Poll Reveals Mass Unrest Amongst Americans

Healthcare bill opposition, Obama disapproval and global warming skepticism all highlighted by Judicial Watch survey

OBAMA JOKER(INFOWARS.NET)   A new poll reveals that the vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with president Obama’s performance in office, with almost two thirds voicing opposition to the government healthcare bill and a majority also indicating they believe political corruption is rife.

The poll, conducted by Survey USA and commissioned by respected government watchdog group Judicial Watch, focused on several different topics, highlighting great disquiet wih voters.

While Obama has rated his performance as a “strong B+” recently, the poll revealed that 58% of Americans believe decisions taken by Obama have been “bad for America,” while just 37% think the administration’s decisions have been “good for America.”

In a key question, the survey also asked if an increased government role in the health care system would “lead to more corruption? Less corruption? Or will it make no difference?”

A vast majority of 62% said it would be the cause of “more corruption”, only 14% said “less corruption”, with 21% believing it would “make no difference.”

Those numbers echo a host of other recent surveys that have revealed up to two thirds of Americans are set against the government healthcare overhaul, set to be written into law at the eleventh hour on Christmas Eve.

That hasn’t prevented notable Democrats denouncing the bill’s opponents as extremists and fringe lunatics, as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse put it in a floor speech yesterday.

The Judicial Watch poll also revealed that 64% of Americans believe the government is too big, with 62% percent adding that they think bigger government leads to more corruption.

An overwhelming 72% also said they think political corruption played a “major role” in the financial crisis, while 56% think the federal government is operating “out of line” with the U.S. Constitution.

On the topic of illegal immigration, 59% said they are unhappy with the Obama administration.

In another timely question penned in the wake of the Climategate scandal, the survey asked, “Do you think data suggesting global warming is the result of human activity is mostly genuine? Or mostly falsified?”

A majority of 49% answered “mostly falsified,” with a lesser 41% answering “mostly genuine” and 10% saying they were unsure.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton commented: “On virtually every single issue polled, the Obama administration appears to be completely out of step with the prevailing views of the American people,”

“It ought to be an especially troubling sign for President Obama that the majority of likely voters believe his decisions have been bad for the country. Frankly, these poll results suggest that President Obama and many other politicians ought to rethink their approach to government.” Fitton said.


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