Police: 17-Year-Old Strangled Himself With a Seat Belt In The Back of a Police Car

(WRTV6)   State police are investigating the death of a 17-year-old who they say strangled himself with a seat belt in the back of a police car.


4 Responses to Police: 17-Year-Old Strangled Himself With a Seat Belt In The Back of a Police Car

  • REALLY!? First a boy shoots his self in the head in the back of a cop car while handcuffed, now one strangles his self with a seatbelt while handcuffed……whats next?

  • LARRY CRENSHAW,and all his officers are famous for killing prisoners,whats new, you hire a known KILLER for chief of police,and then when he kills the kids in the area the parents bitch? ALL the police in anderson beat and rape the prisoners,and now it comes to light they are killing them,gee who would have ever guessed? I would say the kid was from a family with some money or this would have been swep under the rug…………HEY, IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR FAMILY BEING KILLED, STOP HIRING KILLERS FOR COPS………pretty simple ,unless your stupid,sad most of the kids don’t know the police are killers till its to late for them and their parents don’t care…………

  • THATS whats really sad,the state perverts are investagating the city perverts,I bet money the kid was raped,and no one will ever know because the wolves are guarding the hen house,I would have to say the PEOPLE OF ANDERSON are IDIOTS……………..I wonder if they shared the kid with the MAYOR before they killed him……………………

  • OH,A LITTLE some thing from me personaly,LARRY CRENCHAW, EAT SHIT AND DIE,YOU PIECE OF GARBAGE………………

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