Pinellas dentists work to get fluoride back in water supply: Will the Sheep Let Them?


Bob Tuskin- “After years and years of dentistry pushing this poison, it becomes tougher and tougher for them to concede. But as many of my listeners/readers know, the only thing I’m interested in is truth. The truth about fluoride is clear; it calcifies the pineal gland, causes cancer, lowers IQ, and so many other problems come from this waste bi-product. I applaud the folks in Pinellas county for the work you have done and have no fear because no matter how much propaganda comes from the various fluoride special interest gruops, you fine activist have the TRUTH on your side!”

The Tampa Tribune

A pair of Pinellas dental associations are working together to get fluoride put back in the water supply, and they’re exploring a range of options to that end – including a countywide referendum on the November ballot.

Earlier this year, the Pinellas County Commission voted narrowly to take fluoride out of the water. Some observers said it was the result of effective work by those associated with the tea party, some of whose members equate fluoride with government intrusion into people’s lives.

The fluoride is expected to be out of the water supply starting Jan. 1.

Dentists were outraged. They say the scientific evidence in support of fluoride is more than substantial, and that the chemical is especially crucial for the dental health of young children, who might not have access to routine quality dental care.

“It was just amazing to see,” dentist Ed Hopwood said of the commission vote. “We felt like we didn’t need to be there because the evidence was so overwhelming…We were quite frustrated.”

Hopwood is now the fluoridation committee chairperson of the Upper Pinellas County Dental Association, which is working with the Pinellas County Dental Association to get the fluoride put back in.

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One Response to Pinellas dentists work to get fluoride back in water supply: Will the Sheep Let Them?

  • Sadly, I can tell you that the majority of dentists are as compartmentalized and asleep as the next sheep. I guarantee that most dentists think that sodium fluoride is what’s used in drinking water. They have no idea that it’s really fluorosilicic acid, or other derivitaves. They have no idea that it comes out of smokestack scrubbers. They have no idea that most of it is now coming from China. They have no idea as to what the latest science is, because they don’t read studies, and especially studies from the opposing viewpoint. They are on the same rat-race as everyone else, and don’t make the time to read studies. They rely on experts.

    How do I know this? I am a dentist, and used to be just like the addled morons I’ve described above.

    But I recently saw a poll that shows that the awareness of the dangers of fluoride is SKYROCKETING. And more people are also coming to the conclusion that forcing “medication” is immoral. It’s still a minority of us, but over the past ten years the numbers have grown substantially.

    Bob and Popeye, you guys are awesome. The hardest part of this fight will be breaking through the dogma of their beliefs. But you guys already know that.

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