POLICE BRUTALITY: LAX Police Repeatedly Taser Unarmed 78 Yr Old Senior Citizen

(FEDERALJACK)   This video shows Los Angeles Airport Police repeatedly Tasering an unarmed 78 year old senior citizen.

Officer Corrington can be seen holding William Lamb in place. Officer Rios approaches Mr. Lamb from the front and repeatedly fires a M-26 TASER gun while making direct contact with Mr. Lamb’s chest and right leg. Although the TASER gun cannot be clearly seen in the video, it is described in police reports. TASERs are powerful electro-shock weapons that are designed to incapacitate by conducting 50,000 volts of electricity to an individual’s body. It induces skeletal muscle spasms that immobilize and incapacitate the individual, causing the victim to fall to the ground. After Officer Rios exercises deadly force, Officers Corral and Corrington can be seen lowering Mr. Lamb to the floor.

The victim, William Lamb is a California State licensed Civil and Structural engineer who resides in Lancaster, California. Mr. Lamb, who was 78 years old at the time of this incident, entered the LAX Police station because his vehicle was impounded during an international trip. He becomes upset when officers refuse to release his vehicle, and threatens to sue the police. In the complete video one can see that although Mr. Lamb is visibly upset, he is not a threat to other citizens in the police station nor to the police officers. Citizens continue to conduct business at the police station counter.

During the 4 December 2004 incident, Mr. Lamb sustained a broken elbow and abrasions to the arms in addition to the TASER wounds. Several months after this application of lethal force, Mr. Lambs right leg spontaneously broke while walking to his mailbox. His femur broke at the precise location of the 50,000 volt TASER injury. Mr. Lamb’s leg was repaired surgically and he now walks with the assistance of a walker.

Although it is generally agreed that there are valid police uses for electrified TASER gun darts, contact TASER usage is highly controversial. Many cardiologists believe that the 50,000 volt TASER can lead to death by interrupting heart rhythms. Numerous police agencies authorize the use of TASERs only when non-lethal measures have been exhausted. This video clearly demonstrates that Officers Rios, Corrington, and Corral were in control of the situation and could have easily handcuffed the 78 year old William Lamb if they had so desired.


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