President Obama: “USA to LEAD the WORLD in the NEW WORLD ORDER”

3 Responses to President Obama: “USA to LEAD the WORLD in the NEW WORLD ORDER”

  • The majority of people FIRST need to know who Israel is and who the imposters are. Biblical prophecy does not make sense until then,or it twists the story. half of revelation has allready happened. In 700 BC Israel was sacked by Assyria then deported up north to Assyria. King of Assyria then improrted Edomite Canaanites into the land of Israelites(Israel was NEVER a country,just a people like “Joneses”)II KINGS 17:24 Later the Judaites wer attacked by these edomites but a remnant was left. It WAS THOSE pele that Christ came to get then to come “for the lost sheep of the House of Israel” Then teh apostles headed into Europe..WHY? Well Isrealites in the land were known as Sythians, Sacchs, Gamira(Grekk) Israel was to have a new name and be named after Isaac SAXONS!!! Have youever wonder why over 16 million Isrealites diappeared and the somehow the history of germanic tribes only goes back to the 5th century BC along with scotland and Nordic? Thats right! YOUthe white race are Israel! Whne you see how Communism has came into the promised land(USA) a land of rivers and moutains. Start reading your Bible forn front to back and notice how the gifts that were given to Israel and the promises have NEVEr been broken if you find the key that the Angloeuropean is the lost of Israel. Sythians in secular history such aas from India describe them as yellow hair and blue eyes. If you look at the history of jews yucan see they mathc the way edonites and canaanites are described. Christ knew this..he told them who they were on John 8:44. he KNEW THAT FALSE PREACHERS WOULD name then as “the chosen” so again he tells St Paul in REV 2:9 and 3:9 that imposters posing as Gods would exist. in fact, He says the SYNAGOGUE of satan,while CHURCH is allready a word used. Jesus never worshipped in a asynagoe , he only tore them up as they were blasphemy. check out they have a great book: Uncovering the mysteries of your hiddeninheritance by Robert Ballaicius. You will find that many historians knew this 3 centuries ago along wiht relics found. The JEWS own most publishing companies and all the media, thats why you never have seenthis onhistory channel. If people only knew,”Israel” would be rubble by now
    YHWH Bless

  • Sure sounds highly-treasonous to me!

  • The TRUE Yisraelite is the blacks (Hebrews) from the line of Shem through the descendants of Yaccob(Yisrael) the 12 tribes. Go back to Scriptures. You are right do read from front of the scripture you will see who are the true Yisrael. I agree the jews are not they. Not saying that whites as you stated are not going to be accepted because they are the other nations but only through following the laws of YWHW. I am not a racist just stating facts. Study scriptures for yourself people. Don”t take my word for it do the research and study for yourself. You will see.


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