Police Dispatcher Fired After Police Officer Stunned Him With Taser

 (KRDO)   A Cripple Creek police dispatcher got a pink slip after a police officer accidentally stunned him with a Taser. Former Dispatcher David Hall told TARGET 13 in June that the officer was relieving him for a break when the officer began playing with his Taser gun.”He pulled the cartridge out and pulled the trigger,” said Hall. The gun discharged prongs into Hall’s right leg.”It hurt like crazy,” Hall said at the time. But days after being stunned with a Taser, Hall was brought into the dispatch office and questioned about his conversation with KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13. “She asked why I was talking to you guys,” said Hall about his boss, Diann Pritchard, the head of the Cripple Creek Dispatch Center. “I told her that I wasn’t going to lie to them.(TARGET 13) They called and asked me questions and I was not going to tell them, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.'”He recorded the meeting he had with Pritchard, during which she questioned him for 35 minutes about the conversation he had with TARGET 13’s Tak Landrock. In the first 15 minutes of the recording, she never asked Hall how he was doing, but rather asked about his integrity and about his understanding of confidentiality. “I am the victim.  I can tell anyone and say anything I want to,” Hall said to TARGET 13.Hall provided TARGET 13 access to the recording of the conversation he had with Pritchard. Pritchard asked Hall what time he got a call from the TV station and who called. She also wanted to know how the station got his name, number and details about the Taser incident. “So, you have no idea how KRDO got your name and number?” Pritchard asked. “I wish I knew,” responded Hall. She then asked him to think about whom he told the story to and if they might have given the station the anonymous tip. “Would you let me review the calls on your phone that you made?” Pritchard asked.  Hall told her, “I don’t think so. “This is an investigation. This is an official investigation,” she said.


Hall told TARGET 13 that he was told he couldn’t leave the room because it was an “official investigation” and because he was getting paid.Cripple Creek City Administrator Ray White said the city doesn’t have a policy prohibiting employees from speaking with the media. He said that Hall was fired because he didn’t cooperate with an investigation. “Unfortunately, during the investigation, the employee violated several of our policies,” White said. White also commented on the conversation recorded by Hall, saying he didn’t think it would be appropriate to judge Pritchard’s line of questioning. “The answers, in her opinion, and I would support that opinion, lead us to concerns about the credibility provided,” said White. Hall was also a probationary employee with the city.  TARGET 13 asked White if Hall had past employment issues, and he said yes but said he couldn’t comment on specifics. Hall can’t appeal the decision because he was a probationary employee. He is looking to hire an attorney for wrongful termination.White said the police officer, Trace Warrick, was suspended without pay and was sent back to a Taser retraining class. Warrick is on probation because of the Taser incident.


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