I have seen these cells on tractor Trailers on 3 occasions so far. If I have seen them 3 times in just the last 8 months on I-75 heading south in Florida near Gainesville then there has to be thousands of these cells. I knew right away what they were and who they are for. JB Campbell has a good point, the only real problem I see is when the shit hits the fan is most Americans won’t know who the real enemy is. Fox will be telling their fans with guns that it is the left to blame and they will believe them.

JB Campbell
Subject: Portable cells


They don’t look very comfortable. But they’re probably only meant for short-term use, for as long as it takes to get your firing squad ready. Or they could just run the carbon monoxide in while you’re sleeping. Or while you’re awake – what would it matter?

Keep this in mind when you see a cop car. At some point, a traffic stop could put us in one of these things. Everything we’re doing now is going to be illegal. The only course of action is to start shooting at the first sign of trouble. Err on the side of not going into one of these boxes.

Cops need to know what they now represent to us and what danger they are in.

I would say that this is the smoking gun of martial law plans.


New Lego Building Blocks for the Big Boys!

I received the following communication today. It appears the Government has new Lego building blocks to play with. Prison cells that are designed to snap together to build a prison anywhere at any time to meet the demand.

The new Lego style can be snapped together to make a hundred, a thousand, or hundred thousand cell prisons, two, three, or ten blocks high. Rather expensive to make these mobile type units don’t you think? Our government must see a need for them somewhere. Your home town when needed maybe?

Move em in, move em out when and where needed! The people need to confiscate a few of these units and stack them in DC and Wall Street. They are truly needed there and could be put to good use.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien

The communication received today 09/21/08 is as follows:


From: “Reb”

Subject: PHOTOS: Jail cells off loaded in Utah . . . gov’t officials refuse to talk . . . problem!
Date: Sun, September 21, 2008 4:45 am
To: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com


Subject: Fwd: ALERT Pictures: PRISON CELLS unloaded in PROVO, UTAH

This was on the Barbara Jean show. Right down in Provo’s east bay these concrete blocks (cells) were unloaded while her show was being broadcast. Thank goodness for citizen journalists who went and captured these images. What and who they are for is the question?

“Official” sources most likely would evade giving a straight answer.

I appreciate whoever it was that took these photo’s and it sounded like someone also was capturing video at some point. I’d like to see that too.

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Ross Subject: ALERT
Pictures: PRISON CELLS unloaded in PROVO, UTAH
See below.

Subject: ALERT Pictures: PRISON CELLS unloaded in PROVO, UTAH

Ed who took these pictures at the University Ave, East Bay, Provo.

Ed said one unloader said they where going to Vernal another one said don’t believe him because they have railroad tracks out to Vernal.

Date: Monday, September 8, 2008, 3:32 PM

These are pictures I just took of them unloading the units. There were a couple of people there who were flag pickups who are to follow the big trucks for delivery to what they said is Vernal. There were no big trucks there when I left at about 3:00PM.