POLICE STATE 2011: TSA Confiscates Woman’s Cupcake


2 Responses to POLICE STATE 2011: TSA Confiscates Woman’s Cupcake

  • We’ve got a precious “cupcake” here in Miami. Checkout the song: “New World Police State” !! Go to: alaisclay.com Then scroll down until you see: New World Police State. Alais lives right here in Miami !! Her songs are excellent !! AND she LINKS TO FederalJack on her website !! She’s right on target with her Truth Music. I hope she can meet some of other FederalJack fans, here in Miami.

  • TSA employees and their bosses are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Give such miscreants a cheap uniform and a tiny bit of authority and you have a recipe for disaster ….. or a recipe for a pervert to do a little groping.

    I turned my back for 5 minutes and ….. Nazis everywhere. I dunno WTF happened to my country.

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