Poll Declares Majority of Zuccotti Park OWS Would Vote for Obama

(PRISON PLANET)   It has been difficult to pin down the OWS crowd politically. Beyond their signs and encounters with the corporate media calling for taxing the rich and complaining about student loans and a lack of employment opportunities, the OWS as a whole has remains politically amorphous.

Douglas Schoen, a Democrat Party pollster, recently sent a polling firm into Zuccotti Park and attempted a somewhat professional polling of the OWS crowd.

According to the results of Schoen’s poll, most participants do not identify with a political party (33%). A slightly smaller number (32%) identify themselves as Democrats. 6% openly call themselves socialists while an identical number claim to be Libertarians. Sadly, only 1% identify themselves as Constitutionalists.

A full 74% of those who claim they voted in the last election (56%) say they voted for Obama.

48% say they would vote to re-elect Obama, while only 25% say no and 27% indicate they are unsure.

Remarkably, a full 44% say they approve of the job of Obama’s doing.

If Schoen’s poll can be believed (we have to keep in mind he is a Democrat operative), the OWS crowd appears to be seriously ignorant of the fact Obama was elected with an influx of Wall Street money – specifically, Goldman Sachs money. In fact, this time around, Obama has received more political contributions from Wall Street and the financial sector than any of his Republican rivals.

Obama’s administration is populated with the sort of people the OWS crowd claims to oppose – individuals representing the banking and financial sectors, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. In other words, the globalists who have shipped American jobs overseas to slave labor gulags and have saddled a shrinking middle class with an unpayable debt burden.

If the OWS crowd continues to remain ignorant of basic political and economic facts, we can expect the movement to degenerate into another love fest for the globalist teleprompter reader Obama come the 2012 election. The mere fact nearly 50 percent approve of what Obama is doing – continuing the globalist agenda of his predecessor – is evidence enough that the OWS is irrelevant and indeed represents a dangerous political trend.

Like the Tea Party, the movement is likely to be compromised by the establishment and used to reaffirm the political duopoly owned by the bankers. And like the Tea Party, the reason for the sell-out can be attributed to political naivete and an inability to grasp the political reality.

If cold weather disperses the OWS crowd later this month or early next month, it is likely the movement will become atomized and disconnected. As individuals believing in a fairy tale version of reality – only partly understood in a generalized distrust of banks and Wall Street – we can expect many OWS supporters to follow the call of the bankster Democrats come next November.


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