POLICE STATE 2010: It’s Official, Southern Poverty Law Center Is Now Part of DHS


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  • I became affiliated with a couple groups in the past year, one being Oath keepers, as well as the Liberty Bell, a great way for patriots to look out for one another started In Alaska. I have also taken the responsibility of housing my young brothers, 14. Last month i was contacted by child service in regard to a complaint that my brothers were in a poor living environment and that there is a lack of supervision.
    I am 22 years old and my mother is homeless, I work two jobs and try to stay active within my community. They told me once i met with them that it was clear why they were living with me but that it was not my responsibility as there only other family member to take care of my family. So Child Protective services gave me an ultimatum. They said they wanted to help me, by giving me money for taking care of my brothers, covering utility costs, give me food stamps, and possibly medicare. This is the same trap that has my mother in here current state of being homeless, but if I don’t let the government help me then the State will judge that my brothers are in an unfit living conditions and they will be taken into the system.
    I don’t want there help. Where was there help when my mom was in need of surgery, or when she and my siblings were thrown onto the street? But in the three weeks to pass since my visit to Child protective services where they demanded my cooperation in a timely matter, I have only gotten ahold of the case worker once, my mother still hasn’t been able to contact her. The only thing they have done to help is fingerprint me, and not return our calls.
    I don’t support the welfare state, it has crumbled our foundation and weakened the people. I am from Missoula Montana and we, the people of Montana are growing tired of this game.

    Justin Maxson
    Justice Productions

    “Death is softer, by far than tyranny” Aeschylus

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