Police Detain Bleeding Pregnant Woman Who’s Baby Later Died

(YOUTUBE)   Video shows woman pleading with them to let her go to the hospital but they are convinced she is a criminal with drugs. They eventually arrest her and hold her overnight. her baby was born the next day and died a minute later.

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  • What a sad situation. I think about waiting my entire pregnancy with dreams for the future of my baby, picking out names, seeing ultrasounds, buying the nursery and layette, etc. I wonder what this woman must be going through to lose all that because of the ignorance of law enforcement. My last pregnancy i went into early labor, and i got to the hospital in time for it to be stopped until my twins were able to survive outside of me. Both then and when I went into labor again later (same pregnancy), I couldn’t think straight to tell anyone my name or birthdate… The situation should have been recognized by the police for what it was. I’m sorry for the woman who lost her baby. and btw, that officer seemed very racist talking about her nationality and drugs like they were interchangeable terms.

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