POLICE BRUTALITY: Cops Kick, Beat & Taser Man Suffering From Diabetic Shock

(URBAN WARFARE CHANNEL)   A driver in diabetic shock was kicked in the head several times in a shocking display of police brutality that won him $158,000 in a lawsuit.



3 Responses to “POLICE BRUTALITY: Cops Kick, Beat & Taser Man Suffering From Diabetic Shock”
  1. peter says:

    My browser warned me that is an serious hazard website according to my security settings, i highly doubt that that is true. I suspect you guys are being sabotaged.

  2. SPARKY says:

    1) Peter, it’s your computer that’s wrong…I’ve seen your message a few times now…BUZZ OFF.If you don’t like this site, go peddle your BS somewhere else…

    2)These cops are complete assholes…The cop that kicked the guy should be fired and prosecuted for ASSAULT…

    3)The other cops should be suspended for not freeing the guy once they found the insulin….And, not being smart enough to recognize a man in trouble for health reasons…(Total assholes)

    4)I’m a diabetic and find the cops’ action here, Abysmal and totally unprofessional!!!

  3. Rick says:

    Interesting. Did I miss the victim’s resistance to the police somewhere? His abusing them? So it takes HOW many cops to kick, beat and taser an unresisting citizen?
    Why not make punishment fit the crime.. for example, all those involved that carry out the violence and also those who do not do anything to try to stop it.. why not arrange for THEM to be immobilised and have the same number of persons of similar size from the victim’s friends and family then apply the same number of attacks to the guilty parties, INCLUDING the same number of taser attacks!! How would the police feel if THEIR loved ones were set upon same way by a group of spineless cowards, like they have shown themselves to be. Every one of these vermin DESERVES to be dismissed their positions, never to be re-employed in a law enforcement role ANYWHERE in the country. If they were NOT police, would they be free or be expected to serve jail time? If they have to pay their OWN fines/damages as well as jail time they might start using their brains (what little they might have) before acting like the animals that some of them have undoubtedly proven themselves to be.

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