POLICE STATE: Unemployed and welfare recipients in Georgia may soon be required to pass drug tests


5 Responses to POLICE STATE: Unemployed and welfare recipients in Georgia may soon be required to pass drug tests

  • I think that’s a good idea though…if you’re in need of government funding shouldn’t be spending it on drugs? That seems to make sense to me as well, though a little invasive. The point being though, if you want to do drugs – don’t let the state pay for it.

  • I think that this is a great idea, I work with the “mentally Ill” most of whom do drugs and drink but receive government checks. I hope this catches on it would be great

  • i think this is a bad idea first off what if the person smokes weed for medicine are you going to deny them welfare because they chose to smoke marijuana that has never had an recorded overdose on just pure not lased weed,because they chose this over big pharma drugs that kill 150,000 americans a year.an now the other thing is with hard drugs like herion ,crack,meth this will drive up the crime rates,so now people will be doing more stealing ,oh ya you put them in jail it will cost even more then just giving them welfare,there not going to stop the hard addictive drugs .people need to wake up !!you dont like paying your tax for welfare to the poor,but you like paying the 40 billion dollers a year the usa spends on wars that kill inocent children !are you going to line up for your micro chip implant ,the death chip the mark of the beast?

  • wow dude, calm down lol I think the government should legalize pot, especially for medicinal use, but you have to understand why people would want a measure like this passed. calm the eff down, not every little thing is a world wide conspiracy to implant you with a microchip. I think this is just a bunch of people from Georgia, pissed off because a lot of their welfare recipients are also doing drugs lol

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