Police Stop, Handcuff Every Adult at Intersection in Search for Bank Robber

(ABC)   Police in Aurora, Colo., searching for suspected bank robbers stopped every car at an intersection, handcuffed all the adults and searched the cars, one of which they believed was carrying the suspect.
Police said they had received what they called a “reliable” tip that the culprit in an armed robbery at a Wells Fargo bank committed earlier was stopped at the red light.
“We didn’t have a description, didn’t know race or gender or anything, so a split-second decision was made to stop all the cars at that intersection, and search for the armed robber,” Aurora police Officer Frank Fania told ABC News. Officers barricaded the area, halting 19 cars. “Cops came in from every direction and just threw their car in front of my car,” Sonya Romero, one of the drivers who was handcuffed, told ABC News affiliate KMGH-TV in Denver. From there, the police went from car to car, removing the passengers and handcuffing the adults. “Most of the adults were handcuffed, then were told what was going on and were asked for permission to search the car,” Fania said. “They all granted permission, and once nothing was found in their cars, they were un-handcuffed.” The search lasted between an hour and a half and two hours, and it wasn’t until the final car was searched that police apprehended the suspect. “Once officers got to his car, they found evidence that he was who they were looking for,” Fania said. “When they searched the car, they found two loaded firearms.”
The actions of the police have been met with some criticism, but Fania said this was a unique situation that required an unusual response. “It’s hard to say what normal is in a situation like this when you haven’t dealt with a situation like this,” Fania said. “The result of the whole ordeal is that it paid off. We have arrested and charged a suspect.” The other people who had been held at the intersection were allowed to leave once the suspect was apprehended.

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7 Responses to Police Stop, Handcuff Every Adult at Intersection in Search for Bank Robber

  • Triangulated the robbers cellphone to that intersection, by triangulating all c cellphones in the location of the robbery. meaning got all numbers from location of happening robbery then located the intersection where the phone was becoming then just looked for it. Gestapo style.

  • * was beckoning and just looked for the phone.

  • Guilty until proven innocent.

  • Ok follow me for one min pls. For everyone that think what the police did was ok what if they got the same tip but the suspect was black. Then stopped and hand cuffed at gun point all the black at the intersection while letting everyone else leave would you be ok with that. I think it is far worse what that did to these ppl. What if they had a tip saying the robber ran in to your neghibor hood would you be ok for a house to house search while innocent pp have guns pointed at their head and lay face down in their yards. Lastly I would have thought that a bunch of gang members dressed like police (just like they in Mexico and Texas) and were going to rob and kill me with that said I would have shot many of these cops in self defense and would have be justice. To use the words of that stupid police chief I made a a split-second decision.

  • SO,during this split-second desision,lets say the robber decided to shoot it out with them,and lets say several people were killed,including afew children,WE would just have to chake it up as a sad mistake or say the children deserved it or the police can now make all the stupid mistakes they want,BURNING CARS with kids inside,crippled old people burning to death,so a moron police chief made a split-second desision,that could have cost the lives of a dozen people or maybe all,HAVE all you people gone insane or are you really that stupid,you would swollow this shit?????????????

  • HAHAHA,we got the banks money back and only had to cause the death of 15 children and 4 old people,boy all the government suckups will sure be proud of us,and not one person in the cars complained they could have all been killed…..OR JUST MAYBE,they were way to stupid to figure out the POLICE USE HOLLOW POINT BULLETS and being hit with one would tear a childs arm off…WHY DO YOU ALLOW THIS STUPIDY FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT,ARE THESE THE SMARIST PEOPLE YOU CAN FIND???????

  • I KNOW TWO engineers wraping candy bars in rat town N M ,both have college degrees and I would bet anyone in aurora co there are dozens of unemployed highly educated people on the streets looking for a job in your town…MAYBE ITS TIME to replace your police department with people who are smarter then your dog………….

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