POLICE BRUTALITY: Texas Cops Kill 8th Grader




8 Responses to POLICE BRUTALITY: Texas Cops Kill 8th Grader

  • What the hell happened to ‘fire only when fired upon’?

  • You’re telling me that grown up police officers cannot disarm a teenage boy without killing him? These cops nowadays are too trigger happy! Even if the gun WAS a more deadly one don’t these cops have techniques and policies that increase the chance of “suspects” being apprehended without being killed? The policy nowadays seems to be shoot first and don’t talk at all!

  • The cops couldn’t tell the difference between a pellet gun and a 9mm? Or did they just not care?

  • The REALLY big question…WAS he on antidepressants? I would bet a resounding YES!

  • It seems the police were close enough to talk to the boy…If they had to shoot, they could have shot him in the leg which would have knocked him down & he would be alive today…I mean, they shot his boy 3 times!…

  • couldnt the police have shot him in the leg or arm? I thought they were trained on how to be expert shots!!!

  • Fuck Bacon.

  • The boy wasnt old but old enough to know better than to point a gun at a cop. They did good by me.

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