Perpetrated Against Ron Paul”
  1. Jon says:

    Good material!

  2. James Susanka says:

    never saw ron paul lose a vote count that was video taped.

  3. Gary Lineberger says:

    what paul should do is form a new party with dennis kucinich
    they could call it the purple party where red and blue come together
    to stop fascism. get other candidates for the congressional and senate seats. have them make a pledge to adhere to campaign promises and not be swayed by lobbyists.then to the voters who pledge to vote for these party candidates. give them all 5 purple t shirts , with the campaign promises on them. with instructions to wear them and recruit others.
    if this were started today, i could see 80 million voters wearing purple t shirts come election day, and how could the media deny that?????????????

  4. howardtlewisiii says:

    It is sad that the focus of our government is to satisfy bankers of a one way fiat banking system instead of serving interests endemic to a basically honest community that in theory voted them into office. Combine that with congress’ racist wars and you get 5% approval with millions of weapons being sold for snipe hunting. Don’t forget your batteries and a flashlight and burlap bag. Buy plenty of ammo.
    Bev Harris should be on our next coin.

  5. Sam Fox says:

    NO! to Dennis. YES! to Judge Napolitano! DK is OK on some issues, but not enough for me.

    Ron Paul & Da Judge, that’s another story! Both are 100% committed to a return of the fed govt to Constitutional parameters. Both have the same basic platform. I don’t think DK is nearly as committed as they are.



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