POLICE BRUTALITY: Anaheim Police Go On A Rampage Against Citizens

(YOUTUBE)   Police in Anaheim have shot their SEVENTH citizen this year and when confronted by locals who witnessed the shooting things spiraled out of control with the police shooting rubber bullets and setting dogs onto women and children!




First Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpeyv6-FlzU

Second Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yptwd-heYws

8 Responses to POLICE BRUTALITY: Anaheim Police Go On A Rampage Against Citizens

  • WHEN you give your very best weapons to the lowest form of scum,and then they start killing you, who is a fault here????RIGHT to hold and bear ARMS,should I feel sorry for anyone who throws their rights in the trash?????CALIFORINA is the home of the stupidest people on the planet,and now there crying about being shot by the very scumbags they gave their weapons to,GEE who would have ever guessed this would happen…….when you hire the lowest form of scum to run your government(OBAMMY and OTHERS)and you have a problem,DO you really think anyone cares?????YOU threw our LORD AND SAVIOR in the trash,then you threw the US constitution in the trash,and now you have a problem???????? just how really stupid are the people in CALIFORINA anyway????????????? and a few other states might be included in stupid………..

  • HERES TO ALL THE MORONS in CALIFORNIA,please don’t come to our state,its screwed up from the people from california that already came here…….we can’t handle more of you,please,please,please don’t come to our state,our children are stupider then a box of rocks now bacause of your teachers we screwed up and hired to teach our kids,now we must try to find out who they are and get rid of them before they destroy every generation who are exposed to them and the screwed up IDEAS you people in california have…….PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE you california morons,don’t leave your state,we don’t want you or your fucked up IDEAS,being put on our kids,stay in california,PLEASE,PLEASE,stay in california,we don’t want you here,ever………….

  • ANYONE,who don’t know these MORONS,from CALIFORNIA,listen to this,some dumb ass down the road from us, sold one of the scumbags from CALIFORNIA some land,this spring he was in our local restraunt laughing about how his DOGS had KILLED some BABY ELK crossing his property as the herd mirgated to better pastures………..I know the morons in california think this is funny,we’re not laughing,cause we don’t think its funny and we don’t want anymore of the morons from california here,and our wildlife can’t handle it either…………….

  • "Not a bad part of town"

    Right… 2010: 65 burglaries, 141 thefts, 12 car thefts,

    Sorry but those people were not dispersing. If you choose to keep your child in an area where you should not be you are at fault.

  • I live in California and am outraged by the officers in Anahiem, but what is worse is you have people like Arizona who sterotype. I have known men like him in my life and we those people either Yosemite Sam or King of Gripe. Always complaining about what they see, but never doing anything to help with the resolution. Just putting everyone in the same group. Any human no matter where they live have the right to have a friendly protest. I have done it in DC and when the police use tactics such as this to disban protesters it makes the Amercian public that much more angry about what is going on in this country. I love when people want to blame when what we need is a solution and the only way to do that is to communicate with each other. Not throw stones.

  • As I read the post ,A person can began to see why the nation is in such shape, these police acted out of control. All over America officers are acting out of control, sometimes shooting unarmed people. People that care so little for others rights, would feel different if they where in the others shoes. Everything is a stepping stone one way or the other in law , why do the people keep steppin with government. If a person will not stand up for others rights it will not be long till his rights are lost. DEVIDED WE FALL UNITED WE STAND, lets quit making it easy of the scoundrels and stand together

  • @Arizon who the fuck would want to live in a shit hole like Arizona? I live in California and this BS does not represent me. I am a freedom loving American who is disgusted by our politicians. If it wasnt for California you would starve along with half of the world. Your economy would cease to exist because you depend on califonia because we are in the top 10 economies in the world. Wake up to your own ignorance and visit our state and maybe you will be enlightened.

  • This cops did exactly the same thing James Holmes in Aurora, Colorado, what kind of crap country are this Lam Men making out of the USA? They are provoking it and it is very near, will they then herd thousands into the already running CONCENTRATION CAMPS all over the USA?

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