POLICE STATE 2011: Police Chief Shuts Down Children’s Lemonade Stand



4 Responses to POLICE STATE 2011: Police Chief Shuts Down Children’s Lemonade Stand

  • Any cop shutting down a lemonade stand is a gutless coward, this is not what they took an oath to do , this is not America, this is not what we are about. Pure corrupt, gutless cowards, shame on them. They must sleep well at night knowing they ruined some childs day, what’s the matter couldn’t they get jobs with the TSA molesting babies and senior citizens and invalids. It’s time they stood up and acted like men and quit being abusive bullies and cowards, time to grow up and show some integrity, they are supposed to protect the public, not prey on them. I have read and viewed so many stories of charitable people and organizations trying to help the homeless and feed the poor and being stopped, arrested and harassed by local law enforcement, any officers who think that this is their job need to find a new line of work or refuse to follow these ridiculous, cruel, anti- American orders. Most of us still understand what America stands for and this behavior by law enforcement is certainly not it. Time for them to act like men and not cowardly bullies.

  • Or better yet, we need to start pushing them back in court or even on the street if we see this kind of abuse happening. Yes, we may have to suffer losing our jobs over it in but that is what the fore-father did.
    They lost even their families in some cases and never saw them again because they were fighting for freedom. But that is the story of many heros of freedom. Many of them died or were disabled in the end and never even got to enjoy the freedom they fought for,but their children did.

  • The community needs to run these Bastards ( the cops) out of town. Get a “Backbone” America!

  • so much for free enterprise huh?smh nothing is free…proof they are trying to control EVERYTHING

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